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It’s hard to believe it’s 2021! I’ve been blogging since 2005; blogging here since December 2007. I’m thinking that’s a pretty long time and that by now everyone in the world would know and understand what a blog is.

what is blogging

Turns out that’s not quite true. At least once a week someone’s asking “what’s a blog” and “why should I have a blog”? If this was someone asking about some of the new terminology as it applies to gender and such, I could understand that because many times I’m still confused, being an older guy. But blogs have been around longer than some other folks have been blogging; why is this still confusing people?

I started to wonder if, because some of us have been blogging for a long time, we’re not able to communicate what blogs really are, what they’re for, what they can do for you as a business or just someone with an opinion, and why you should own your own space.

I decided to share this video with you from back in 2008 because it’s not only still relevant but it was well done. It’s from a guy named Alvin Phang, who used to be a big time blogger (his site can’t be accessed so I’m not sure if he’s still blogging), as well as the author of a very successful book called Atomic Blogger from 2009.

Regardless of whether I can find his blog or not, I did find this short video that, hopefully, is simplistic enough for people who still don’t know what blogging is can understand:

As a sidebar, the guys who created this video are known as the Common Craft Team, and they have other videos on multiple subjects. They don’t release a lot of videos under their own name, but what they do put out is good stuff!

Let’s get back to talking about what a blog can do for you. I’ve written about social media and blogging over the last few weeks, touching upon a few different things. For instance, when I wrote this post about being social on social media I mentioned the importance of having your own space that only you control. In last week’s article I talked about branding and how I use my articles to help my personal brand when I share them on social media with my name on them. Having your message that you control is important, no matter the medium.

What if you want to educate people on a subject that’s close to your heart, in a way that maybe no one else has delivered? I did just that very thing when I wrote about better blogging for beginners, a 2-part series trying to make it easy to understand blogging in my own way.

In any case, for once I’ve put together a relatively short article; my friend Bev should be happy about that. lol I hope you enjoy the video and please don’t forget to check out the other things I’ve linked to.

5 thoughts on “Blogs In Plain English”

  1. Nice video. Concise and informative.

    Mitch, when you proposed that I start a blog I resisted. “What will I write about that’s already been written about?” is the question I contemplated.

    Then you went on to say something like I could present topics in my voice, my experiences, what I felt, etc.

    I enjoyed my blogging journey. About 300 posts in about as many weeks, give or take. I’ve taken a sabbatical from blogging but will write again when the moment feels right.

    Though I can say that there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of at least one subject to write about. It’s usually something I find of interest (article or book I’ve read, an experience I had in day to day life, etc.)

    As in coaching conversations when a client isn’t sure what to talk about? There’s always something to talk about. And there’s always something to write about.

    In fact there’s several topics I picked up from Super Bowl LV that I’m thinking of weaving together into a blog post. We’ll see.

    1. I’m glad I helped you start blogging all those years ago Steve; you did a very good job of it. I fully understand waiting to write something when you’re ready. Although I try to keep on some kind of regular schedule, these days if I’m not in the mood I don’t worry about it, as I’ve got tons of content to share.

    1. That’s confusing me; is it supposed to do something? lol It’s amazing how few people still don’t really know what a blog is. The video can’t make it any easier to learn than anything I’ve written over 13 years or so.

      1. Universal Paperclips is actually a game that you play in your browser. It made no sense to me for about twenty minutes.

        I’ll make a video and show you, because I know you won’t mess with it!



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