10 More Business Social Media Tips In 2 Minutes

Back in October I wrote what turned out to be a popular post, if you believe Analytics, 10 Business Social Media Tips. I knew it would be popular because people love list posts. It was also relatively short; sometimes that works well.


About 5 minutes ago I wrote the follow up post to that one; then it totally disappeared, and I actually know the reason why and I’m not going to get into it right now, though I suspect alligators. lol However, it wasn’t bad, and I sat here thinking for a couple of minutes wondering if I wanted to try to recreate it or just let it go and move onto something else.

This is we’re talking about, so I’m going to go ahead and write it anyway. Course, with this preamble it now might take 3 minutes for you to read it, but them’s the breaks.

1. Don’t sign up for all social media accounts and services if you’re not going to use them.

2. You don’t have to be a great writer or speller. Be a good writer and use spell check.

3. Blog commenting is the best way to drive traffic to your website or blog; trust me on this one.

4. Make sure you share the links to your websites and blogs as often as possible, wherever you have the opportunity to share them.

5. Don’t always agree with people just to be polite. If you disagree with something say it; just don’t be too aggressive if you can help it.

6. Give people a chance to share your content. Notice that with this blog you can share it on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

7. Whether it’s your opinion or not, make sure you know your facts first. You can bet someone will know the facts and won’t hesitate to tell you.

8. Never forget to share other people and their links with your readers if they’re the inspiration for what you’re writing.

9. Don’t be afraid to make videos. Remember, what you see in a video is how people see you in real life.

10. It’s okay to ask people to follow or connect with you sometimes, just don’t overdo it. Every once in awhile people need a bit of encouragement to participate.

Whew; I had problems remembering two of the things I originally said but came up with 2 more instead. Now go enjoy your weekend, and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up.

25 thoughts on “10 More Business Social Media Tips In 2 Minutes”

  1. Mitch, I so agree with being in too many social networks. I’ve cut back this year and am trying to comment more as well on different blogs.
    I’m still afraid of making videos, that the quality is not up to par yet. I haven’t tried with an updates Droid and tablet yet. Something to add to my list.
    Great suggestions Mitch, have a great 2015….

    1. Lisa, I heard you on one video & I need more of that New England accent in my life. lol Yeah, way too many social networks, and now too many people pushing another one my way, saying people can make a lot of money being on it. Bah; they just need to leave me alone. 🙂

  2. I don’t like social media at the best of time so I don’t join them unless I’m about to use them. I hardly use FaceBook anymore, you know why too, but I like to go on every now and again to see if anything useful has popped up.

    1. I do indeed Pete. lol Back in the day I used to sign up for lots of things but there wasn’t anyone advocating not to do it then. We’ve both learned a lot since then.

  3. Nice post really helpful!
    I am Using 20 popular social media sites to promote my website but i have no get any result to this sites.

  4. #1 – Consider signing up for the major ones, whether you use them or not, in order to prevent imposters from grabbing your name/business name. Just don’t go all gung-ho and then abandon people as they start to follow you.

    #9 – So I look like a boring dork? Oh, God… (Just kidding, but this point you make cuts both ways. I’d add, “Get over it. Apparently, they like you just fine, so be yourself – whatever YOU think of your video when you’re done.” And I do like the one we did.)

    #10 – A pet peeve of mine, lately, is the phrase (often used in a pushy way by people who don’t know me – like in a Twitter DM) “Feel free to follow me.” Or something like that. I’ll feel free NOT to, thank you very much. It sounds so blase, so lackadaisical. If you don’t care, I don’t care. What happened to the words, “Please…” Or, “I would really appreciate it if you’d…” I don’t like being ordered around, but I’m not sure this “just tossing it out there, do whatever” approach is any better!

    On that note (and I know you did already, so this is for everyone else) – PLEASE read the linked post, below, and consider voting for my children’s picture book. Not just for me, but in recognition of the splendid illustrations done by Carrie Salazar. THANK YOU!

    1. Yes I did already do it; course reading the name on one of those book images was a little hard. For #10, I keep forgetting to say it on the videos; gotta get used to it there. And for #1, if you have a popular name I’d agree, but let’s face it how many Holly Jahangiri’s are there out in the world? If anyone’s paying you that kind of attention you’d have to ask yourself how to layeth the smackdown on them. But Mitch Mitchell’s… everyone’s trying to get in on that one!

  5. Yes, but did you see my comment? And I only rope people in so they’re not standing there two years later, going, “Why didn’t I know about this hot new thingamabob?” Don’t blame me… 😉

    (There are a few potentially hot new things, like ello, that I haven’t really found the “hook” for, yet. I have to see the real potential before I get out the rope.)

    1. Uff CAWSE I saw your comment, dollink! Yes, I finally got the message that you told me about hot new stuff so I would KNOW about hot new stuff, and that I wasn’t obliged to join them. I joined MANY, but only keep up with a few, however useful the connections in the others would probably be. So little time, so much lazy.

  6. Glad you caught on to that! Hahahah… I like to keep life simple, myself. I’m like an Internet magpie – “Oooh, shiny new thing!” – but for most of those, the novelty does quickly wear off. If it doesn’t, then either I’m just having FUN, or the thing’s really got sticking power.

  7. Not even my point, but a good one. You don’t want someone impersonating YOU, regardless of how unique your name is. It may actually be worse when it’s unique – it’s hard for one “John Smith” to impersonate another and get any traction. In my case, I’m going to assume most people could recognize my writing compared to a bot or a Ukrainian splogger, but you never know.

  8. I’m surprised to see people who purport to tell others how to increase their website traffic admitting they get no results. I think you should’ve let the links through, Mitch. That would’ve been entertaining.

  9. These are good points. No doubt that signing up for all social media websites doesn’t lead to any good. For instance, I see many Twitter profiles with few thousand followers, being realistic, it is impossible to keep in that with that many contacts. It is better to concentrate on 2-3 social networks, analyze the results and concentrate on those that produce good results.

    1. Actually James, that’s not necessarily true. One could keep up with a few thousand if they’re categorized properly on Twitter. I have just under 1,000 and folks have their categories so I can eventually see them all if I’m predisposed to do so. Having 10,000 or so… well, I think that would be problematic lol But having 10,000 on every social media platform… when would anyone have time to interact with that many people? Thus, here comes automation, out goes engagement. At least that’s how I see things.

  10. Sound advice. I would add that, for me, it is a lot of trial and error, really. For instance, I have joined lots of networks, but most of my traffic comes from Twitter. At some point, we need to be selective…

    1. Exactly Muriel. No one person has enough time to get to them all so it’s smarter to maximize your time doing what works. Thanks for stopping by; I think this is your first visit here! 🙂

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