When I wrote my post asking Why Is Everyone Busting On A-Listers, it seems that many people kind of missed my point in a way. But that’s okay because some people thought I’d missed their point. I’m going to take that on first.

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I didn’t miss the point about A-listers and how many of them don’t respond to comments on their blogs anymore. I get it; I don’t like that either. No matter how big someone gets, I feel they should respond to at least some of the people who comment on their blogs. Maybe not everyone though, as I finally acquiesced to in Monday’s post.

However, almost everyone missed my point, and I’m going to say it’s my fault because I didn’t think I had to state it specifically. However, sometimes you have to go that extra step and tell people exactly what’s going on; that’s what this post is all about.

Not often are there only 2 ways to go about something. We can say there’s a right way and a wrong way but that’s not entirely truthful. That’s because everyone’s truthful isn’t the same as everyone else’s. If it was there wouldn’t be a need for political parties, or a need for different languages or countries. There wouldn’t be prisons to put criminals in, but there also wouldn’t be different degrees of heroes, from those that run into a burning building to save some children or those who called 9-1-1 on their cell phones for help.

However, when it comes to success, you either shoot for it or you don’t. This doesn’t necessarily mean you shoot to be the CEO or the person that cleans the toilets. What it means, however, is that there’s no way you or anyone else can shoot for the middle.

The middle moves, and it’s either on the low end or the high end. Many people think of the middle as being comfortable. But the reality is that no one is ever comfortable unless they have so much money that they have no worries in paying their bills.

So, let’s not go with that particular “C”-word. Let’s go with another one, which I’ll call “contentment.” I’m using that word because if I start talking about “content” you’ll think I’m talking about blogging again and that kind of content. But stay with me.

My dad joined the military on his 17th birthday. He didn’t have a college degree obviously, but he also didn’t have a high school diploma; he had just started his senior year. This means that his military career would be limited. Still, he set his sights on the highest position possible for him at the time; master sergeant. He had to switch branches of the military to get there and it took some time, but 23 years after he’d enlisted he finally reached the highest rank possible.

Now, just so you know, sergeants don’t make a lot of money; you don’t get rich in the military. But he wasn’t content to be a staff sergeant or even a tech sergeant. He knew he’d never be an officer but he went for the best he could reach.

What did that do for him later on? He showed he was someone who wasn’t afraid to work to get as high as he possibly could. He never looked to be comfortable because comfortable for him would have been watching the evening news, having either a few beers or some bourbon over the weekend, and playing pinocle. That doesn’t take a lot of money, but to be truly content, you take care of your bills first, you set a living standard you want to enjoy, then you take your shot and go for it. You can’t aim at the middle because you never know what it’s going to be.

Dad didn’t do that. He retired from the military and got a job at a large corporation. They wanted to help him move up but he had to take care of some things first. So he got his high school diploma then went to college. He finished 2nd in his class with a double major in business management and psychology. And he moved up within the corporation he worked at to the point where they flew him all over the world to teach others what he’d developed. He left management and was basically a freelancer within the company. Now there’s true contentment because he got to do what he wanted to do with no encumbrances.

Now, think about your blogging for a minute. Do you write a post with the intention of it just being “good enough”? Are you just trying to put out whatever you can and move on to the next one? Do you really care that someone’s reading what you have to say and might be impressed with what you’re saying, enough to get them to leave a comment or share the post somewhere else?

Or are you just trying to be comfortable, going through the motions, not really caring if people comment or not because you know you’re not putting forth your best effort? What’s the middle of blog writing?

I see a lot of people who say they’re trying but we know they’re not. I visit a lot of blogs; I’ve seen a lot of bad writing. I’ve seen “make money” blogs that have no soul in the writing. I’ve seen a lot of blogs that basically rehash the same garbage over the over, giving nothing of themselves, ever. That’s comfortable; those are people who are trying to make money with no effort whatsoever.

Which one do you want to be? Do you want to try to be better, at least have something to say, put together posts that have some passion in them, something you hope someone else picks up on? Or do you want to be comfortable, writing bad posts and not really caring, trying to find the easy way without really working for it?

Take that point, add it to your life in general, then be truthful with yourself. Does being comfortable take on a different meaning now? Is that really all you want out of life?

Not me.

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