Why We Must Create Content

To some folks who visit this blog, it probably looks like I’ve slowed down in creating content. There’s both truth and non-truth to this statement.

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While doing my consulting out of town, I find that I get back to the hotel and I’m just exhausted. I have two different biorhythm schedules, depending on where I am and “when” I am.

When I’m home, on Eastern time, I stay up until 2:30 or 3 in the morning and sleep usually until 9 or 9:30 and take naps whenever I feel the need. Because I keep irregular hours, I can work at any time of the day and also have lots of time to blog and all is good with the world.

When I’m on the road, on Central time, from Sunday night through Thursday night I “try” to get to bed by midnight because I have to be up at 6:30 to be at the office by 7:30. Of course there’s no naps coming, so I get really tired, have to find ways of staying awake in the afternoons, and often come back to the room and then take a nap, rush to dinner, and literally try to stay awake until later so I won’t wake up too early the next day.

On the weekends, I revert back to my “norm”, only an hour behind when I’m at home… sometimes. Sometimes I stay up later, knowing I probably wouldn’t stay up so late at home, sometimes I crash because I’m just exhausted.

Either way, it’s taken a toll on blogging, but that’s not the only thing going on.

I’ve finally started making a more concerted effort to edit my second book on leadership. I’m committing at least a little bit of time each night to it because I want to get it done some time within the next couple of months so I can get a couple of people to read it.

I’ve also committed myself to trying to do a video every day this month for my business channel on YouTube. This is new content and it’s me putting in time to build up the portfolio there. If you’d like an example, here’s last night’s video on communicating with irate people:



I’ve also been creating videos on my other YouTube channel, though not as often; here’s the latest video from there, which prompted me to write on this topic:



Two other things. Today I was interviewed for a radio program that was turned into a podcast by a guy named Fasil Khan, who owns Khan Coaching, and the hour-long podcast is here: http://lawandorderoflifeddv.com/leadership-mitch-mitchell. And a few days ago a guest post I wrote for Jessica Peterson of Customer WOW Project went live, and since I don’t think it’s getting much love I’m going to link to it here, as it’s titled Business Tips From Mitch Mitchell, though I’d titled it 10 Things To Know If You Want To Go Into Business For Yourself.

I have still been writing here and on my other blogs as well, just not as often. So you see, I’ve still been following on my never ending quest to continue creating content, but I’ve been spreading myself around. Still, in my own way I keep trying to prove why we all must create content if we hope to keep our names out in front of others, even if it’s not always in our own space.

Why must we create content? Let me highlight the reasons…

* new content helps keep our websites or blogs fresh

* new content lets people know we have things to say and helps encourage them to keep coming back for more

* new content helps you build up a credible portfolio that you can always direct people to

* new content helps you to learn how to become more creative and to hone a style that works well for you

* new content could potentially help make you famous, ala getting a video to go viral

* new content can enhance your status as an expert/specialist/rock star; take your pick

For me, new content means someone’s always finding me for something, and I get interview opportunities. On my regular YouTube channel, I’ve had the opportunity to interview other people as well, and hopefully some of them have used their interviews to promote themselves, as I did with the interview above. Even if it’s not my content specifically it’s still me, and any chance I get to promote myself more, and it’s free… no brainer!

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33 thoughts on “Why We Must Create Content”

  1. Its good to know that you are putting your lot of time to record video for You Tube. I am first time commenting at your blog and would be happy to share my views with you.

    Mitchel, I have one question to ask you In month month how much post we should write at least to keep our blog active and also giving signal to Google that we continuously update our blog.

    1. Mahboob, I can’t answer that one for you because it depends on how much you like writing and how much you have to say. I covered that in my post about 5 posts ago titled 7 Blogging Beliefs You Interpreted Wrongly where I said that there’s no magic number if you’re a consistent writer as long as your audience is willing to accept how you write, while acknowledging that the more you write the more traffic you’ll get, just probably not the same people stopping by all the time.

  2. Earlier, I’ve read a post about YouTube and how to leverage engagement. There I have understood that transcriptions of videos are very important to interested visitors or possible customers. Content it not just for blogs, but also works for videos to increase sales not just traffic.

    The listed reasons are correct, new content helps keep our websites or blogs fresh and it’s what people love, therefore and outdated post is like a post from the past. So keep publishing.

    1. Thanks metz. The thing about transcriptions is that if one uses YouTube’s version there will be lots of mistakes and it makes you look like an amateur. So, either doing it yourself or paying someone to do it is the only way to get it accomplished properly, but that’s just more time or money you have to deal with.

  3. Mitchell, I really admire you for all the video’s you do. I have only done a few and they certainly take some time to put together and then blog along with them.
    I do create content in other ways like SlideShare and an eBook – which I’m starting to work on the 2nd edition of.
    It’s hard to know how to divide up your time sometimes as we also have to share on various social networks and blogging networks to keep our traffic going.
    I think it’s best to try different types of content to see what works best with your audience and how it turns into traffic or not.
    Great topic Mitchell!

    1. I find difficult to create content, but your method and results are quite interesting. The importance of content for keeping a website fresh, is quite mandatory since search engines feed on that. So, what happens when you have a niche website, and you run out of ideas?

      1. Alvaro, if you’ve got a niche property that you can’t really write about then that niche probably wasn’t for you to begin with. That’s why I’ve always stressed on this blog to write on things you know about that you can write on for years. However, you always have the option of either paying someone to write some articles for you or accepting guest posts; I hate this last option for the most part, as I’ve also covered it on this blog.

      2. Wow, you are so right! Thanks for the great advice! I never thought it like that, about a niche not being intended for me. I will keep it in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Thanks Lisa. I know it can be difficult, especially when there are so many networks out there and it’s hard figuring out who might see what where, and we only have so much time to create things because of all the other stuff going on. Still, I always feel good when I’ve finished creating something new and always ready to take that next step forward. I figure you are also with all that you put out.

  4. I agree with new content keeping the site fresh. Plus, like the Google and Bing Spiders, you want the people to keep coming back. When they do they want fresh content. If they come back to nothing new they will move on to someone, someplace else. Thanks for keeping it fresh Mitch.

    1. Thanks for continuing to come back Troy; you’re proof that new content helps, although with over 1,500 posts on this blog I’m betting some of the older posts would interest you as well. Bribe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I always try to keep my blog updated with new content as much as I can, simply as this point in time I am trying to build up readers and maintain them.

    As a fellow blogger and blog reader myself, if I come across a blog that hasn’t been updated in a long time I mostly won’t stick around to read anything and will just move on. I’ve been coming cross blogs lately where their last post is from early 2013, with one being back in 2009. If you can’t keep a blog updated, should probably just shut it down…really see no point in keeping it up.

    I like the fact you have the confidence to do videos though Mitch, I have a hard enough time talking on the microphone when gaming…never mind doing a video. lol

    1. I’m sure you’ll be doing videos in no time Daniel. As I always tell people, if you can walk out of your house every day and meet people you can do videos because it’s still you. Of course now we have to get you a gravatar to match up with your blog comments across the blogosphere; that helps people feel like they know you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Man. but you love to keep yourself busy don’t you Mitch.

    I don’t create content as often as I should. I used to produce a lot more content but have slackened off of late.

    As to another reason for creating content, although I think one of your commenters did sort of refer to it, is to keep the search engines happy.

    1. Pete (I see you’re not that across the board lol), it’s true that it’s good for SEO. But you know how I am; I appreciate the SEO but I don’t go out of my way for it.

      1. Man, I noticed my last comment had Sire again. I didn’t do it I swear, it just pops in automatically.

        Apart from my niche blogs I don’t worry about SEO either. It’s such a bore and ruins my blogging experience.

  7. Hey Mitch,

    I know you’ve been traveling a lot for work and that’s just kept you so busy. What a schedule you have and I applaud you for all that you do offline and online.

    Congratulations on the interview and the post by the way, I do not want to leave those out.

    Now creating content and videos. I agree with all your reasons why we should create content so I’m not really sure I have anything to add to that. Not off the top of my head that is.

    I applaud you for all the videos you do but I guess you are just a man with a LOT to say. LOL!!! I use to just think I did but obviously that’s not the case right! Maybe I do by all the comments I make.

    I have tried to put time aside each night to work on my product but it’s just not happening. Mainly because I always have to start over once again from the start and by the time I just read through it and edit it it’s now two hours later and I haven’t gotten to the place where I left off. I will get this done though one way or the other.

    I always enjoy your videos although on your hangouts I usually don’t have that kind of time. Either way you do a great job with both.

    Good to see you Mitch and don’t wear yourself out now.


    1. Good stuff Adrienne. I know your project is a top secret thing but maybe, in a private G+ message, you can give me an idea of what type of project it is and I can give you some hints on how to progress with it, since it sounds like you’re always having to start at the beginning. That never works and, as you can see, is definitely an impediment towards completing it.

      You’re great with content, but you’re also promoting everyone else every day as well as commenting on tons of blogs. You’re pretty much everywhere, which works for you, but maybe you can take 30% of that time and use it for more production, which helps you in the long run? Just a thought. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. When I don’t write article, usually I prepare images, infographics, fixing meta descriptions or simply create a video. There are many types of content and ways to generate content. I don’t write article everyday too, it will be simply impossible. Sometimes create multiple articles and just schedule it for publishing.

  9. I used to blog like a mad man. I used to hit the grind so hard with marketing blog posts out left and right in every possible way. From Google+ Community’s, Facebook Groups & sadly Forums. I found people are more inclined to click a video or an image (with link attached above) and interact. I love creating content and I love commenting back. It’s why I loved guest posting so much. You meet a lot like minded people out there who are just like you are. Though I often look around and wonder if these people exist around me. Hard to find common ground in enthusiastic hobbies. We create content to have fun I think and the money.

    1. Scott, many people could learn lessons from you with the amount of content you’ve creating via video, and the editing as well. I don’t have a clue how to edit and truthfully, I think I’d look choppy if I even started doing it. I’m not making any money from my blogging or videos, but I’m hoping for long term success and notoriety. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Maybe we should nominate you for some sort of award? A ‘Bloggie’ perhaps? Like Queen sand, that could bring you fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I don’t know about Scott, but a few years ago Peter & I tried getting nominated for Shorty awards. We both got 27 votes for it I think, which put us in the top 15, but the people at the top had thousands of votes from a particular country and none of them were for blogs. That was disconcerting and phony; put me off trying again.

      3. Oh Phooey on that then. Anyway, you are one of my favorite blogs to visit and I do get excited when my Feedly tells me you have something new. I just wish I had time to go read the other 1500+ posts. :/

      4. That is my plan with 1KSmiles. Let me know if you do that Mitch. I have a trusted ex-pat friend in the Phillipines who has a company that can do that for you. Very good work at Phillipin prices.

  10. Hi, Mitch! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad Iโ€™ve come across on your website again.

    Well, youโ€™ve just said it right. I must agree with the reasons youโ€™ve given above.

    We must create new content to keep our blog fresh, to keep your readers coming back for more, to boost your online visibility and to enhance your online status as a blogger. As what is said above, creating new content also helps you build up a credible portfolio that you can always direct to your audience.

    The answer to why you must create new content is, I think, a self-explanatory. You shouldnโ€™t doubt to do this action, because itโ€™s a must.

    Thanks for the shared knowledge! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Mitch, I’ve been through the content creation meat-grinder over the years, going from Writing for Google, PayPerPost, HubPages, Ezinearticles, to “guest” slots on friends’ blogs, NaNoWriMo (dropout) and other creative writing venues.

    One thing that has remained constant is this: I write for me. I love having an audience, but they do not dictate what I write or how I write it. My blog is the antithesis of well-organized, though I have a plan for that madness. I only need to scratch the itch.

    Sometimes, that content is fiction. Often, it is software. Occasionally, I dabble with game and puzzle creation. There is no way I am going to give up any one of these to make a blog that is (whatever it is folks think blogs should be.)

    I blame Google. And I thank them. While they still have my 75.00 from AdSense, their greed freed me from caring about that. Also, they still send folks my way, so there’s that.

    I close with my CommentLuv link. LOL



    1. Hi Mitch,

      I think we all create for different reasons but we still feel this need to create. You’re not writing as much these days but you’re creating other stuff and looking to market in some fashion so it’s still the same thing, only a different mode. I don’t blame Google; I’m not sure this one requires a “blame”, if you know what I mean. It’s just who we are, and I think we’re lucky to live in a time where it’s possible for any of us to get a boost in publicity or income based on the right person, or persons, seeing something we’ve put out there.

  12. It’s true, content it’s king these days and all Google updates are focusing on providing users the best experience with the best results on top. That’s why you need to give every user the chance to promote you further by any means. Viral marketing does wonders. Thanks a lot for the effort !

    1. I’d agree with that Dragos… to a degree. I have share buttons for sites where I also participate. There are lots of other sites as well, but it seems disingenuous to set myself up to be shared in places I’m never going to. That might be an incorrect way of thinking about things but I can live with it… for now. lol

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