September 11, 2001; 11 Years Later

I wasn’t sure I was going to have a post on this tragic event this year, but decided I wanted to add something special that I found back in June that I had on my other blog. See, that day was horrid, and we’ve seen so many things that happened on that day, and the planes hitting the towers (Flight 11 and Flight 175) in NYC and hearing about the plane that hit the Pentagon (Flight 77) and the one that crashed in Pennsylvania (Flight 93) was horrible. Seeing people jumping out of buildings to their death and seeing other people running once the towers started coming down and feeling inadequate and mad and empty and angry and hateful and scared…

Yes, even now some of those things still come up. Not as much anymore because there’s something in that spot now, something replacing what was there and something that’s honoring that day and those people who died and the heroes that sprouted up and did what they had to do, felt compelled to do, even if for some of them it wasn’t their job to do.

And then there’s the people in the video below, some unsung heroes that I just heard about this year. This was truly amazing, and if you have an ounce of decency you’ll watch the video, which was narrated by Tom Hanks, and you’ll feel something good deep inside. That is, if you have an ounce of decency; yeah, I’m calling people out. This video is that good, that special, and it deserves to be shared and seen by as many people as possible. The only reason I’m not putting it out separately on Facebook and Twitter is that I did so back in June. Now it’s your turn.

Never forget tragedy, but grow from it and try to make things better, be better, and never let terror win. With that, please watch this video:


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  1. Hello Mitch,

    The whole world cried with you, because America represents freedom, liberty and the dream that anyone can succeed, given the correct process.

    That event shook the foundations of democracy, and people all over the world watched in horror as the event was televised, live.

    America, a superpower, has been attacked in its own land, and that was an incomprehensible thought. I have watched also a movie about 9/11 and it made me cry.

    But you have survived it, and that’s what really counts.

    1. Thanks for your words Jena. Truthfully, I haven’t watched any movies or documentaries about it since it happened. The clip below is one of the few things I have watched, and it was a story from a different angle. I might be ready now to watch some of those shows; we’ll see.

  2. To paraphrase the great, Sir Winston Churchill, as ‘long as there is air in my lungs and blood in my veins’, I will NEVER forget what transpired to our country, on this day, 11 years ago…God bless America, especially the World Trade Towers victims, the passengers on United 93 and those brave souls at the Pentagon….

  3. Mmmmm, I’m a New Yorker and although I wasn’t there when it happened i find it funny and very short sighted when people say that they can’t relate to it. The theme is usually in not from there, no one I know died so why should I care. It really chaps my ass honestly. And not because it’s my hometown. Because it’s inhumane. Great tribute post Mitch shame on those who don’t bother watching the video.

    1. Thanks Mys. Maybe I feel so strongly about it because I’m only hours away, I’d been on the Towers a few times, and in my mind I was thinking “I could have been there”. That and I know people who were in the Towers & survived, and some who were close and didn’t have that danger to worry about but did get caught up in the dust storm that came when the Towers fell. And I watched it almost nonstop for almost 60 hours, not sleeping at all; hard to just get beyond something like that.

  4. To this day, I am moved by anything that is written, spoken or portrayed in relation to 9/11. The incident moved people beyond boundaries. The entire world was outraged at this cruelty. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones in this tragic incident. And I salute those who went out of their way to help other people. Thanks for sharing the video Mitch.

    1. Thanks Jack. That video really showed the spirit and resilience of the people of this country and NYC most specifically and it’s one of those videos that’s helped me to start taking a different perspective on this tragedy. Instead of it being something to mourn every year, it’s something to celebrate for the heroism of so many.

  5. Thanks for your sharing,it is really wonderful!I am moved by anything that is written.This video is very good.

  6. Mitch that was a terrible day, I was recalled to the military that day.

    I was impressed by the boat lift. It was a tragedy but when the people pulled together I was moved.

    I have never seen anything like that before.

    1. I hadn’t seen anything like it either Michael, and I’m trying to remember how the video came to me, or whether I found it. No matter; I’m glad to share it and I’m with you, what a horrible day that was.

  7. @Mitch, you brought back painful memories…at the same time the resilience and unity of the American friends. I was at personal damage during 9/11 as well. I was winding up my 3-year US job and was supposed to fly back from O’hare to Bangalore on 9/12 and I got stuck in Chicago for the next 10 days because all flights were cancelled. I lost a significant amount of money for my stay there for the next 10 days though that’s nothing compared to the lost lives. I thought we saw on the 9’o clock news and the second flight hitting live and we were like almost fainting at that sight.

    Anyhow, the main culprits got a fitting reply though the lives lost is still a huge loss 🙁 What needs to change is the terrorist mindset of the culprits that spew fear and hate…regardless of their color, religion and nationality! Let’s pray for that!

    1. Wow Ajith, what a horrible way it affected you as well. Lots of people around the country were affected on that day indirectly and directly which is why we hope to never have anything else like that again. And to date we haven’t, which is pretty cool. And yes, eventually all bad guys get theirs in the end.

  8. This day always brings tears to my eyes. I remember watching the news during the incident and my heart crumbled at the same time the towers did. The twin towers held a lot of memories and to see them collapse was heart wrenching. The video stands testimony that in the face of crisis we all have a hope that will not crumble thanks to the strength of humanity that emerges.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda. I never cried, but I was stunned and numb. I didn’t expect that the towers would come down; just more shock than I was ready for. Amazingly, even though I kept watching for 2 or 3 days, I never saw any of the people that jumped from the tower, but I have a friend who was studying at a school about 2 blocks away when it happened and he saw it. I don’t know that I’d have ever been able to get that image out of my mind if I’d seen it live.

  9. The video is touching and scary at the same time. Recollecting the horror of September 11 is not easy. I understand your situation Mitch and it is very difficult to forget something like this when you yourself have escaped such an disaster. I salute those who helped others when their own lives were in danger. I just pray to God that something never ever turns up even close to what happened on September 11.

    1. I’m with you Megan. I don’t care where it is, I don’t want to see it happen again. Unfortunately, I think it’s closer than we think in happening somewhere and that’s kind of unnerving.

  10. Hopefully all people who witnessed those tragic and horrifying event that shook the world would somehow find a inner peace on their hearts. Many of us will never forget.

    1. Thanks Hauser; I know I’ll never forget. The only thing more tragic in my life was my dad’s passing, but this is easily second. And I think I’m close to finding an inner peace.

  11. Isn’t it great to know that despite our differences, when the need arises we all stand for each other? I had goosebumps all the time I was watching that video. And when they said that the horizon was filled with boats, I knew that humanity still exists no matter what. I hope there never is another crisis like this one but heaven forbid, if it does happen, at least we still got each other.

    1. Keith, that’s how I felt while I was watching it. I felt that same thing on that day, but knew I wouldn’t be allowed into the city after a more than 5 hour drive. I wish I could have helped in my own way, but it was so cool seeing that some folks were able to help so many.

  12. I was personally shattered when the accident actually took place. I was somehow trying to come out of it with each passing day when this video reminded me of the horror all over again. I understand Mitch it must have been very difficult for you to get over it. But we can all promise to stand by each other whenever there will be a necessity.

    1. Thanks for your comment Emily. I think I’m close to moving to the other side, embracing the heroism instead of mourning the entire day, which is why I’m happy to have found the video I shared.

  13. It is so touching to see people go out of their way and help their fellow human beings. The incident is not one that we can forget. However, this video definitely gives us a new angle from where we can look at it. It felt good to see people forget the positions they hold, which part of the world they come from etc. and just go out there and help people in need. Truly touching. Thanks for sharing it with us Mitch.

  14. my eyes still get wet when i remember that horrible incident. The day when whole world cried. The death of the humanity. It should never happen . I pray to god that this will never happen in future. No other 9/11 should happen ever

  15. I can not believe it has been 11 years already, I remember the day it happened like it was just yesterday. It is so touching how people from all around the world, help others when their own lives were at risk. I just want to offer my sincere condolences to those who lost people because of 9/11.

  16. It is a great video. And I think each year to commemorate this day in honor of those unsung heroes, videos such as this should be watched. I salute all those who went out there and helped in whatever they could. Thanks for sharing Mitch.

  17. Hi Mitch!
    i heard this news about 10 year ago when i was 12 or 13.but shocked when this happened . i never got that why the people do this work.shame on those people .i have a great emotion to you.i like your blog.

    1. Thanks Anshul. Why do people do this? Because they only follow one part of what their principles tell them at the exclusion of the rest of what they should have learned. In other words, they don’t know any better. Shameful acts.

  18. I saw the video on one of your other blogs a while ago. Actually I decided go fly back home exactly on 11th September this year and the cost of tickets was reasonably lower, compared to next day, even I am not traveling to USA. I don’t think that people will ever forget, but for sure need to move on and continue living to honor victims of this tragedy.

    1. True Carl. Yes, the video was on one of my other blogs months ago talking about a different topic. It deserves to be seen multiple times though. The cost of flying immediately after the event was actually super low. I know this because I had to book a flight to go across the country for a conference and not only did I get a great deal, but when I got to the airport they were offering first class upgrades for $25, which I easily accepted. Another reason to get rich; flying first class is the way to go. lol

      1. Similar situation with me, I nearly booked the ticket at last moment and I got free upgrade for business class, unfortunately there was not many options to socialize with other people, airplane was nearly empty, but the entertainment was at great level and even email and internet connection were available. Airports security measures were very strict, immigration officers were looking every single page of my passport and on 28 pages I have visas from different countries, everything was going so slow.

  19. Yeah it is true that we can not stop such things from happening but we can prepare ourselves to face it. And the best way to face these is to help others. Because we all support each others cause on earth so we have to take humanity a step ahead and be there when people need some help. Mitch you yourself are not taking to heroism, you are inspiring many others too.

    1. Thanks for that Thomas; I appreciate it, even if I’m not sure I deserve it. 🙂 And you’re right, being prepared just in case and keeping our eyes open for suspicious things will keep us all safe and help us to be ready for those times when we might have to take heroic action.

  20. Thanks for reminding me of this video. I saw it back when, but had forgotten about it, even on 9/11. I love that it gives spotlights the wonderful humanity that that arises from some of us in the face of tragedy. I aspire to have that in me.

  21. I saw this video Mitch I think sometime last year, maybe earlier this year. I can’t remember now but I was so touched by these people. I mean if I had been there and I had a boat, I would have done the same thing.

    Just like any other tragedy that we’ve seen over the years, they always talk about all the bad things and fail to recognize all of us regular, normal people who refused to stand by and just let people suffer. Those definitely are our unsung heroes.

    Thanks for sharing this video with us.


  22. It is a pity that even so many years after this tragedy the world knows no peace but still there is so much turmoil going on everywhere. Who could have thought about the emerging of an Islamic country? Who could have thought so much terror will be executed by ISIS? Hope God has mercy on human race.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Actually, there are lots of Islamic countries, though none of them are as extreme as some of the things these ISIS people want it to be; Afghanistan was probably the closest thing to that. I think it’ll always be this way because everyone wants to be right and be in charge. Still, it’s why I keep the memory of 9/11/01 alive; we can’t let people forget just what kind of damage terrorists can do if left alone.

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