Meatloaf; My Story

I’ve mentioned in the past how I’ve written stories of things that happen in my life and share them with my friends through email. The last time I wrote one of my long stories was last year when I shared my story called The Keys. It was almost 2,400 words, but it turned out to be quite popular.

Today I’m back with another adventure, but I decided to do it a little different this time around. Instead of posting the entire story here, what I’ve done is linked it to this post, which means you can decide if you’d like to go and read it or not. If you do, then you can come back here and make a comment on it.

Im going to say this, to encourage you to go and read it. One, it’s the truth. Two, it’s funny; I know that because I shared it with one of my Australian chess friends through email (not Sire), and he wrote back saying I’d hurt his stomach. Three, I’ve already heard from a couple of the friends I sent it to via email, and they’ve enjoyed it as well. A couple of days ago someone lamented that there just aren’t many storytellers anymore. Well, let’s see if there’s an audience for it.

Without further ado, here’s the link to Meatloaf.

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12 thoughts on “Meatloaf; My Story”

    1. Thanks Glen. What do you think of the format of posting a long story like this on another page and linking to it instead of leaving the entire story on the blog?

      1. Having the bulk of a long story or article on another page is good.

        It’s like using a post excerpt. So you hook people with the opening and then they want to read the rest.

      2. Thanks Glen. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I write more stories, which I probably will.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Rummuser; my life really does have a lot of strange adventures, which leads to a lot of fun.

  1. So, let me get this right. You’re going to eat meatloaf everyday for at least a week? Man I love my pasta but even I would want some variety.

    That aside, the story was great. I’m not sure what the advantage of it being on a page of it’s own though. You’re going to have to spell that one out for me.
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    1. I’m not sure either, Sire. But it has a lot to do with a post you didn’t comment on, which means you might not have seen it, where long posts were mentioned.

      1. Oh, I didn’t think that was comment. A week? I’ll be eating meatloaf for a couple of weeks. Well, since I’ve already eaten some, I guess until at least next Friday, but I do intersplice other things in there. For instance, I did buy that tuna, and I already have eggs, ham and bacon, along with peanut butter and jelly and some bread and crackers, Ritz crackers I might add. So, I now hate lots of food, which is important for me because I don’t have to go through too many choices of what to eat when I’m hungry, which is kind of an issue with me.

  2. Good afternoon, Mitch.

    I enjoyed the story and I’m still smiling.

    I would prefer to have the whole story as part of the blog post and don’t see a real advantage in breaking it off onto a separate page. Who knows, though. I’m probably in the minority.

    As much as I like meatloaf, I just don’t think I could eat that much of it in such a short time. I think I’d get sick of it and wouldn’t want any for awhile.

    On the other hand, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten meatloaf and it’s sounding pretty good right now. (grin)

    All the best,


    1. Hi John,

      Actually, the stats are inconclusive. I added Analytics to the page with the story, but for whatever reason it’s not showing up. So, I have no idea how many people actually decided to go through the story except the folks who commented here. Truthfully though, I’m probably with you at this point; keeping it all on one page saves me from having to create and code a new page just to pop some text into.

      Oh yeah, I’m still enjoying my meatloaf also, though I’ll probably let the stuff that’s frozen stay there for a little while lol

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