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Social Media Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Posted by on Apr 9, 2015

The world of sales and networking is changing and a big part of it is happening via social media. I could say internet but truth be told, the internet on its own really didn’t change much except to allow people the opportunity to have a presence online.

The Art of Social Media
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Blogging is part of social media, and it was one of the first mediums where people learned that they could connect with a lot of people and make money at the same time. There are quite a few bloggers who became millionaires before the rest of us got into it.

Once the market became flooded, it was harder for many people to make any money of significance without a lot of work. I know a few people who survive nicely because they know how to network with others in multiple social media arenas.

I’ve often said that everyone needs to be on social media to compete with their competitors in today’s world. I’ve also said that not every single social media site is for everybody. The truth is that, for all the benefits social media can afford you, it can also take it away. Thus, the dichotomy of social media.

I don’t remember full details, but last year a big city police department put up a Facebook page and asked people to share stories of positive encounters with them. Instead, the site was inundated with tons of complaints, stories of brutality and opinions about corruption, and the page was eventually shut down. That turned out not to be wise either because people then turned to complaint via local media and on Twitter.

The problem isn’t social media; it’s not knowing, or believing, what some people might be thinking and feeling about one’s business, and leaving oneself open for ridicule by saying something… well, stupid.

McDonald’s had this same problem when, while they were promoting their new healthy menu of items, they were outed for what they were putting on their own intranet, telling their employees not to eat fast food because it wasn’t healthy and could make them fat. It never bodes well when honesty and dishonesty clash and it’s coming from the same source.

Luckily, for most of us we’re not large enough to be victims of lots of people looking for us to hate us. A great thing about social media is that if one person tries to make you look bad and they’re lying, you have the opportunity to respond in your own space.

I always recommend to businesses that they not only have an account on Twitter to track what it is they do but to regularly search for their business name to see what people are saying about them. If it’s positive thank people, and if it’s negative try to address issues and correct them unless people are deliberately lying to hurt you. When that happens you have the right to defend yourself, while trying to find a way to do it so you don’t look like a whiner.

You can’t avoid social media because people can talk about you whether you’re on or not. What you can do is find ways to use it to your advantage, use it for your protection, use it to connect with an audience and use it to promote what you wish to offer to the masses.

Just like I’m promoting social media right now. 😉

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I agree that you should try and address criticism on social media, but sometimes you have to be careful you’re not giving extra publicity & attention to someone who doesn’t deserve it (especially on Twitter). If it’s someone who’s not famous/important/influential and they don’t have a big following, sometimes it’s best to just ignore them.

April 13th, 2015 | 7:53 AM

That’s true Samuel. Some folks just aren’t worth it.

April 14th, 2015 | 12:32 AM

Hey Mitch, so I’m not the only one that believers that it’s a lot harder for us to make money blogging than it is for those who got into the game in the early days. Getting the timing wrong seems to be the story of my life.

Strange that the police didn’t factor in the having a FB page would lead to more negative than positive comments 😉
Peter recently posted…FlexSqueeze2 How Good Is It ReallyMy Profile

April 15th, 2015 | 11:04 AM

Pete, the thing is that all these businesses, including the police, think they have the people who can do these things for themselves. A lot of it they can, but when it comes to publicity sometimes it’s a better thing to talk with someone who might see things in a different light.

As to timing… I feel your pain! 🙂

April 15th, 2015 | 11:19 PM
Abu Fateh:

This is totally on the point! Mr. Mitch, thanks for this great article… This is the sickness of numerous writer or bloggers out there… Don’t be satisfied on just writing the facts, you must create unique ways to present it on your blog so readers will be intrigue to read it.

April 25th, 2015 | 9:06 AM

Well, I think it’s a bit harsh to call it a sickness. I’d rather think people just hadn’t thought about it all that much, as I know I hadn’t up until a couple of years ago. Not that I wasn’t doing it but I wasn’t doing it as a conscious thought.

April 26th, 2015 | 2:51 PM
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