Are You Trying To Make Money With Your Blog?

Are you trying to make money online? Are you trying to sell services or products? And are you trying to do any of this to your blog?

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I ask this question because there can be subtle differences between writing style based on what it is you’re actually trying to do.

For instance, writing about products that you’re trying to sell is a much different animal than trying to explain to people the types of services you provide.

When you’re writing about a product, you almost have to go step by step by first telling what the product is, how it works, why it’s so great and why someone might need to use it.

When writing about services, you’re not necessarily going to be as direct about them, at least most of the time, because that kind of hard sell for services usually falls on deaf ears. Instead, it usually involves a consistent set of scenarios that one puts up to show that they have expertise in that area so that people will get comfortable with the fact that they may know what they’re talking about.

One of the problems some people have when writing about products is that they forget to be conversational. Everybody loves stories, because stories are very conversational.

For instance, if you’re trying to sell a fishing rod, telling stories about being out on a boat in the middle of a bay while casting with your favorite fly and catching the trout you have always wanted to catch makes for a compelling story. A full description of the lure and the rod and the reel could make someone think that if they bought those things they might have the same kind of success or adventure. But most marketers don’t think that way, which is a shame.

As you’ve seen on this blog, I talk about a lot of different things trying to show my expertise, since I offer services. I do have a couple of products at the top of each of my sidebar, but those are only small pieces of my overall business.

Most of the time there’s a story tied in with the particular topic that I’m addressing on that day, and to be truthful I’m always hoping that one day one of those stories will pique the interest of somebody who’s looking for someone with my particular set of skills.

I hope for the same thing on my other business blog, while on my finance blog I keep trying to make it financially diverse hoping to attract advertisers. Of course that’s another way of making money, getting advertisers, but it can take a lot of hard work to have the right content to drive enough traffic to your blog to make it profitable for them.

As I always say, the point of every blog and every article is to either inform, educate, or entertain. If you decide that you’re looking to use it to make money or to promote yourself, then you have to be flexible enough to alter your text to try to accomplish your goals. When all is said and done that’s what marketing is all about.

13 thoughts on “Are You Trying To Make Money With Your Blog?”

    1. I wish you luck with it Thyrone, but realize that some of the things you write about might have a short life span, in which case you’d have to go back later to either remove or update.

  1. Hey Mitch, I loved this post. Sell your products as part of a story. That makes a lot of sense. If you do it properly it won’t sound like a sales pitch at all. That and the fact they’re more likely to buy something from you if they get the feeling that you really like what your writing about.

  2. “…they forget to be conversational. Everybody loves stories, because stories are very conversational.”
    Maybe it is the lack of sleep or an old eyeglass prescription but I first read this as ‘controvertial.
    Either way works I guess.

  3. Mitch, this guy is a spammer. He always copies part of a previous comment. This time it was mine. Just thought you would like to know.

    1. Ugh! I missed that but he’s gone now. Good catch; then again, since he quoted you I’m sure you recognized your words. It seemed familiar but I wasn’t sure why; oy! lol

  4. No sweat my man, that’s what we do, watch each others back right? I’s commented on several of my blogs and always with the same MO.

  5. I do. In fact just yesterday I tweeted along the lines that the best thing about Easter and Christmas is I can easily find out who I need to ‘unfollow’.
    Also at one of my most popular articles has been “The negative ion power balance bracelet is a scam”
    (PS- sorry about my spelling.)

  6. Thank you Mitch. I do try. LOL! I am working on a book, a sort of memoirs if you will so hopefully you will like those stories too.

  7. Hello Mitch,

    Yes, i want to make money from blog. I am young, If i get a decent amount from my blog at this age makes me more financially stable. So i can create my own world. Its a great idea to write a story about the product you sell. I use the strategy “How to” tutorials to sell my products.

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