2 Big Blogging Tips And 21 More in 5 Videos

I have over 535 articles on this site specifically about blogging. I have nearly 150 videos about blogging as well. I’m not going to say my entire life is about blogging, but I’ll put my general knowledge about blogging with anyone else in the world; yeah, I said that!

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Only one of us is a blogger

I just finished a series of videos on the topic of blogging, after I was requested to share tips about it. I’m going to put every one of those videos on this article, and I’m going to give two that I didn’t address in any of those… because I can. I’m not going to promise that I didn’t cover it in any of these 55 blogging tips I wrote back in 2014, but I believe this is new stuff; let’s find out.

The first new blogging tip is to write with fearlessness. Over the years I’ve run into a lot of people who weren’t sure what a blog was (yeah, they were hiding in the rocks lol) until I explained it to them. Overwhelmingly, their response was “I don’t know what to say; what if people don’t like it?”

The proper retort to something like that is “who cares”. True, that goes against the norm of what most people who write about blogging will say, and all of them have a point. I love having an audience and I love when people leave genuine comments whether they agree with me or not.

Here are two major truths about blogging what you know and what you feel.

One, not everyone’s going to like what you have to say, but if you’re honest, decent and somewhat intelligent you’re going to find your audience and your true fans. That’s a rush you’ll never get over, and you’ll be trying to figure out how you can keep it going. Blogging is initially for your needs; I say that all the time. Even if you want to make money blogging, you have to be true to you, otherwise your words will sound phony. Trust me, no one likes phony.

Two, unless you’re writing a blog that’s mean or political or hateful or racist or sexist or… well, you know… the majority of people who comment on your blog are going to be somewhat nice, whether or not they agree with you. And if they’re not… delete their comment, blacklist them and move on with life. I’ve had to do that a few times over all these years; sometimes it’s not worth the effort to go back and forth with people whose minds you know you’re never going to change or agree with.

With that said, if people are piling on and you don’t like it, think about what you’re saying, figure out why they’re mad and either change how you write or keep doing what you’re doing. Think about professional wrestling; without bad guys no one would ever watch it. 🙂

That was a long first tip; here’s the second one and the most personal. When you create your blog, invite your friends, family members and acquaintances to visit and see what you’ve written. Just don’t be surprised if almost none of them come, or even if they come they’re never coming back.

One of the problems of being a dreamer is that most of us live our dreams without any encouragement from the people we love and care about.

In just over a week I’ll have my 22nd wedding anniversary. If you asked my wife what I do for a living she won’t be able to tell you. I write two blogs, have a business website, have written 3 books and have told her multiple times what I do; she still doesn’t know. Most of my friends have no idea what I do either unless they’re in the same business I am. Heck, even most of the people in my local consulting group don’t understand what I do, and I’ve been telling them for 16 years!

The best reason for writing a blog besides driving people to your site so you can make money or generate business is that it’ll help you find like minds that you can communicate with. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to go beyond our own realm to find people who not only have dreams that are similar to yours but are ready to offer you support and help you along your way.

Most of the people you meet because of your blog won’t live in your hometown either unless you write about local events and tell local stories. Almost no one is considered an authority in their own area. If you’re not part of the norm and you find people you know who like what you do, congratulations. For the rest of us, it’s going to be a dream we’re never going to attain.

Not blogging because you don’t know what to say or hate writing is one thing. Deciding you don’t want to blog because your friends and others don’t want to be a part of it is another. As some of us like to say, “You do you Boo!” Who knows, you might resonate with an audience that helps you live the life you want to have.

There you are, two big blogging tips that I didn’t cover in any of the videos I’m going to share below. I hope you watch them and enjoy them, and if you do, please go to YouTube, like the video, subscribe to my channel, click on the little bell to get notifications and leave me a comment.

Oh yeah; before you go, leave me a comment here also; I always forget to ask that! 😉 Here are the videos in order:











8 thoughts on “2 Big Blogging Tips And 21 More in 5 Videos”

  1. Wonderful tips, Mitch! There is a wealth of information here about blogging. I really like your down-to-earth style, too. Always makes me smile.


  2. Hi Mitch,

    You have a wealth of information here.

    535 articles and 150 videos? I only have just 0ver 10% of that written and published on my personal blog.

    Your style of writing is amazing after so many years of doing it, Mitch.

    Nice reading, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

    1. Thanks Shamsudeen. BTW, it’s over 1,800 articles; only 535 directly about blogging, although some blogging articles are mixed in with both writing and social media so it’s possibly a higher number. Always trying to help. 🙂

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