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A couple of days ago one of my YouTube friends shared the link of someone new with me & some other folks. He calls his YouTube page Daym Drops, and he talks about food. Well, that’s not quite accurate; he emotes about food, mainly fast food and different items, though he’ll occasionally break into commentary about other foods such as desserts and comfort food.

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There are a few things that are pretty amazing about this guy. First, he’s got over 100,000 subscribers, and I’m a new one. Second, some of his videos have garnered millions of viewers. Third, he’s funny; that never hurts. Fourth, by doing something he loves and promoting it in his own way, he not only makes a pretty good living via YouTube but was able to turn what he does into a TV show for The Travel Channel; what the hey?

I was thinking once again about this once again, this thing about marketing and promotion. In a way, they’re different as well as being somewhat the same. Marketing is where you find ways to market your business to get people to buy from you. Promotion is where you find ways to market yourself and your competencies so that people will buy from you or hire you.

Daym (short for Daymond) actually stated something that I’ve been doing over the past year. In one of his videos, he said that if you have something you want to say that you should create videos and put them out, and even if you only have a few viewers that you should continue doing it; find something you love to talk about and go for it.

I’m now up to 90 videos on this particular channel, the 90th being below, and many of them haven’t cracked double digits. My other channel does much better because I fill a void that no one else can touch, but I don’t do a lot of those and I need to start doing way more.

Why? Because it’s a niche that I can claim as my own and one where there’s actually the possibility that I could make money off it via people hiring me for my services. That might be a lot easier than trying to get hired because of my personality, that’s for sure. lol

Someone like our buddy Adrienne’s got it right. She promotes herself by also promoting others, is pretty much everywhere, and is now starting to show up on lots of lists regarding bloggers that people should know about. It takes a lot of work and consistency, but that’s really what promotions is all about.

I’m bad at it; what about you? No matter; check out the video or comment based on what I’ve said above. The question you’re addressing… are you promoting yourself enough, are you marketing your business enough, and are you using video in any way to help you along? Here we go:


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  1. Wow, you manage 5 blogs? I find managing one itself very hard, how do you do it? 🙂

    As for promotion, you are right, Mitch. We have to work hard; we have to put in the effort and time. And Adrienne is one networking superstar, bloggers have a lot of learn from her 😀 (I certainly did).

    I don’t quite remember what I used to do with my first blog. I did commenting, but not enough I think (but, I still got traffic – mostly from guest blogging and blogging communities such as Blogengage :D).

    It was towards the end of my first blog when I decided to take commenting for seriously (hence my second blog was even more of a success, even though I only maintained it for a few months). Right now, I have nothing much to promote – I promote others’ content and through that promotion, I promote myself and my brand 😀

    Anyways, thank you for the post, Mitch 🙂

    Good luck with your video blogging efforts.

    Btw,Happy Birthday 🙂

    1. Thanks Jeevan. Actually, monitoring 5 blogs is easy; deciding how and what to put on all of them is kind of a struggle because of the rules I set for myself. What’s hard is marketing them all, or any of them to begin with. For instance, this one is easy to market because most of my commenting on other blogs comes back here. The others… the content has to speak for itself more often.

      That’s why I need to market them more. For my business blog today as a for instance, I posted the link to today’s article 6 times because it was about 9/11/01 and I wanted to see if anyone would read it or share it. I only got one share and that’s a shame because it says I didn’t market or promote it enough or correctly. That’s where learning some lessons come into play.

  2. I am a new youtube user and I always depressed when I capure a video and expect many viewer and their comment but unfortunately I always disappointed. At last I searching article how to make a video popular in social media. I think Daym is right.I should not be disappointed at this early stage.
    Thank you Mitch for this article.


  3. Hi Mitch Mitchell
    i have listen about earning with you tube videos few months ago. i have ideas to create and share videos but exactly like your in beginning i wasn’t getting response.

    Thanks for a motivating article, will delicately work on it

  4. I found myself agreeing with everything you said in this video, Mitch. I was saying to my wife just the other day that it isn’t that people are deciding not to hire me when they have a need for what I do — it’s that they forget I’m here. At least that’s one element of it. And you’re right: most people are promoting themselves, and that’s why they’re out there networking. I’ve noticed a lot of people who have stopped blogging, and as a result, they’ve stopped reading other blogs. I guess the harsh truth is that almost everyone is trying to attract attention, and if they have to give some to get some, that’s what they’ll do. For what it’s worth, if you’re bad at promotion, I’m worse.

    I hope you had a great birthday.

    1. Thanks Charles; it was a tame birthday (you missed the cake & ice cream picture I put up on Instagram). As for the marketing and promotion thing, I’m with you. Years ago I didn’t even get to bid on a local project because they forgot I did that kind of work. I was irked as anything because it was for the local chamber and they hired a guy who wasn’t even a member to do the work. Then they started having all kinds of problems with him & I gloated deep inside. However, this guy keeps getting work in that field because his promotional skills are better; sigh…

  5. Hey Mitch,
    I did enjoy your video but i must disagree with your approach, we’re back to the quantity vs quality discussion.
    i know for a fact, that if you promote too much your same message it will come of as spam! and you will ruin your reputation for future references. not just your posts will be marked as spam but also you name.
    i think you are asking the wrong question here, “are you promoting enough?” , i believe you should ask yourself,
    “are you promoting yourself to the right audience ??”
    you should think, who are my best audience that would be interested in my stuff? where my ideal audience hang out ? what is the best way to reach for them ?
    don’t you think ?
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

    1. Greetings, and welcome to the blog. You made an interesting assumption that I was talking about internet marketing only.

      I’m an independent consultant; been one for 12 years. In the real world, I may contact potential clients once every 4 to 5 months; that’s not even close to being enough to get as much business as I’d prefer. I also do professional speaking but that’s even harder because, once again, it’s hard to get my name out there enough to get consistent gigs.

      Top sales trainers will say that you need to get in front of someone in some fashion at least 16 times before your name gets familiar, but the time frame can’t be 16 times in 4 years; that doesn’t get the job done. Sure, online it might be a bit easier but it’s still difficult. As fast as things go by these days I think spamming by email is the only danger someone might have to deal with. Anywhere else, it’s probably not being seen often by anyone unless you’re the only person they’re following.

      Here’s my overall point though. If you’re not making any sales at all, and not getting almost any attention, it’s probably not that you’re not gearing your efforts towards the right market. If you’re getting plenty of action but no buyers, that’s when you’re not aiming at the right audience. Each of us has to work hard at making some kind of dent in the name game first; with dignity or humor of course. 🙂

      1. Hey Mitch,
        thank you for the clarification, i surely cannot beat 12 years of experience in the real world marketing, that is impressive by the way, but my point is you don’t have to promote for the millions out there, you only have to advertise for the 1% that are your potential clients, this where your leads will come from after all, and this 1% percent are interested and looking for what you have to offer.
        so if you impress them with quality, creativity you win them over from the first time, they’ll always remember you from that creative ad, or impressive quality etc.
        Unless you are doing cold sales approaches! then yes i would 100% agree with you!
        is that logic so wrong ?
        Many thanks again!

      2. Hi Mitch,

        No, you’re not wrong, but even if you’re only advertising to 1%, which might be your entire audience, you have to figure out what’s too much or too little. See, my biggest clients are hospitals, and they’re scattered all over the place. It’s hard finding the people to send stuff directly to and then determining what might be too often or too little, especially when it’s an industry I know well and thus know that I could send something every single day to most hospitals & the person I’m reaching out to will never see it. I know my industry isn’t alone on this one, which is why the question becomes pertinent.

  6. Hey Mitch,

    Yeah, I’m everywhere now right! I’ve been doing this for what two years and about nine months of consistent work. Just being everywhere and helping promote others and it will eventually pay off.

    I’m still not as popular or successful as a lot of these other people and probably this guy Daym either but you have to be everywhere in order to just get noticed so I’ve found what works for me. Oh and I do enjoy blogging, some videos, but mostly blogging.

    Thanks for the kind mention Mitch. Hey, we all eventually find where we belong I believe.


    1. Adrienne, your blog is quite popular and so are you. Not everywhere; heck, who’s everywhere? For that matter we could all be more popular and successful. I’m not close to your level & I’ve been here almost 9 years! lol You figured it out better than most; be proud of that, and you’re a great example to share with others.

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