One Month Update On The Dream/Goal

Many of you know that on September 1st I mentioned that I had come up with my dream goal for the year, something I want to reach and will strive to reach by September 1st, 2013. If you don’t, check out my dream post to catch up. I wanted to give a quick update after the first month but I’m not going to make this a regular thing so don’t look for it in November or any other months, though I might mention it again around six months or so; we’ll see.

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Why am I doing this? First, I think I’ve proven that I’m somewhat transparent in what I’ll share, though you certainly will never know it all. lol Second, I think it’s important to show you the types of things that occur, even with the best made plans, and how one has to be prepared for altering things or accepting certain things about themselves. Change is never easy, but some changes are easier than others.

One last thing. I won’t be posting updates here, but I have been doing a weekly synopsis of how things are going on my YouTube channel, which I haven’t advertised anywhere so this is the first mention of it. Truthfully, the videos are so I can look back on things to see if and how I progressed, but they’re also there if anyone else wants to see what’s going on. So far they’ve not been seen by many people but that’s okay. 🙂

Let’s begin. I’m going to start with the health thing. I said that I needed to make sure I took care of my body more often. Out of the first 30 days I exercised 21 days, a couple of times twice a day. I found that when I scheduled the time in for my back exercises I did them almost all the time; there were 2 days I didn’t do them because I wasn’t in the mood, but on one of those days I went to the lake for a long walk later in the day. That comes out to 70%, and I have to say I’m proud of that.

I’ve also monitored my eating most of the time but I went off base a few times and that affected me in a couple of different ways. A couple of times I had to sleep beyond scheduled time; that’s never good. One day I didn’t eat properly early on and it affected me later in the evening when I met a friend for dinner, had dessert, and went into overload mode; that’s not pretty and I don’t want to describe it too much because, well, it’s not pretty, and it ended up shutting me down the next day; ugh. Otherwise I was pretty good and even lost a pound during the month.

My mental state was pretty high for most of the month but I went into a 3-day funk, followed by the above scenario a week later, and truthfully that’s a pretty good month for me so I’ll accept that. Positivity does have its place.

Leaving health, let’s talk accomplishments. I ended up having 5 major projects in the month and I accomplished 4 of them. Those are helping me with some of my marketing efforts because one of them is based on my own unique selling proposition (USP) in one of my fields of expertise. I have started putting that out there and early in it’s getting limited hits and activity but any activity is pretty good. In this particular area I don’t need lots of clients; 6 clients for that one particular thing gives me the money for the year that I need to achieve my goal, which is why that was so important.

The one thing I never thought about until near the end of the month was that I didn’t have a real plan for generating any new revenue in the month; oops. Actually, now that I’ve completed the other things that brings me back into revenue generation for this month, even though I’ll be losing a week with a trip to Florida for a conference. But now I can push forward in marketing and hopefully sales.

What else didn’t happen? I didn’t get any accountability partners. I couldn’t convince anyone else to take the challenge with me so it’s me alone; sniff!

I only did defined people in one industry to contact but that’s my most profitable industry so I’ll take that for now.

I almost had a speaking engagement in NYC but it was going to be tight since I’d have had to drive down there the day after I came back from Florida; that would have been rough.

That’s pretty much it, unless you can think of something I’m missing or something else you’d like to know about what’s going on. Yeah, this is a “me” post, but it’s always my hope that in revealing how hard the process is that if you decide to try something like it in the future you won’t beat yourself up when pitfalls come, and that you won’t give up.

However, if you did set a goal but didn’t want to say what it was how are you doing?

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  1. Mitch,
    When we get our health together everything falls into place because we feel better about life in general.

    As far as your professional life it will take a little more time than your health, but you need the energy to push forward so that is why getting into shape is so important.

    It is good to hear about someone else’s goals because I have set some for my life as well.

    I have been blogging at this blog 9 months and I gave myself 1 year to reach my goals with blog.

    I made some changes to help me like domain change, new design, etc.

    Thanks and Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael. Yeah, where I am now if my health isn’t up to snuff then I’m just going to mail it in or not do anything at all. That’s obviously not good. But I’m proud of what I did accomplish in the first month; now the push this month.

  2. By now you should know that I don’t plan anything major in my life. You may in fact find my latest post interesting. I simply drift like an alley cat taking my pleasure as and when I get it.

  3. Yeah, man, those instagram breakfasts look good but… LOL
    (I know the grits aren’t the culprit, though, just having fun with you.)

    Keep working on the health. Nothing else matters.



  4. Hi Mitch!

    I think it’s fabulous that you’re taking control and trying to get healthy. I know it’s tough to do but know you CAN do it, and you WILL. It took me several attempts to finally quit smoking. The only way I did, was by setting a goal. I told my hubs, “When you retire from the USAF, I will quit smoking.” Almost 8 years later and I’m still smoke free.

    Hang in there and good luck with your challenge! You CAN do it! 🙂

    1. Thanks Brenda. It seems these days the health pretty much runs everything else. Even 5 years ago my health had nothing to do with it but I think with the onset of having to use insulin and being just a bit more sedentary it’s starting to catch up with me and my mind. As long as I have a goal though I have something to spark me.

  5. I’ve watched few 2 of your videos, but I haven’t seen the last one yet. Well, I already told you, you will succeed, Mitch. Your strategy is brilliant and you are consistent. I also think that is was great idea to keep it in secret.

      1. I must admit that I was a bit unprepared for the comment, I’ve watched just few videos, today I completed the list and see your new look. Keep the motivation level high, but be careful with health and stress. I think we are doing things the same way and do everything beyond the limits. Yeah, you will definitely succeed!

      2. Thanks Carl. Don’t get too used to the new look; the beard always makes its appearance around this time of year but then it starts getting itchy and has to go. lol

  6. Hi Mitch!
    i am glad that you take care of your body and i am sure that you will make a good habit i know it take time but defnetly you will do this. you have a control power. i like it.

  7. It sounds as though you are doing pretty well really particularly with the exercises. I schedule two exercise periods a day and even plan and diary my diet a week in advance and as much as possible stick to it – yeah – with the odd slip! With the long hours we have to put in these days it is most important to look after the motor, and I find the diary works for me.
    Obviously you are accomplishing a great deal, look forward to hearing more.

    1. Ivan, I’m okay with the exercising, but I need to get better with some of the other stuff. Still, I’m working on things, and that’s the most important part, pushing forward.

  8. So great to hear about your experience!It is nice to hear that you are doing well with maintaining your exercises- good luck with the rest of it – keep going!

  9. Glad to see you taking care of your health Mitch.I had Lyme disease in the past and it put me “out of life for months” so you can’t accomplish anything with your health. I’ve got a few goals on my retail site and I may just start to write them down. That may help right? Thanks for mention on YouTube – I just subscribed so I can check them out. Best wishes on the upcoming month. Love hearing how the goals are going, it is inspiring.

    1. Thanks Lisa, and I hope this videos entertain you some. lol As to writing things down, it definitely helps to solidify things in your mind. And health… in the end, it’s always about trying to be healthier.

  10. It is wonderful to see how much strength and motivation you have. You will succeed with accomplishing your goals and get healthy! As you said in your video ‘never give up!’, and may all your good dreams come true!

  11. Mitch,
    I just watched your first video, I know you are targeting one specific audience but your advice pertains to a wider spectrum of people interested in getting better seo.
    I look forward to watching the rest of your videos and learning along the way.
    Following the link to your main website I never realized what an accomplished writer in the management industry you are!

    1. Thanks Gregory. Actually, part of the hope is that the videos, and pretty much everything I write, will cross into multiple audiences. However, I can’t put the same video on every site, so I target which site the videos will go on while leaving the channel open to all of them. It’s kind of my strategy; we’ll see how well it works long term.

  12. Hey Mitch I know how important it is to take care of ones health. I am suffering from gastric issues since the past couple of years and I know how bad it feels to be on the bed. The solution however is with me and I have already started working on it. I am happy that you have taken control of your health and I wish you luck for all your goals.

    1. Thanks Peter. At least I’m thinking more about it, and when I get things under control, I do feel much better. I think that’s probably true for everyone.

  13. Hey Mitch, good to know that you have started moving in the direction of achieving your goals. I too have recently taken charge about my health issues. They aren’t serious mind you, but I’d rather build up the stamina now than be sorry later. I also have put together a list of things that I want to achieve in the coming months. Slowly and steadily I move ahead and I hope that along with you I may also achieve what I have planned.

  14. Yeah Mitch we all face problems while achieving our goals, but the question again is whether you continue or give up. Its true that patience does give better results, but its not the case always, there are situations where giving up on your goals would be the best thing to do. All I would say is that we must know where we are heading and whether our goals are achievable or not, just planning doesn’t help at times, you have to be wise in your decisions.

    1. I need to slightly disagree with you here Terry. You only give up on your dreams if they were impossible to begin with. For instance, if you’re 50 years old and decide you want to be a concert pianist but you’ve never played piano, no matter how much you practice it’s just not going to happen; bad goal.

      However, if you decided that you wanted to be in that industry in other ways, that might be a goal you can plan and reach. At the same time, some dreams and goals are great, but the plans to get there aren’t right. In those cases you just modify the plan and continue pushing forward. You might have to start out part time instead of taking a leap of faith if you have family, but if people are already giving up on the dream before they start, they’ll never achieve it.

      So never give up on a reasonable dream; I’m not.

  15. Mitch,
    I’m glad to read you are seriously working on your health. That is the key to just about everything that goes on in our world—both personally and professionally.

    I’ve known since August that we would be losing our health insurance in October so I made a silent promise to become the poster child for cardiomyopathy (heart failure). I kicked up my exercise program so that I would not feel dependent on medication for the rest of my life—especially when the pills I take will cost $60 per month w/o coverage versus the $20 I pay now. I’ve watched a couple of your videos and have some thoughts.

    1. Cool Bev. I know something about insurance costs and have a feeling there’s about to be a change coming my way as well. So working on staying healthier by my own hand instead of with medication is the way to try to go. But those urges keep pulling at me. lol

  16. I too would prefer taking control of my health right when I face problems with it rather than suffering for a lifetime. I know how annoying it is to be on a medication routine and specially when you hate to have medicines. I feel from all possible aspects it is always better to take charge of things when there is time for it other than giving in to temptation and repenting in the end.

    1. Good deal Alex, and you’re totally right. I’ll admit that it’s not easy, and most of the time I don’t even want to try. But that’s when I get the grips on myself and work on getting it done.

  17. Hey Mitch, good to know that you are moving in the right direction and are a little more closer towards achieving your goals. It just motivates me too. I think I too need to get on working towards achieving that I’ve planned. I am in no rush. There is no time limit. But I figure if I start now, I will eventually get there. 🙂

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