Wow, yesterday was definitely a day of blogging! I got a bunch of responses to some of my posts (thanks folks) and a lot of visits, and I must have gone around commenting on a bunch of blogs myself because I had a bunch of responses in my email this morning.

Truthfully, though, when all is said and done, I wasted a lot of time yesterday also. I don’t count time wasted in writing on all those blogs, because I did it late at night, past midnight, when I really shouldn’t be working anyway, though I usually am. But it’s easy to get distracted when one works from home, and even when someone is working in a regular office, and of course that means losing money in some fashion for someone.

Since I usually give myself Fridays off (I’m great to work for), I could do almost anything I wanted today, but instead I’ve got a board meeting with a local organization that I volunteer my time with, and this year I’m the Finance Committee chairman; yippee! But, I’m also thinking about some things I can do to stop wasting as much time as I did on a day like yesterday.

The first thing I’ve already done is to change the frequency that new email notifies me it’s there. I had mine on 3 minutes because, well, I just want to know when email comes in. But the reality is that it keeps me looking at the bottom right corner for that flashing envelope, because I just can’t ignore it, and that keeps me from consistent work. I’ve just changed it to 15 minutes; after all, some of that email might be business related, and I’d rather not keep potential clients waiting too long.

Next is my Twitter updates. I have it set for 3 minutes also, and I’ve just gone and changed it to 15 minutes also. Same type of thing, only, since I’m on Firefox 3, that window keeps popping up, and with the new update it actually pops in front of whatever program I’m using at the time, which means suddenly my browser is where my word processing program should have been; not cool at all.

I’ve also downloaded software that I’ve yet to load, and I have to think about this one a bit more. I tend to sit at the computer for hours at a time every day, sometimes skipping meals unless my wife is home because the kitchen is on the other side of the house. That, plus missing exercise, can’t continue. So, there’s software one can add that will force you to take breaks at various intervals, or at least notify you that maybe it’s time to do it. The reason I’m balking is because I actually had something like this about 10 years ago, and once it came up at an inopportune time and I was locked out of the computer for 10 minutes, which messed up my inspiration for what I was writing, and when it let me back in I unloaded it immediately. So, I have to think about that one some more. However, it’s importance is something I really need to contemplate, as paperwork and regular mail is starting to pile up around me.

Two things I have done is backed off being on both Facebook and Ryze so much. Those things can be fun, but they can seriously eat up your time, especially Facebook with its games.

Time wasting; I guess it’s a human passion, but sometimes, we just have to get to, dare I say it, work!

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