A couple of weeks ago I thought about trying to write for one of those sites that accumulates posts on a lot of different topics; nope, I’m not even going to tell you the name of the site because I don’t want to even give them the hint of new writers they can take advantage […]

Three weeks ago I wrote a quick post here giving

I have to own up to something. There are times when I’m one of the biggest prima donna’s in the world. I don’t mean Italian opera singer (or necessarily any Italian or singer for that manner, but it was the first definition in the dictionary) that has to be the center of it all. I […]

Back in August, I wrote about trying to join, then finally being accepted to, Demand Studios as a writer. I thought I’d post a follow up to let you know how things are going. Let’s start with this; I’ve made money. That’s a big deal, I must say. I’ve made $15 for every article I’ve […]

As most of you know, I’ve been talking more lately about writing for others. Indeed, I have been making money writing articles, and I have some blogging clients also. The thing is, there are two problems with my model. One, I’m not generating the kind of money I thought I’d be generating; two, some of […]

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