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Can’t Fool Yourself When Not Taking Care Of Yourself

My wife is out of town again, since Thursday night. Not that she has a lot to do with how I try to take care of myself but if you’re like me, you kind of relish those times when you feel a bit more free to do things that maybe you wouldn’t do on a regular basis.

My thing is food. I don’t always have the best dietary habits in the world but I’m not bad. I don’t eat often enough, so I’ve been told by a counselor, but over the past few weeks I’ve been eating better food I have to admit. I’ve been eating many stir frys, with spinach and chicken the main ingredients in each. My wife taught me how to do this and it makes at least a couple of meals. I hate vegetables in general, but I’ve always had this fondness for spinach, thanks to Popeye. lol

But she’s gone, and thus, over the last couple of days I’ve pretty much thrown out good eating habits. I’m still not eating all that many meals, but what I’m eating… well, I’m kind of enjoying myself. Let’s see, what have I had…

* Burger King double whopper, McDonald’s big fries

* 8oz Filet Mignon (see picture above; not bad actually) with 2 baked potatoes (they messed up my order & gave me a free potato)

* 3 Kit Kat Bars

* 4 Nutty Bar’s (still have one left)

* 2 servings (different times) of quasi pasta primavera (I bought it elsewhere, it had mushrooms & other veggies I won’t eat so I took most of those out) that had oil in it that I couldn’t taste so I added my own alfredo sauce (yummy)

* 10oz steamed shrimp (love shrimp)

* a bag of chips with a tub of onion dip (2 sittings)

* 1/3rd of a cake (small) and a large scoop of ice cream

I feel great… and horrible! I should probably have said I felt great when eating this stuff and horrible a short time afterwards. I love hamburger and especially double beef whoppers, but shouldn’t have had the fries with it; way too much food the way I eat these days and it overloaded me. I should have brought home that second baked potato but it was nice and warm and they brought me lots of whipped butter, and that kicked my behind later on. The Kit Kats and Nutty Bar’s… yeah, I’m ashamed of that, but I loved it while I was eating it (I still think I’ve lost a Kit Kat somewhere around this room).

The pasta primavera was a bad move because I’m diabetic and greatly affected by certain carbs, one of which is pasta, and that both made me exhausted and drove my glucose up; not that the sweet stuff didn’t help. The chips I had were low salt, which used to be okay but since I started eating no salt potato chips it just seemed too salty for me, but I ate it anyway, drinking water; that still fills you up because salt makes you retain water. The ice cream and cake… I don’t usually buy ice cream to eat with my cake but in my mind cutting the cake into 3rds (I usually just cut it in half) justified in my mind that I was being good; oy!

The only thing I ate that a dietician would be happy about? That would be the shrimp, which I eat with ketchup, which she might not be as happy with. Man, I love boiled shrimp, but that stuff is expensive, too expensive to eat consistently. I also bought salmon along with it but that’s gone up drastically in price as well.

nutty bar

So here I am on a Sunday morning, glucose higher than it should be (seems I’ve also forgotten to take all my medication when I’m supposed to; ugh), thinking about going for a walk but also thinking about eating; that’s a shame since I haven’t eaten yet I’ve been up 3 hours.

Here’s the thing. We may think we’re getting away with something when we go off on our own and eat and do things that we know we probably shouldn’t do but we’re not. Our bodies talk to us and make us realize later on that we over-exceeded our limits. Yesterday it was St. Patrick’s Day, which means a lot of people lost their minds and drank way too much (I don’t drink). I was watching Twitter all day and some of the local people were tweeting, or at least trying to tweet; it was a mess. They had fun, but I wonder how many of them felt bad this morning, or even late last night.

I could have been a lot worse. I certainly had some major plans for what I was going to do that I talked myself out of. I know I’m going to have some Chinese food at least one of these days, but other than that, once I’ve finished off the cake and ice cream and remaining Nutty Bar… I’m going to be good.

Well, not counting the fudge that a friend of mine is bringing over; hey, it’s fudge! 😉

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