Are You Marketing Your Business Properly?

Marketing and services; let’s talk about it.

This is interesting. Back in December 2007, I wrote my first article on this blog, which was only one paragraph. I said I was going to talk about marketing, and I actually did just that, along with other things.

I can handle it!

I actually did that very thing. At the time, I was marketing affiliate programs via a company called Commission Junction, which is actually still around today. I was making nice money, though I wasn’t getting rich off of it. I wrote about many of those product sites, because I was also buying from those sites. I also talked a lot about the process of marketing and affiliate marketing, I shared what other marketers were saying, and I even had a couple of interviews about the subject at the time; those were the days when I was writing around 300 articles a year… whew!

At this point I’ve written just over 1900 articles on this blog, though I did remove about 350 of them here; the rest were on other blogs. Not counting this article, out of those 1900 or whatever articles, only 138 of them were about marketing. Since the end of 2021, I’ve only written 2 articles about marketing, one of those being repurposed from years earlier, Yosemite Sam Marketing and I Know Nothing About Affiliate Marketing, almost exactly 2 years from this date.

Why did I stop writing about marketing? Because it turns out I’m bad at it. I know what I’m supposed to do, and I also know that without at least doing something, I don’t have a chance to generate business for myself.

If I know why I need to do it, then why didn’t I do it? Because… I totally forgot about it, as I had other things on my mind. That sounds pretty pathetic, but during that time I was still dealing with the grief of my mother passing away while I was sitting right next to her, along with dealing with other things in my life at the time. I was still recovering from shoulder surgery the year before; I still couldn’t lift my right arm above my head on its own. That’s how life works sometime, right?

Anyway, I wasn’t thinking much about marketing, but I should have been. I’m calling that water under the bridge, and I have a friend of mine to thank for that. She’s recently launched an app she spent a long time creating, called KiiQui. and she’s been marketing it like crazy, though it’s still in the early stages. It reminded me that I haven’t done much marketing at all, and I really need to.

So, 6 days ago I posted something on LinkedIn, marketing a health care finance service that probably no one who reads this will have any clue about. I’ve been doing this type of work for more than 35 years, and I might as well link to it here, since I’m talking about marketing stuff, right?

Then I looked at this blog, and realized I’ve always been dependent on thinking people would notice that I have a link to Services at the top right of this blog, and that I’d be getting tons of visitors seeing that and contacting me… which, over the course of all the years I’ve had this blog and all the content I’ve created, proves to be quite naive.

So, today I decided to do two things to assist both myself and potential clients.

First, I modified what I’ve been marketing, adding something new, altering the prices and giving people a way to reach out to me if they want certain types of assistance I can give them… and get paid for it. 🙂

Second, I’m going to be adding what you’ll see below, at the end of this article and all other articles to come (I might even go back and add it to the one article I’ve written so far in 2024), which is a brief mention of the Services page, along with a link to it. Along with my copyright code, it seems the prescient thing to do, as I should have been doing it all along.

Long term, it’s my way of marketing without throwing it in my visitor’s face every time they come to read what I’ve written and have to read a full-on advertisement at the end of every new article that’s coming (I’ve seen others do that over the years, which might have added to why I didn’t do it).

That’s it; that’s what I’m going to do, and if you’re marketing services or other things, and you have a link at the top of your blog, it might be something you should think about doing as well.

That’s it; I’m out, but notice what’s below… and thanks for visiting!
Can I help your business or blog with some of the services I offer?

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2 thoughts on “Are You Marketing Your Business Properly?”

  1. Yeah, we both suck at marketing! LOL I even wrote a post titled, “You Totally Suck At Marketing”, back in 2012.

    People are link and banner blind. I think the key is to spam. LOL
    Seriously, though, I think newsletters are more efficient than sending burnt offerings to the Google god.



    1. My hope is that if people actually read the articles (it happens from time to time) and sees a link near the bottom of the article, I might generate at least a little bit of visitation; one never really knows unless someone reaches out to us.

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