What Will You Go Out Of Your Way To Do For Your Blog?

First, I’d like to mention that I had my final guest posting article on DeAnna Troupe’s blog post last week, titled You Can’t do It All When You Work For Yourself, a small business topic many folks need to learn as soon as they can. I hope you check it out, and I thank DeAnna for asking me to write it for her.

by Randy Aquilizan

You know, ever since I wrote my post on guest posting, it seems I’ve been coming across many other posts about the subject as well. One of those posts I commented on, and it’s created an interesting exchange that has prompted me to write this post. It’s from a blog called We Build Your Blog, and the post was titled Guest Blogging – Why don’t you do it?. Andrew is the guy who writes it, and he had recently commented on my post above, which is what prompted my return visit. By the way, that’s the great thing about CommentLuv; thought I’d plug that while I was at it.

Anyway, his response here left me wondering what he might be getting at, because, well, truthfully, my mindset wasn’t geared towards how he responded. When I went to read what he had to say, my mind cleared up and I knew where he was coming from. And it’s something that, personally, I won’t do and never have done, and never even thought about doing, yet something he recommends. First, I hope you go read his post and comment; it was nicely written.

It’s this concept of actively seeking out blogs to write guest posts for to help spread the word, get backlinks, and help PR, which in this case, I assume, is page rank, though I could be wrong on that. He talks about asking some of the big boys if they would accept guest posts, and how sometimes they accept it and other times they turn it down for whatever reasons they have.

As I said, the concept of asking someone else if they’d accept a guest post of mine has never flickered in my mind, but while reading his post, it reminded me of an old post that Dennis wrote when he alluded to the thing about if I wanted to write a gust post for his blog to just ask him, and in my mind “why would I ask someone if I could write for them, for free, instead of just putting it on my own blog and moving on with life?” Not sure if you remember that exchange, Dennis, but it remains clear in my mind.

Once again, I’m left wondering whether this is a generational thing or a cultural thing in why, to me, such a thing as asking someone else to accept a guest post of mine is anathema to my way of thinking. Maybe it’s couched in some way in some of my history of others claiming my work as their own and not getting credit for it. Maybe it’s tied in with the fact that I never asked out first any of the women I ended up having any sort of relationship with. Or maybe my mind sees it as a favor to me to ask people here and there to guest post here. I do see it as a compliment, I must admit, whenever someone asks if they can guest post here, but I know that not everyone sees things that way.

It’s probably the same reason I think the way I do about posting to article directories. I see that as someone else getting the benefit out of what I write rather than my getting much benefit out of it. That point can easily be argued both ways, but the way I see it, when I get those monthly stats showing me how many people looked at an article I’ve written, it’s not much higher than when I post articles to my own sites.

By the way, on Andrew’s blog, I responded that, because of my own pride, I have never asked anyone if I can guest post for them, and probably wouldn’t, that I don’t care about page rank, since this blog has no page rank anyway (but my Alexa rank is now around 115,000, and getting better weekly), and that at this point going for more backlinks probably isn’t going to do much more for this blog, though I welcome them when they come.

So, I put the question out there; how far will you go to promote your blog? I don’t mind guest posting, and I don’t mind people asking me if they can guest post; I want to make that clear. I just don’t do it, and can’t see myself doing it. What say you?

8 thoughts on “What Will You Go Out Of Your Way To Do For Your Blog?”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for mentioning my post and I love your writing style.

    As mentioned in my blog post, I’m keen to grow my blog visitors and one way to find new visitors is via having a guest post published on a site that has more / different visitors than you.

    I feel I am writing for a completely new audience.

    .-= andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..43 Blogger Tips – What you should do after installing WordPress =-.

    1. Hi Andrew,

      I get where you’re coming from. I want more visitors also, but I recognize that, for this blog, they’re still not buyers, since I make almost no money from this blog since I refuse to niche myself, so it’s more of a vanity issue with me.

      Having said that, it’s amazing how many requests I’ve had lately to accept guest posts on a different blog I write; almost like they came here first! Works for me.

  2. I wrote about this topic myself due to a comment I saw left on a blog where they mocked the blogger for having a low PR score and that no-one would waste their time guest blogging for them.

    I think guest blogging is a great way to promote yourself and promote your blog but you do have to do your home work, as you will certainly want a selection criteria, a blog in that is closely related to your niche being one.

    I think a healthy balance of marketing avenues is the best strategy for growth. Too often I see people that will read guest blogging is the new thing and jump into this so heavily that they’ll neglect their own blog in the process.

    Always a pleasure to drop in and read your posts Mitch.

    .-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google PageRank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

    1. Thanks Karl. You know, this thing about low PR or high PR is a myth. I don’t have any PR since Google snatched it, yet my blog seems to do okay overall, and has a very nice Alexa ranking as well, getting better each week. Personally, I don’t care what the rankings on a site are; as long as the site looks fairly nice, I’ll contribute whenever asked, and of course I’ll trade links.

  3. It’s promotion for you, quite possibly new readers for you, you meet other bloggers you may not have met before, not to mention again the readers they send you, and yea, you’re also helping the blogger with a little content.

    I seem to have lost track, what was the downside again?
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..UPDATED: Theme Customization Part 3 – Banner Advertising NOT for Sale! =-.

  4. I have had someone offer to guest post for me. I don’t mind and I would offer to guest post for someone if they were looking for guest posts.
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..How to Exclude Your IP from your Google Analytics reports =-.

    1. Rose, I’d love having a guest post from you for this blog; any time you’re free, I’d gladly accept one.

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