4 thoughts on “Windows 10 Issues And Administrator Accounts”

  1. Wow Mitch, I would have been over at Best Buy with the Geek Squads for this one! Or contacted Mayura. I don’t know how you had the patience to work on this and with everything else you DO. You must be a saint!
    Thanks for sharing about it and I’ll have to see where mine is. Windows was fine til #10 came along it seems.
    The more we know the more we need to learn in the area of technology, it really can be mind-boggling.
    Kudos to you for sticking with it Mitch!

    1. You’ve made me curious Lisa; who’s Mayura? Truthfully, at this juncture I should just buy a new computer and move on with life. Yet… for some stupid reason I can’t bring myself to do it just yet… but it could happen within months if I keep having issues with it.

      Sometimes you do bad things because you know too much or you think you do. I think that’s been a problem, but you can bet I’ll be finding some backup software so I hopefully won’t have this kind of issue again.

  2. In general you can open any program as Administrator on W10 by right clicking on the shortcut or .exe file and either More>Run as administrator or just Run as administrator. I’ve done this to install older versions of Quickbooks for friend…

    If you have W10 Pro you can get into Group Policy, gpedit.msc and delay updates. I do. 30 days for Quality Updates 365 days for Feature Updates.
    Many Windows 10 updates are of poor quality and the last Feature Update to 1809 was withdrawn as many lost data after doing it. You can also use the Settings app.

    Once you are on W10, you don’t need any installation media other than provide by MS.

    1. Of course the problem Dave is that most people don’t have W10Pro; I never thought about buying it because I thought the only benefit I’d get from it would be being able to shut those stupid things off. I’ve had many issues with Win 10 updates over the years, which is why I’m back in Win 7 for now. I’d forgotten how easy most things used to be and I knew Win 7 very well before deciding to update.

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