5 Reasons Blogging Helps Your Website’s SEO

One of the biggest recommendations many SEO specialists offer to their clients is to add a blog to their website. That’s because it offers great SEO benefits if done right, as well as helps your potential customers see you as an expert in your field. You might not always have someone tell you the reasons why it works, so here are 5 reasons that blogging helps your website’s SEO.

1. Search engines like new content.

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Search engines send bots out through the internet looking to see if your website has made any changes in awhile. If there’s none for a long time, they stop sending the bots and your web presence declines. With some kind of consistent content, even if you only write once or twice a month, your website keeps some kind of relevance.

2. You get to reinforce your expertise in what you do.

No matter what your industry is or if you sell products, being able to write about either on a consistent basis helps the search engines definitely show everyone what you’re about. Sometimes all it takes is having more niched content than the next person to help you stand above the crowd.

3. You have multiple opportunities for internal linking.

Something you don’t hear a lot of SEO specialists talking about is linking to your own content, whether it’s other blog posts or pages on your website. One of the best optimized sites on the internet is the W3C Organization, which has almost no external links but internal links like you wouldn’t believe. Not only does it help your SEO but it encourages your visitors to check out other pages of your website.

4. It’s easier to gear your content towards multiple keyword phrases.

With just a website you can only cover so many keywords and keyword phrases unless you have hundreds of pages. By adding a blog you can write multiple posts with multiple keywords and phrases that helps you compete with all of your competitors.

5. If others like your content, they’ll share it.

They could share it on their own blogs or through social media, which not only drives more visitors to your site but ends up creating backlinks to your site without your having to do anything except have exceptional content on your blog. It’s always great with others promote you because they think you’re content is awesome.

16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Blogging Helps Your Website’s SEO”

  1. Hey Mitch,

    Improving the SEO of my first ever website was the reason why I started blogging in the first place.

    You are so right! Google loves new content and it’s so much easier to do it with a blog than with a static website. Also with a static website you can only use a keyword so much without overdoing it. Its a lot easier to incorporate not only your keyword but variations of it within your posts and it can be done without saturating a post.

    I’ve done it with my latest ‘niche’ blog and it’s working fine.

    1. Good deal Peter, and I think blogs have always been helpful. Like you, I’ve advocated it for businesses for years. It’s certainly worked for me and clients in my life.

  2. Right. Sharing is a big thing isn’t it. In fact, you can share your own blog posts via Twitter or whatnot which can get more people to your site more often, many of whom may not have visited at all. Thanks for sharing Mitch. As always, good stuff.

    1. Thanks Troy. It never hurts having multiple ways of driving people to your website, and blogs are just such a natural way of getting it done. I love when new people show up; of course, I love returning visitors more. 😉

  3. Nice and very informative post

    Adding blog to the website surely helps us in bringing more traffic to our web site. In the web at present we lack off good content. Many people post different type of content on the web but people only look for unique and informative posts.

    Thank you for sharing.

    With the help of new blog posts you can share it in social media networks and other websites , and if people like your posts they will surely follow you and also chances are there as they might even share it. The above posts explains few tips which helps you understand how blogging helps your website SEO.

    1. Sagar, I want to modify slightly what you said. Blogs won’t necessarily bring traffic; one still needs an audience. What they will do is make search engines happy, and if your content is relative to what someone might be searching for then indeed traffic will come.

  4. Of course, blogging helps the SEO of a website. Doing blogging the right way readily increases the exposures of a website.

    The 5 reasons shared in this post are in order. The most interesting thought every blogger should consider is that blogging helps to reinforce expertise on what you do!

    Blogging is important and the best blogs/websites utilize this process for effective promotion!

  5. Nice points Mitch,

    Though I like to add one more point here, If you’re able to get guest post from any influence in your niche then that post has good potential to become viral and increase your exposure as well.

    1. Well Pankaj… it’s possible but very doubtful. I’ve done a few studies, the results of which I’ve posted on this blog, showing that you’re probably not going to get the bounce you might be expecting from guest posting. The last guest post I wrote got over 150 comments, yet it only brought 2 visitors from that blog. That’s why when I write a guest post it’s at the request of my friends and not because I’m hoping to get anything out of it.

      1. Hi Mitch,

        By exposure I didn’t mean only traffic, I mean lots of reader come to know about you and your expertise. And only 1 guest post might not give you expected result, you should do it continuously for better result.

        For example – Sometimes when you hear a song you might not like it but if you’re hearing it everywhere then you suddenly start singing it, though it wasn’t intentional but you do. That’s what continuously online exposure is suppose to do.

      2. Pankaj, I’ve probably written 30 to 40 guest posts over the years, not just one or two. None of them have done anything for me, but that’s not why I write in other spaces. I’m sure that maybe someone remembers my name here and there if they see me in more than one place but truth be told, most people are more interested in getting closer to the writer of a blog than their guests. That’s why blogging is king and always will be, IMHO of course.

  6. Great article Mitch. I am checking all your posts one by one and they are amazing. SEO helps us in getting free high quality traffic which results in more revenue. I once got 10000 visits from google in a sngle day and I made $100 with that traffic. I usually work on micro-niche sites

    1. Fer, I actually had one article that was bringing in that kind of traffic, but Google decided it didn’t like it & disallowed this blog to have Adsense on it anymore, which really didn’t bother me because it was earning less than a dollar a year. lol Often it’s hitting the right topic that gets people juiced in some fashion, and SEO can definitely help with that.

      1. Yes I agree..Google will not allow us to grow if we dont play by its rules. SEO can give us the opportunity to be on top or atleast on first page which can bring in a lot of traffic and revenue but SMO is another thing which can do wonders

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