46 Ways To Reach Your Own Super Bowl

Can there be anyone on the planet that doesn’t know what the Super Bowl is? Whether you watch it or not, more than a billion people will be watching this bad boy today in at least 65 countries around the world. It’s a monster whether you have a favored horse in the race or not.

This year pits two teams together that got to this game in different ways. One team, the New England Patriots, were expected to be here. They’ve shown a consistent pattern of success over the years by following the same formula, even when they change players. The other team, the New York Giants, got here through sheer determination, as they were literally at the point where if they lost one more game their season was done, and they’ve run off an impressive string of unexpected wins.

What this proves is that there’s no one way to attain success, yet there are things that everyone should think about in some fashion so that they can achieve success in their lives. Yes, this is one of those motivational posts of mine and to coincide with Super Bowl XLVI, or 46, I’ve come up with 46 ways that we all can reach our own pinnacle of success, our own Super Bowl. And think of it this way; whether you win it or not, do you think that if you finished close to your ultimate dreams that you won’t have succeeded in life? As a friend of mine once pointed out, success sometimes happens by only a nose; second place pays very well.

These are in no particular order except the first and last one; enjoy the day!

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Believe in a purpose
  3. Have a dream to pursue
  4. Dream big
  5. Share your dream with your best friends
  6. If they don’t like your dream, find new friends that will
  7. Learn everything you can about your dream
  8. Never be afraid to take chances on things you want
  9. Research to make more informed decisions
  10. Think positively about things you want to do
  11. Don’t be reckless but don’t fear change
  12. Find mentors you can follow, whether they know it or not
  13. Find like minded people who also have a vision, whether it’s the same as yours or not
  14. Motivation is always a good thing to have
  15. It’s never a bad thing to have to get motivated again; we have to eat and bathe often as well
  16. There will be setbacks; realize it, and let them roll off your back
  17. Nobody is perfect; learn from your mistakes
  18. If you follow what someone else did word for word it might not always work for you, so only use it as a guide
  19. Make plans to attain your ultimate dreams
  20. Set goals both reachable and unattainable so you can show successes while always striving for more
  21. Don’t do things you know aren’t right for you even if everyone else is doing it
  22. If you need help, ask for it
  23. Don’t lie to yourself; you won’t respect yourself for it in the morning
  24. If you need time to reflect on things, take it; just don’t go away too long
  25. Don’t do things because they’re popular; do them because they’re fun
  26. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re reaching for the stars
  27. Work on reaching your goals and you’ll find that your success will attract others
  28. Don’t always look for the next big thing; it will distract you and could harm you
  29. Don’t trust or distrust others without reason; no one gets successful on their own
  30. Just because you have plans and goals doesn’t mean you can’t alter them on the fly
  31. Always take time to help someone along the way if they ask for it; you won’t believe the dividends it will pay later
  32. Hold yourself accountable for working towards your dreams
  33. If you need one, a vision board of things you want when you become successful might help
  34. Always have a priority list of what’s most important in your life
  35. Don’t limit what you want in life; doing that limits how hard you’ll work for it
  36. The biggest, strongest, smartest, richest or bravest aren’t always the ones who’ll succeed before you
  37. Loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness will bring you more joy and success than you can imagine
  38. Imagination is your friend; no one ever created something special without it
  39. Always think of the greater good while you’re reaching for your dreams
  40. Wealth is always attainable; make sure you have your internal infrastructure ready to handle it
  41. Take in the beauty around you; if you don’t think you have any, then go find some
  42. Love your family; success means nothing without someone to share it with
  43. Finish things; many people have great ideas that they never complete
  44. Open up to others but don’t ever tell them things they might use against you later on
  45. Support the dreams of others; give advice when you can if they’ll accept it
  46. Nobody is better than you; are you feeling that now?


21 thoughts on “46 Ways To Reach Your Own Super Bowl”

  1. The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website.

  2. Probably because of the time difference, I am missing almost all big sport events recently. Honestly in Europe or in Asia it isn’t that popular and certainly I think that 80% of the people in those countries have never heard about it, but the principle of success is the same in anything, no matter personal life, business or sport. Belief, balance, faith, luck, self confidence, etc.

      1. I think it is quite the opposite, Mitch. In Europe the sport that rule is football, you call it soccer, but in Asia – especially Japan and China it is getting more and more popular, I think in very near future in India too. I personally like every sport and the challenge, I like watching and playing, prefer to play, but even I feel the there is slight shift with me regarding sports, right now I start prefer not so much action, but more passive sports like golf and car racing, haha.

      2. No Carl, I’m right on this one because I did the research on it before I wrote you back. lol It might seem that way but Europe has taken to American football, to the extent that there are even football leagues being set up, which has to be really strange.

        Passive sports? Very rarely for me, though I’ve become the type of sports fan where I watch when my teams or favorite players are in the game, otherwise I could care less.

  3. The only super bowl that I will ever reach is the huge bowl of soup that our neighbourhood Chinese restaurant serves. It normally is enough for three diners!

    The list however is impressive and well worth preserving.


  4. A great list of nice advices, thanks for sharing them! At the beginning of the reading your article I was a little bit afraid that it was about football. I just get sick of the super bowl, I’m not a football freak and nowadays it is everywhere in the television and on the net. But fortunately, you did a great job (as always). I really like your point on the super bowl, we all have to reach our own super bowls. In this aspect, I’m a super bowl-fan, too:)

    1. Glad to convert you Catwoman. lol I am a Super Bowl fan, even if my team isn’t playing (which it wasn’t) because my friend & I always have a pizza bet, and I won this year!

  5. I have one word for the post: Beautiful.

    You know, we’ve usually read or thought of such things at one time or another before but we (or me, at least) generally tend to forget this stuff. And we sure do need reminders.

    So, big thanks for the extremely crucial reminders, Mitch. I’m bookmarking it ’cause I know I’m gonna need the reminders again in future!

    1. Glad to be of assistance Jack. I created the list as much for myself as for everyone else. I’m pretty good at most of these most of the time, especially the first and last one, but some of those in the middle are easy to overlook here and there.

  6. All these points sound quite encouraging! But of course, the most important one is the first step – to believe in yourself and your opportunities!

  7. Yeah sometimes it’s tough to keep these in mind.

    It’s easy for me to get caught up in negativity, but if I can catch myself quick enough then I usually pull out of it and press on.

    My dad used to say “if you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to?”

    I’m not much for football or any other sport for that matter, so I’m glad the post only started out with all that 🙂

    Time to keep on motivatin’…

  8. Great quotes Mitch, I love reading quotes when I get down to cheer me up. They really do help me. I have started a little blotspot just for me to look back on quotes. This post is great, thanks!

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