Talking About My Products Again

You know, I’ve mentioned often enough that I have products that I’ve created. Most of them are regarding management and leadership, but still, they’re products I’ve created.

The funny thing is that whenever I’ve talked about my own products, what usually happens is that I hear crickets in 3-part harmony. It’s as if I’m okay to talk to if I’m talking about what’s going on in my life or talking about blogging or something else that fascinates me, but when I start talking about things I’ve created I’m suddenly an insurance salesman.

The last time I wrote a full post about all the products I’d created at the time, I only had one comment, that from my buddy John, and he asked why I thought people didn’t comment; heck if I know. That was on this post in 2009 called Creating Your Own Products; Let Me Talk About Mine. Before that, I had written a post on my book Embrace The Lead, which got 9 comments, my CD series Embrace the Lead, which got 10 comments, and my ebook Using Your Website as a Marketing Tool, which got zero comments; ouch! Oh yeah, on those other two, realize that half the comments were mine responding to the few comments I received.

Actually, some of this might be my fault. I don’t promote myself nearly enough. It’s a part of what I talk about often enough here, promotions, influence, and marketing, and I have these things that I’ve created and not talked about all that often. That’s just a shame. I’m lucky to have made some sales here and there, but it’s certainly not because I’ve promoted enough.

So, next week, which is Thanksgiving holiday week in the United States (since I have a lot of visitors from elsewhere), I’ll be having two posts a day. The morning post will be a regular post. The evening post will highlight one of my products. Some will be a second round obviously, but I’ll introduce the rest of my products as well. Will I make any sales? Probably not. But I will drive some publicity to my products, and by extension to my businesses, and after all, sometimes that’s what it’s all about.

Of course, if you want to get a jump on three of my products by visiting those links showing my products, I won’t be depressed one bit. 🙂

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  1. Aha, I found it. The “tomorrow” … okay still looking forward to whatcha got. My appetite has been whetted .

    Hey guess what, and this isn’t about the Eagles or Michael Vick … haha, today was my first time listening to the post. Ileane pointed out, to me, some time ago how much she loved the tool on your blog. I was kind of upset that I hadn’t noticed it because you are one of the few bloggers that post as often as you do that gets and keeps my attention. And now you’re talking about posting TWICE a day … I know I’m taking full advantage of this accessory!

    1. You kill me Kissie. And I can’t believe the score in last night’s game; ouch!

      I don’t see me posting twice a day all that often, although I read where Chris Brogan posts two or three times a day. We’ll see.

  2. Hi Mitch

    I didn’t know you then and wasn’t blogging so here goes with this post. No probs with you sharing about your products. Otherwise how would we know about them. Look forward to your posts that tell us more.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. Hey Mitch, I think we all battle a bit about how often we should promote, how often we should email our lists, how often we should post, etc. I have come to the conclusion that the answer lies individually with you and the make up of your list/readers. So, doing the blog experiment next week is a good one, except it may not give you accurate results during a holiday week. In fact, I have been doing some similar experiments of my own lately and it really gives you great feedback. I will say that I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and haven’t really heard you mention too much about your products. Lay them on me!

    1. I guess that’s the thing Susan. I have a few of them showing there to the left, but many people probably just pass by it as regular ads and may not even make the connection that all are mine. I think we get into a mode where we feel that maybe we’re talking about ourselves too much, but as I think about it most of this blog is me talking about me, right?

  4. You certainly know your readers better than anyone, but it occurs to me that part of the issue may be the nature of your products. Many of them are aimed at management and other forms of leadership. By definition, managers and leaders represent the minority of the population, so unless people are drawn to your blog because they’re seeking out your products and services, most of them will (as you say) look right past the ads.

    On the other hand, I will take the opportunity (for what it’s worth) to endorse your book, “Using Your Website As A Marketing Tool.” It’s an excellent resource for people like me who seem to be falling farther behind as technology continues to race ahead. I’d recommend the book for anyone in business who wonders if an online site is a good idea, as well as anyone who has a website that may not be doing the job.

    1. Thanks Charles for that wonderful endorsement. You might be right with the leadership stuff, and that’s okay, but I need to do the marketing on this blog and my other blog, and it’s just something I’ve done little of. That old saw about “build it and they will come” doesn’t work if no one knows about it, right?

    1. Thanks Barb; I’ll hope to write engaging enough copy, although me being me, it’ll probably end up being fairly straightforward again.

    1. Thanks Carlton. I don’t expect to make thousands, but a sale here and there would pump my ego. lol

  5. As an SEO and internet marketer, I can advice you to promote your name. I have work for some of the famous names and I can tell you, they were not promoting their products and books, but their name as author. Give it a try, I am sure you will get your thousands of sales this way.

    1. Thanks Carl. I’ll be working on both product and name, but it’s hard when Jimi Hendrix’ former drummer uses the same name as me. lol

  6. I hope i can read your two posts a day and how can you introduce your production Mitch.Wish all the best to you.

  7. It’s not bad to talk about your products as long as you don’t overdo it. I know I usually unsubscribe from blogs if the person is making a post every other day on his/her products, but if u keep it to a reasonable level, it’s ok

    1. Henway, I need to step it up some, but trust me I’m not one of those folks who will talk about it over and over.

  8. I don’t remember the other post you refer to but I may not have started visiting you at that point.

    I’m the same way- my North pole letters aren’t going so well…I get busy with my normal stuff and forget “the project…”

    Ah….it’s been a busy life….

    1. I feel I need to clarify what I wrote, as that post was from 2009, and most of you weren’t reading at that point.

  9. I’m not sure if I should tell you that you had me laughing with the crickets thing… it’s not really funny; I’ve been there in another life. I’m definately going to keep an eye on your posts. Since I’m blogging sooo far out in left field it’s practically on Venus (and I’m new to this) I don’t even know what products I need. Everything I see screams “YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS OR YOU”RE A LOOSER” After a while I just start going, “yeah, whatever.” I’ve found a select few people who do not appear to be snake-oil saleman. Now… where’s your RSS subscription thingie…

    1. Hey Allan, I’m not sure I know how to take that “Venus” remark … LOL! It’s cool on this side.

      1. Hmmm… perhaps I should have thought that one through more! Mitch nailed it though: over the wall, out past the parking lot into Space And Beyond!! (to quote Buzz)

    2. Allan, just stick with Barb and myself and we’ll have you totally informed, entertained, and blogging like a pro in no time. After all, we all want to lead simple lives ourselves; just need way more money to do it. lol

  10. Crickets in three part harmony! HAHAH! Now that’s just a classic line! ROFL! 🙂

    Oh, I’m sorry… were you talking about your business? 🙂

  11. Once I thought about things like: why such information is for free here? Because when you write a book then at least on selling a book you get a percentage. Thank you and good luck on informing people more about it!

  12. Hey Mitch,
    I think your technique for promoting and selling the product is really unique, i like the way you choose.

      1. Hey Mitch thanks for welcoming me..! One question i really wanna ask you that at this age how do you think about marketing your product yourself, because usually its seen that all bloggers are young.

      2. I don’t think they’re all so young, David. A lot of the top names are in their late 30’s and 40’s. I’m a little older than that, but I started creating my own products in my early 40’s, so I was about the right age. I think it all depends on genre and product and interest. For instance, no one would have listened to me in my 20’s about leadership and management, but they’ll listen now because I’ve put time into it. Social media is interesting because you don’t have a lot of people my age talking about it, but then it didn’t exist in its present form when I was younger so I didn’t have much choice in the matter. I don’t think age overall is an inhibitor.

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