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10 Things You Must Have For A Happy Life

Every once in a while you have to do something different. In this case, I’m repurposing one of my older blog posts from 2012… because I thought it was pretty good. I only allow comments on posts for around 4 years, so the only way I can let people see this again, and allow them to comment on it, I have to update it a little bit and release it new. I’ve done that before a few times, but this time I’m leaving all the older comments on it. It was pretty popular at the time; let’s see how it plays after nearly 7 years.
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Sunday Question – What Makes You Laugh?

Last weekend I spent my time doing two things. The first was decluttering the space around me; man, was I starting to feel closed in almost everywhere I went in this house. The second was popping in one of my new DVDs and just laughing my fool head off.

No, that’s not my son!

I bought the DVD set of the Phil Silvers Show, aka Sgt. Bilko. It’s the show that the cartoon Top Cat was based off many years later. Phil Silvers was definitely a character; rapid fire delivery, changing vocal inflections, and, well, just a funny guy all around.

As I was watching it, I was listening to how I was laughing. I don’t laugh like this all that often, but it’s enjoyable when I can get to this point. It’s that point where the laughing becomes a long and hard giggle, one that you just can’t stop and starts to constrict your throat and chest, to the point where you actually have to pause everything and let your giggle die down some before you can watch some more.

There aren’t a lot of things that can do that to me now. And when it does happen, I’m really surprised by it most of the time. I sometimes think we start getting a little bit jaded as we get older. And the internet has actually taken a lot of that away because I’m all over the place and I see so many things that it’s hard to catch me off guard with truly funny.

I don’t like stupid humor all that often; I like creative humor. And yet I like the Three Stooges as well, but I think I came onto that because I was a kid when I started watching it, and it’s just stuck with me. There’s nothing Jim Carrey can do that makes me laugh as much as the Three Stooges, and he’s basically just channeling things they did.

What makes you laugh so hard that you think you’re going to push milk through your nose (I don’t drink milk, luckily enough)? Who makes you lose control? By the way, here’s a little bit of Sgt. Bilko for you.


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I Love Natalie!

I don’t know how I found this young lady, but I can’t get enough of her videos. Her name is Natalie, and she either lives in Australia or New Zealand as far as I know. I know what got me to watch the first video; she’s just the cutest thing. But she’s funny as sin. She has a great take on a lot of things, and most of them are things that I believe we think of all the time and either just let them go or wonder the same thing she does.

If you decide to look it any of the three video below, you’ll find that she’s very creative as well. She’s figured out how to put multiple copies of herself into the video, and she loves to dress up as well. Sometimes she even has her mother in a video, and I don’t know who the guy is, or whether it’s multiple guys, but she’s not always alone. Near the end of each video, she will also show pictures of people she’s run into who want to have their picture taken with her, and then she does a brief rundown of some of the comments are videos of received.

You want to think about how powerful YouTube can be? According to her statistics, there’ve been more than 26 million views of her videos. Someone’s got to put this young lady on TV!

Anyway, I’m sharing three videos that I thought were particularly funny. Warning, some of them might have a bad word here and there, so view it first before you decide to share with the kids. I don’t know if you will find are as funny as I think she is, but I’m betting Sire’s gonna say she’s cute enough to at least watch. Oh yeah; she also makes more than $100,000 a year with her YouTube page, so that might encourage some of you wannabe internet stars. lol

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