10 Things You Must Have For A Happy Life

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately because of a 30-day challenge I participated in for 4 years in a row. It’s called the Live Your Life Challenge, and it’s lead by Mike Dooley. Every day you have a new “challenge”, the purpose of which is to evaluate your life based on the question to see where you stand as it pertains to improving your life.

It’s led me to thinking about ways to make myself not only successful but happier every day. The reality is that I know everything I need to do to be happy, but I’m not always doing what it takes to get there; some of those things I’m never going to do. Anyway, some of the questions seem elusive, while others I forget to concentrate on all that often. Suffice it to say, sometimes I have problems getting through some of those challenges; luckily, I only have to worry about it once a year; isn’t that a shame? 🙂
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Are You Marketing Your Business Properly?

Marketing and services; let’s talk about it.

This is interesting. Back in December 2007, I wrote my first article on this blog, which was only one paragraph. I said I was going to talk about marketing, and I actually did just that, along with other things.

I can handle it!

I actually did that very thing. At the time, I was marketing affiliate programs via a company called Commission Junction, which is actually still around today. I was making nice money, though I wasn’t getting rich off of it. I wrote about many of those product sites, because I was also buying from those sites. I also talked a lot about the process of marketing and affiliate marketing, I shared what other marketers were saying, and I even had a couple of interviews about the subject at the time; those were the days when I was writing around 300 articles a year… whew!

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5 Things About Writing That You Might Never Think Of

I’m Mitch Mitchell and I approve this ad. 🙂

Many people think I just started writing when I started writing blogs back in 2005. Truth be told, I’m a long time writer of all sorts of things.

I started writing my own little journal of things at age 12 because I was feeling lonely here and there. At one point I actually wrote plays, as I had a friend who’d started writing them, and we’d write these plays, more like screenplays, based on Star Trek types of things. I branched out a couple of times into sports, but in general it was science fiction.
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Driving Consistent Traffic To Your Site Without Sneaky And Boring SEO Tactics

It turns out I hadn’t written anything about SEO since March of 2021. I wrote an article titled Top Five SEO Tips, which followed an article on the same subject titled SEO & Common Business Sense.

You’re hungry for information, aren’t you?

I have to admit that I hadn’t given it much thought over the last 2 1/2 years until I came across this article which popped up on The Verge, titled The People Who Ruined The Internet. Although it’s pretty long, it’s a fascinating read, and I was so captivated that I read the entire thing. It probably took me to a different place that many of its readers, though I can’t really verify that. Thus, I thought it was my turn to give my overall opinion on both the article and what I consider is that “actual” importance of good SEO techniques, along with some things I see often that I absolutely hate.
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Google Indexing And Older Blog Posts… Kind Of…

Google; love ’em or leave them. Leave them and become obsolete sooner. That’s a lesson many bloggers learn early in their online content life. If you’re hoping people will find some of your articles, it’s best not to irk them… at least that’s what most people believe.

Can you index which one is me?

A couple of months ago I went through the exhausting process of working through the Google algorithm via their search console “page indexing” category. Google and I have kind of a bad relationship when it comes to this blog; I’ll come back to that in a minute or two (depending how fast you read lol). In this case I’d been receiving monthly email saying my articles weren’t indexing. It wasn’t just this blog I own that had that issue, but it had a high volume of articles it wasn’t indexing compared to the others.
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