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Just asking, but how many of you have noticed to the lower right of this blog that I’m running feeds of my other blogs here? They’re both listed under the heading “Other Blogs Latest Posts”; I’m such a wordsmith. lol

Once you have a Feedburner account, not only can you track how many people subscribe to your feed, but you can take your feed and pop it elsewhere, as I’ve done here. I also have feeds from this blog going to my other websites, and vice versa. It gives me the chance to spread myself around to many places and, hopefully, get people to see what I’m writing and visit my blogs.

If you’d like to know how to do this, I’m going to tell you; otherwise, why bring it up, right? You go into your Feedburner account, then click on the tab that says Publicize. Once there, click on the link to the left that says Buzz Boost.

Once you’re in there you’ll see there’s code already set that you can copy. But what fun is that when you can customize it a little bit by answering some questions below it? Just ignore the first thing unless you have one of those accounts, in which case you can make your selection, click on it, and you’ll get something different.

For everyone else you can decide how many feeds you want to show, whether you want it opening up in a new window if someone clicks on it (choose “yes”; trust me on this one), give it a title, and all other sorts of choices. Click save after you’ve made your choices, go back up to the top, copy your code and you’re good to go.

Now, some of you are going to ask me “where do I put this code?” If you’re on WordPress, the best way to display this code is to pop it into a text widget, which is under the Appearance menu of you admin panel. Just drag it into whichever sidebar you want to use, pop the code in there, save and you’re done.

If you’re not on WordPress, and you’re putting it into your website, well, I make an assumption you already know how to do it, but if you don’t, you’d probably best ask someone who’s got HTML knowledge to place it for you. It’s not difficult if you know what you’re doing, but I’d hate to be the one to have you messing up your website because you didn’t understand where I was telling you to put stuff.

I hope that helps some; it’s pretty neat if you ask me.

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26 thoughts on “Showing Your Blog Or Website Feeds Elsewhere”

  1. Great post Mitch, I remember when I first started our limousine business I was very quick to learn how to include local events and concerts into our limousine blog homepage. It comes in handy and it’s a great way to expose more of your own content.

  2. Hi Mitch, thanks for the awesome idea of putting feeds on the sidebar. I need to do that with my podcast! And sorry to say I did not notice it on your site before you pointed it out. Sorry, I guess I am too into the awesome stuff you write!

  3. Great tip Mitch. I set up my feedburner awhile ago so I am gonna try this out. If someone is using Blogger/Blogspot they would copy and paste it into a html widdget an move it where they would like, same goes as wordpress .com site as well.

    1. Thanks for that extra part, Karen, since I have never had a Blogger account so I’ve never seen the innards of it.

  4. Hey Mitch, I didn’t know.

    Thanks for just sharing … once again! 😉

    And yes, it is pretty neat.

    1. Thanks Kissie; always have to remember to tell people about my own stuff. Wait until you see tomorrow’s post. 😉

  5. Pretty good idea, if one has a network of blogs then it can be a great way of promoting the content of each blogs through the other. Thanks a lot Mitch

  6. Hi Mitch

    I just got a techie friend to sort my back office lol Took him no time at all and I would be still trying to figure it or ignoring it as is the case! Thanks for this info. As you know I avoid all techie stuff but I know where to come if I want to do this myself.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. You’re a trip, Pat! 🙂 But I really do understand; I have a techie friend who, for whatever reason, blanches at this blogging stuff, seeing it as being really complicated. So there you go.

  7. Feedburner is a great way to give power to blog RSS feeds. I am getting some good traffic from feedburner subscribers on my blogs and actually it is great way to monetize Adsense ads.

  8. I created feedburner but i did not try it out. But it is not too late , i will do it now. Thanks Mitch

  9. (waving his hand over his head) “I did, I did, I saw ’em” And I wondered how you did that. I do have links to my other blogs in the blog roll, but of course that doesn’t pull in those ever-so-clever titles that catch peoples eye.

    Actaully… now that I think about it a bit… I DO have one similar dohickey at the bottom of my blogroll that pulls in titles from my nephew’s blog, which uses similar content to mine. I wonder how I did that!?! Time to put my Sherlock hot back on…

  10. Here’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask… Feedburner displays a list of my TAGS next to my feed listing as a content filter/search sort of thing. I’d much rather they used my CATEGORIES for this. I can’t find a switch; is it possible to make this change?

    1. I have to admit that I’ve never seen that, Allan, probably because people can modify tags all over the place, but categories are something totally different. That’s just my guess, though; I really don’t know why.

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