Post #1,400; Are You Catching Up?

Yup, I’ve finally hit post #1,400, and this is it. I wrote post #1,300 on June 1st of last year, which means it’s taken me 8 1/2 months to write these last 100. That’s the longest it’s ever taken me to write 100 posts, but it was on purpose as I said I was going to slow down some.


Slowing down doesn’t mean I didn’t stick to my core themes though. Out of those 100 posts I wrote 36 of them on blogging and 16 on social media, while everything else was a nice mix of lots of things. That shows pretty good balance in staying true to the mission of this blog, which is to share whatever I want to share but mainly commenting on things that have to do with being online, mainly blogging.

I’m doing two things differently this time around; always shaking things up. I’m going to post my favorite 5 posts out of the past 100, then I’m going to post my favorite posts from my first year of blogging on this bad boy, for which the period is 12/7/2007 – 12/7/2008, where I wrote 309 posts; I wonder how many of you have written that many posts for the life of your blog. πŸ™‚

I used to have a very rigorous writing schedule for this blog; I also only had 2 blogs back then. Because it was a new thing for me, not really niched, it was both easy and hard to write, and I wrote lots of junk; I can admit that. But I also wrote some stuff that’s evergreen, and I want to share those articles. Comments are turned off though; I now only allow comments for 2 years on my posts, to keep down extraneous spam. But I share them anyway because I know a couple of them offer information that someone might like to know. First, this period’s favorite 3:

Dream It And It Will Come – my most popular post ever, tells the story of a friend of mine who figured out how to follow his dream of visiting 42 states in 2 months and meeting people in person that he’d met online over the years, which included me

I Found A Dream; Now The Goals – my second most popular post ever, following up on the first one by talking about my own dream and goal for the year

10 Blog Tips In 2 Minutes – I wanted to prove that short didn’t mean insufficient, and also to prove I could write short posts lol

11 Lessons Learned From 11 Years In Business – at this point it’s 11 1/2 years, but I highlighted a milestone of mine with some valuable business advice

12 Things For 12/12/12 – I don’t rant often, but this was a combination of a rant and some general thoughts of mine that got way more visits than comments, but that’s okay because to some it could have seemed controversial

That’s not so bad for the last 100 posts is it? Now, my top 10 of my first year of blogging; I hope to keep writing stuff like this as time goes on, because if I say so myself some of it was ahead of its time, and it wasn’t all about blogging lol:

Credit Card Solutions – This is my strangest post because I actually rewrote the post 18 months because a lot of what I originally had on it disappeared. Still, if you want to learn how to handle your credit card creditors, this is for you

Publish Your Own Book – Many people are telling you how to do it now, but back in 2008 I was one of the first, talking about how I published mine

Blogging Step Four – What And How To Write – This was the last installment on my first series on blogging, and I linked back to the previous posts.

Be Responsible For Your Own Life – one of my earliest motivational posts, but certainly not the last

Blog Action Day – Poverty – my first foray into social issues, joining with other bloggers around the world to discuss a subject I personally didn’t live, but lived around people who were living it daily.

The Gurus Don’t Know It All – most of us can’t learn how to make money from these books, videos or podcasts that gurus sell us because they leave stuff out. I confronted a guru & asked him some questions, and 3 years later he’s still never answered them

Book Writing Series – Step One, The Concept – Once again, I was one of the earliest bloggers talking about the process of thinking about writing a book, and this was the first of my series on the subject

World Diabetes Day – My Story – social cause number two, this time sharing the story of how I learned I was diabetic; I hope you’re paying attention to your body’s potential signs

Is Social Media Hurting Your Online Business? – a pointed post that was based on how some people in business, offline and online, lost business and clients because of things they said during the presidential election of 2008, forgetting that just because you believe you have the right to say what you want to say doesn’t mean your potential customers will buy from you or stay with you afterwards, especially if you presented yourself as a jerk

A Point About Commenting On Blogs – goodness, it’s the topic that won’t go away, as I, and others, are still writing posts about blog commenting, or the lack thereof. Guess I’ll have to keep doing it until people get it right. πŸ™‚

There you have it; 1,400 posts down, and hopefully I’ll get to 1,500 before Christmas; yeah, I think that’s a given. Who’s next?

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36 thoughts on “Post #1,400; Are You Catching Up?”

  1. Congrats on #1400.

    It’s not easy to write an article worth reading.

    I wrote over 300 last year. I hear people saying how they can write 10-15 articles a day I’m like yeah but who will read that crap?

    1. Thanks Jacko. I actually did it, over the course of a couple of days wrote 50 articles that I was being paid for. But those articles were on 2 topics with keywords that were nonsensical and the articles were garbage, which I hated and was glad my name wasn’t on them. I only did that a few times before I decided I wasn’t going to do it again. I don’t think we have to hit a home run with every single post, but I think the majority should at least do something to enhance the visitor experience. If the blog paid well though I could crank out 5 a day easily enough. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! Even if I add up avery comment I ever left on every blog…LOL

    Congratulations, Iron Man!



  3. Hey Mitch, I’m almost half way there but I know better than to think that I will ever catch up with you because you’re the man πŸ˜‰

    Man, I reckon I must have been napping when a lot of these were posted because hardly any of them ring a bell. Reckon that means I’ll have to click on those links to see where they will take me. Not all today mind you, I think that I’ll just limit myself to one today lol

    1. You know Sire, you were there at the beginning and have stuck around all these years, and I appreciate that. But there was a period when I was cranking these things out, and I’m not sure it would have been humanely possible to keep up with all of them. I mean, close to averaging a post a day; that was pretty brutal by any standard. Proved I could do it, but who could keep up? These days I can’t keep up with too many posts on other blogs either, and that’s a shame. πŸ™‚

      1. You know Mitch, even though we live miles apart we seem to have a lot in common and I reckon that’s what kept us as close blogging companions. I know as far as bloggers go you’d have to be my best mate.

      2. I’d say the same for you Sire. We’ve gone to war together here and there and that’s been satisfying. We’ve called people out, given information, and talked about things we felt might be important to others because they were important to us. Not a bad life I must say. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Mitch, congrats on reaching 1400. What matters more to me is that you just didn’t write anything and everything, you wrote something which was meaningful and at the same time useful to the readers. I can say this because I have read almost all your bogs, if not all. Thanks for being there, once again congratulations.

  5. Wow Mitch, Congratulations – that is a lot of posts! I’ve done 298 at Inspire but I have 4 others blogs too. It would take too long to add them up but I’m sure they are not near your 1400! That really is awesome and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and watching the video’s this past year. I’ll have to go back and read some of your top posts that I missed earlier.

  6. Congrats, that’s a lot of content, more than I ever been able to write, even though I created my first blog back in 2004, seems like a lifetime away from an online perspective, I never went steady with blogging for more then 2 years.
    Sometimes I feel so stupid for not keeping my first blog…but I guess I’m not a long term blogger, so keep it up because few last this long.

    1. Thanks Christian. I’ve had my business blog since 2005 yet I have more posts on here than I do on that one because there were times when I left it alone for long periods. I never gave it up though and I finally passed a thousand there last year. We just plug away at it, hoping we continue having something new to say.

  7. Wow! That’s impressive! I’m a writer by profession and I don’t have that many on one blog–not even on the culmination of the three but I am working on the video side of things. I’d like to have 300 by the end of March.

    1. Thanks Bev. That’s impressive about the videos but then you’re in media so you’re killing me there as I believe I’m close to a total of 55 videos at this juncture. And I’ve never done the podcasting thing; not sure anyone would listen since few people watch the videos. lol

  8. Congratulations on you 1400th post. That truly shows your level of commitment. The more I learn about you, the more I’m glad we connected. Blessings on continued success.

  9. Wow! I appreciate the time you take out to update your blog so frequently. 8 Β½ months to write 100 post is fantastic. I barely manage to write 50 posts in 8 months. I think I need to buckle up my speed. I have been following most of your post and I must say you give quality with quantity which is very rare in today’s blogger. I focus on keeping quality which eventually degrades the quantity of post I submit on my blog. Can you help me out with this? Thanks for such a revealing article about your blog statistics.

    1. Rummuser, you’ll probably reach is sooner than me, since I still have to continue writing my own content for 5 blogs, my newsletters, and of course the writing I do for others. Still, it’s a lot of fun isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  10. Wow Mitch…congratultions!

    When I first saw the number of blogs that you have written, I assumed that my numbers were close to yours. Ha! I decided to go back to check and found that I have only written a measly 478 posts since March 2009. Boy, was my reality twisted. Me thinks I am larger in my mind than I really am LOL.

    1. LOL! That’s great stuff Rachel, and you’re close to being able to write a milestone post yourself, as 500 posts isn’t anything to sneeze at. Thanks for the congrats; hopefully there’s a lot more to come.

  11. Mitch, I really admire you. I don’t know how you do it, being able to dedicate yourself to a rigorous writing schedule. Do you get up really early in the morning? Do you skip lunch? How do you do it? Try as I can, I still can’t commit to writing more than once a week. That means I will only ever have 52 posts per year. That means in 26 years I will catch up with where you are right NOW.

    1. LOL! Thanks Suzanne. I don’t have a writing schedule at all; I just write when I’m in the mood, and lucky for me I always have something to talk about. Now, I don’t sleep regularly and that’s problematic, but I write fairly fast so when I am up and in a writing mood I can put together a lot of stuff and move on. I’ve slowed down a bit with my other blogs lately but I’m trying to keep up a post here every 2 or 3 days since, overall, it’s the easiest one to write for.

  12. Congrats on the 1400th post Mitch; it’s been a few weeks since I last visited, so a belated congrats :D. I never knew you was diabetic Mitch: a close family member was also diagnosed, although it appears somewhat minor and dietary changes will hopefully help with it. I do enjoy the wide breadth of the articles you post, it’s not all business, you share your personal life, and thats what brings me back.

    1. Thanks Richard. It can seem like I’m all over the place sometimes but for the most part I’m consistent in what I talk about here. And it’s pretty obvious I have lots to say.

  13. Well done! That’s quite a total!

    I’ve written and published 86 posts since I began the current blog in… July, I think. But I’m slowing down on that as I’ve just worked out a schedule for myself that I want to stick to, for the sake of my health, of blogging for a week every other week.

    1. Thanks Val. I’m betting you probably have lots of blog posts overall, and I know I’ve seen some of it over the past few years. So, one of these days you’re gonna be there. πŸ™‚

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