Brand Name And Branding Is Important To All Of Us

A week and a half ago I bought a new mattress. It only took me 20 years to do so, and 20 years to realize how mattress technology has changed. Let me share the little video I did about it with you:

Kind of cool, right? For those who didn’t watch the video first, the company I bought this mattress from, Raymour and Flanigan, is the same one I bought my other mattress from along with the cool looking headboard. As a matter of fact, my previous dining room table, which is hidden somewhere in the basement, was also purchased from the same company; I’m saying it that way because the location of the main store has moved to a new and much larger location. In this area, this furniture store is one of the big names in town and because I’d purchased other things for them I trusted them much easier than I trusted a couple of the other stores I visited.

Also, because you might not have looked at the video (go ahead, look at it to see how neat it is lol), you may not know that I purchased a Beautyrest, which is a top brand name and one of the top ranked mattress companies in the country. I’d also heard of them so that also made it stand out in my mind and helped encourage me to buy it. Of course it didn’t hurt that it was on sale, and they threw in new box springs and added free delivery and they took the other mattress and bed springs away for free also; win! 🙂

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Mikey G Ottawa/Street Photographer via Compfight

The thing is, this isn’t where I started my research for mattresses. It started online, mainly because of my wife, who’d had some mattresses recommended to her. All of them were off-brands, and some of them were mail order only. Even with research I couldn’t imagine ordering a mattress that I couldn’t test first.

There were a couple other stores we checked out before I went to this store because one was closer and one we happened to walk by in our large city mall and decided to check out. I’d actually tested what I considered a perfect mattress, but I couldn’t pull the trigger on a $5,750 mattress! Maybe when I hit the lottery I’ll consider it. lol In any case, I didn’t know those stores all that well, so even if I’d found something I liked I probably would still have hesitated.

Let’s face it; we love what we love and buy what we know. I’m pretty loyal to foods and desserts that I’ve loved since I was a child. I still buy Tide because Mom bought Tide. I buy Ragu because it’s the first spaghetti sauce I liked. I’m a loyal Hershey’s chocolate fan, Miracle Whip fanatic and Velveeta lover because they’re foods I trust and the company’s behind them are brands I trust. It would take a lot for me to even think about trying something else, let alone switching permanently. That’s what branding does to and for us; it simplifies our life and makes us consumers for life.

This is one of the things most of us who blog or are self employed are working to be for someone else. I find it’s not all that easy to do, although I know it can be done. I know this because I can name names, although I’m not going to do it right now (I’ve done that before).

There are people making pretty good money online because they’ve been able to brand themselves well; I’m certainly not going to hate on them. I don’t want to be against them; I want to be in the place they’re in. I’m working on being seen as an authority in multiple areas, and I’m working on being more influential in those same areas. I don’t need thousands of people, but I’m definitely shooting for those 100 true fans to help me realize my long term goals.

I know what will work if I only want more traffic, but that takes a lot of time and effort and isn’t the best way to reach your target market. I know many people say success is in the numbers; that’s turning out not to be true anymore, especially for a lot of people on YouTube lately.

For once I’m not giving advice in one of these posts. Instead, I’m looking for a conversation to see what some of you think is the best way to build yourself as a brand. I know I’m not convinced in guest posting, email lists, Adwords or Facebook marketing. I’ve actually done all of those things and, because of stupid Google Panda I got smacked down like a lot of other people over the years. Who knows; maybe I did it wrong, so I’d be interested in hearing what y’all have to say.

That’s all I’ve got; let’s see what happens…

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12 thoughts on “Brand Name And Branding Is Important To All Of Us”

  1. For an online business or persona, branding should come first. In the end people react and listen to people they trust, respect and admire. That is the brand. If you can develop the brand first your options to develop and expand your business are far greater than if you just try to sell something.

    1. It’s an interesting belief Albert, and I can’t say whether you’re wrong or right. I will say that for the majority of us it’s hard establishing a brand, especially if you have a common name. Still, it’s worth giving it a shot because none of us ever knows who the public will want to follow.

  2. You know what impress me a lot reading the article? The way you’ve to deliver it. You have created a video to start things up. I really appreciate your thing. In fact, I think I’ve got influenced by it. Your 100 true fans concept is really cool man. Keep influence us, Mitch.

    1. Thanks Tejwinder. Those 100 fans can be the most important thing any of us who want to make any money online, or even offline, can do positively for our business. Also, if I may, a big part of branding is one’s email address matching the website they’re promoting. Using Gmail, while convenient, misses a big opportunity for pounding your brand into people’s memory. 🙂

  3. Yep branding is more important but while making a brand m facing lots of problems. also write an article on how to do branding or anything related to it. it will be great for newbies like me.
    Keep sharing

    1. If you search the site you’ll see lots of previous articles over the years about branding and marketing. You never know when I touch upon those subjects again.

  4. Thanks Mitch & Tejwinder. I agree both of you. I think one thing which is more important than brand is “Quality” and how can you deliver it.

    100 Trustable customers are always be more important than 1000 visitors. Because trust can take time, and if it build-up you can beat any brand.

    1. I’d agree that quality if important but the best items in the world don’t always end up being the best sellers because of horrible branding. I’m not sure how old you are but it’s the difference between Beta and VHS and why one survived (at the time anyway) even though the other was better.

  5. Yes, That’s true Mitch. I Want to ask one thing Whats your priority if you have to choose between brand Vs quality ? I prefer quality first which completely satisfy my mind after than i go for the brand. I want to know your opinion.

    1. First, I want to let you know that the reason your comments keep going to moderation first is because you don’t have an avatar. That’s a big part of branding if you’re going to be leaving blog comments all over the place. 🙂

      Second, I believe everything someone does online or offline should be of the highest quality they can produce. If that’s what they’re trying to do, then quality’s pretty much covered all the time, in which case branding can begin.

      Third, with that said, it’s amazing how often I find something of quality that’s better than something that’s branded properly. Yet, the brands outstripped them in sales because they’ve learned how to market themselves. Is Starbucks really better than Dunkin’ Donuts, or are either better than the local coffee shop down the street? Probably not even close but who’s going to make the most money. My post later today is going to talk about my own ethics versus making money online. It doesn’t address this concept of quality but in my mind if people aren’t trying to provide the best they can (even if it’s not great) then it calls their ethics into question.

  6. For all online businesses and blogs, branding is a most important factor of trust in your customer’s eyes. But, making your online business a brand is not easy we’re thinking. Even, Writing, this type of articles about brands and branding is also not easy. But, you did a perfect job. A great salute to you. 🙂

    Keep it up. 🙂

    1. Thanks Paramjot. Nope, not easy at all, but it can be important enough to get those few true fans to help you spread your message. I can live with that if I can get there.

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