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Keys To Leadership Seminar Series

For someone who’s supposed to be self employed, and also someone who’s created some products, I don’t talk about them all that often. I rarely do it on my business blog, which is geared towards those particular products, and I rarely do it here, even though this is my more popular blog. Time to change that up a bit; please stick with me.

Keys To Leadership

Even though I don’t market my items all that often, I’m often referencing my first book on leadership titled Embrace The Lead and my second book on leadership titled Leadership Is/Isn’t Easy. These are the first two products I have over there to the left, and I’m proud of them; everyone should be proud of something they create. đŸ™‚
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Social Media, SEO And Your Business in 90 Minutes

I close this week of advertising my products with the one that probably ends up having the stupidest name of all, yet was probably the most fun.

The title of this one, Social Media, SEO And Your Business in 90 Minutes, was also the title of the webinar I did in June 2009 along with RenĂ©e Scherer of Presentations Plus! In case you’re wondering about the exclamation point, that’s part of her business name so it has to go there. She’s also going to hate that I used this picture of her. lol

It’s strange how I met RenĂ©e. I met her at a sales presentation that this other guy was giving, where I was actually asked to do a 15 minute presentation on leadership. In retrospect it was kind of goofy because it had nothing to do with anything that the guy giving his presentation was talking about, but I got free food and a chance to talk in front of people so I have nothing to complain about. A couple of months later RenĂ©e actually called me out of the blue, and for the life of me I can’t remember what we talked about at that time, but we decided to meet. During our conversation she happened to mention that she had paid for a program that allowed her to do webinars, but that she had yet to do one and want to know if I wanted to do one together.

I decided that talking about social media, which is a new direction I wanted to go in, would be somewhat interesting to do. In the course of my putting the outline together, something told me that I needed to talk about the SEO prospects of doing social media, and thus it became a big part of the presentation. If we had ended there, the title might have been kind of cool. But for some reason we added the “90 minutes” part to it, and in my mind that makes it sort of goofy. But the presentation went 84 minutes, including a few questions, and overall it was fun to do. We actually had people who signed up and showed up and participated, and as part of my 2011 goals I’m going to be planning more webinars because they are really neat to do.

At the end of the presentation, RenĂ©e indicated that she was going to have her friend put it together as a file so we could look at it to see what we thought. Once we had a chance to review it, after he cleaned it up, I thought it would be a great product for us to sell, and as you can see it’s up there in the second spot at the top left. We actually just made our first sale of that product at the end of October, and it’s pretty neat. We put a great price on that because if you ask me it’s worth a lot more.

Why would I say that? I actually showed a lot of things in that webinar, and I gave real information. The people who participated in the webinar said that they got a lot out of it, and that’s always important for me. I’ve written on this blog before about spending my time listening to things that never told me anything and basically started trying to pitch another product before it ended. Of course those things are always free, and you tend to get what you pay for.

This is it for all the products I have at the present time. Every single one of them has been created as a digital file, so if they’re purchased people just have to download them when they get sent to the URL attached to each product. My book is the only product that you have an option of getting a physical copy of at this point, and one of these years I’m either going to sit down and recorded myself so it can be an audio book or I’m going to pay someone to do it.

I thank all of you for indulging me this past week in promoting my products with a second daily post. These probably won’t get a lot of response, and I may not make any sales out of them, but at least no one can say I didn’t try and that they didn’t know I had products.

Mitchell Manager Training Program

When I first went into business for myself, I only had plans on working in leadership and management consulting and training. I figured that I needed products, and you’ve seen some of the early products I created. I started thinking that I needed a product that could be seen as a legitimate training program.

The Mitchell Manager Training Program (you notice that everything has been named “Mitchell” in it; I’m terrible at titles) came from a mixture of some seminars I’d done on leadership as well as taking parts of my book in integrating it into a full training program. The idea was to give tips to folks who were going to be new managers or leaders of some type, but to make it simple so that they could actually learn some of the tips and apply them to the job they had to do later on.

One of the problems I’ve seen with some training manuals is that those things are really difficult to understand without someone helping them learn all the concepts. This training program, which comes in around 130 pages, has five different sections with a mini test at the end of each one. The fourth section of the training program is actually more on stress and budget management than it is actual managing, something I’ve never seen in any other training manual for managers.

With this particular product, there really wasn’t much of a story behind it except I knew it was something I had to create. Of course, one of the problems I had with it is that I couldn’t really find anyone to test it on. So what I did was have a few people read it and give it a shot and asked them their opinion of it. It got a pretty good rating from people, but it wasn’t the type of thing that I felt really could lend itself all that well to testimonials, so I let it go. I think I sold only two of these over the course of all the years I’ve been marketing it, but that’s okay.

And thus I’ve introduced the Mitchell Manager Training Program to you, and it being Thanksgiving day, it’s also the shortest of my little advertisements. Hope y’all have enjoyed your turkey for the day, at least those of you in the United States who had turkey today. đŸ™‚

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Beyond Blogging; The Video And Affiliate Program

Yup, time for the next stage in promoting the Beyond Blogging book, for which you can read my review of here. You can also lay your hands on a special report talking about the book by clicking on The Truth About Blogging In The Next Decade.

The next step in the promotion of the book is the Beyond Blogging Video, which is pretty neat and gives you a little bit more information about the book. I’m telling you, I really believe you’re going to like this book, and the video just might be what puts you over the edge in saying “I gotta have that.”

Now here’s the next thing. Initially all the affiliates were invited to join in, which of course I did. Now they’re opening it up where we can invite other people to sign in as 2nd Tier Affiliates. This means you not only get to make sales, but if you do I earn 10%. And, if you get anyone to sign up under you and they make a sale, you get 10% of their sales. I don’t think I get anything extra out of that deal; that would seem to be a bit much, and there’s nothing that says that would happen. So, if you’re looking to join the group marketing this program, sign up now.

Now y’all get to check out the video, sign up as an affiliate, get the free report, and then relax and enjoy Christmas and know that you now have a few free days where you won’t hear me talk about this again until Sunday, the day before the book finally goes on sale. This product launch thing is kind of interesting, and it’s being run way better than when I tried the same thing back in April 2008 with my book. I’m learning a lot.

I hope you check these things out; if you read my review, you already know how I feel about it. Thanks!