9 Ways Blogging Can Help You And Your Business

By now, anyone who’s visited any of my blogs knows that I love the concept of blogging. Just as I was telling a group of life and business coaches a couple of weeks ago, when I gave an online seminar about business blogging, there are a lot of benefits to the process, some of which people just don’t think about. I figured that this would be a nice change to some of the articles I’ve written this month; we all can use a little motivation and consulting.

1. You get to show your expertise.

pizza grilled cheese

pizza grilled cheese; I made this!

This is always my number one statement whenever I talk about business blogging. No one knows your business or what you can do better than you. The hope is that you’re not a one trick pony who only knows one aspect of what your business all about. Blogging on a consistent basis helps to show people that you’re someone who can definitely help them.

2. You control your message.

One of the major gripes of people who get interviewed by the media is that they spend upwards of an hour or two talking to someone, only to have someone take a few soundbites of something they said and twist it around so that they feel like total idiots having to defend a statement that’s been quoted out of context.

With a business or personal blog, you get to control your message. Not only that, but if someone misinterprets something you wrote, you’re the one who gets to go back in and make it better. This is one of the few times where, unless you’re a big time celebrity, you get to change what’s on the internet to a degree. Even if the Database Archive happened to pick up what you said the first time around, it’s unlikely to ever rear its ugly head if you keep adding more content to your blog.

3. You can get things off your mind.

Writing is cathartic; I didn’t make that up. I find that when my mind feels cluttered and I’m not sure what else to do, writing helps me get back into the groove of things.

This isn’t the only reason one might have to get things off their minds. For instance, an issue might come up (Trump) that irks you so much (Trump) that you feel the need to say something about it (Trump) because it keeps making you mad whenever the topic comes up (Trump). Every once in a while on this blog I’ve talked about racism, freedom of speech, inequality, bullies, and health care (which I would since I’m a health care consultant, all topics that aren’t the norm on this blog… or my other blogs.

At least I’ve never talked about politics (Trump); we all have to have standards, right?

4. You can show your creativity.

homemade jewelry

homemade jewelry

How many people remember when the term “think outside of the box” was prevalent, so much so that we got tired of it so some guy we all want to slap changed it to “change the paradigm”?

Truth be told, knowing how to help people with their problems isn’t always as straight forward as it might seem to be. For all the years of knowledge I like to think I have in health care, every once in a while I get thrown for a loop when someone mentions a certain problem that have that, upon reflection, doesn’t quite fit the parameters of your knowledge. I’ve had to come up with some truly creative ways to figure out what the actual problems are and then get more creative to apply a fix.

The same goes for blogging. When you can show people you have he mind to be creative when it comes to subjects you write and talk about, it helps intrigue people who might be interested in your services.

5. The longer you do it, the more social cache you build up.

Most of you won’t know what this is, but for my main career I’m a charge master consultant. I just looked up the term “charge master consulting” on both Google and Bing; you know what I found? On Google I’m in the top 3 spots; on Bing I’m at #1 and #5. Yes, I have content on my main website that talks up this type of consulting, but what’s helped me stay at least in the top 5 over all these years (that site was built in 2003) is that I’ve also written about it multiple times on my blog (which I started in 2005). Having 11 years worth of posts talking about something specific and technical like that has helped my site stay prominent, and it can do the same thing for you.

6. Did I mention SEO yet?

Indirectly I did with #5, but let me go a bit further with it. You know how I said that Google has me in the first 3 spots? It also shows my site in 4th, 6th and 9th being mentioned by other sites who’ve linked to me. I’m actually pretty prominent in the top 20; that’s the power of SEO and the right keywords for whatever industry you’re a part of.


7. Give people something to share with others.

One of the best things about social media is that people love to share the content of others. Not only can you market yourself on social media but if people like you or what you write they’ll help you do it at no cost to you. Every day someone new becomes an underground superstar and it’s probably based on either a blog post or a video, maybe even a blog post you’ve put a video on.

8. Personality; believe it or not you have one.

Almost every study that’s been done says that people want to work with someone they feel comfortable with. When you write a lot, you’ll find that you’ll find your writing “voice”, which tends to allow people to see what your personality is like. If you’re engaging then people will want to read your posts to not only learn about your topic but about you as well. The thing about blogging is that it’s not a one-and-done proposition. Regular content is necessary to make it work for you, and the more you write, the most benefit you get out of it.

9. Blogging is the least expensive way to market.

If you hadn’t figured this one out yet, I’m here to tell you that the only real costs to blogging, if you don’t want to pay for it, is time. Although I’d recommend that you pay for hosting or add it as a subdomain to your current website, there are lots of free blogging platforms that will let you get your mind into the of blogging to see if you can actually do it. It’s content that can live forever, you can modify it whenever you want, you can interlink old articles or some of your webpages to current blog posts (which I’ve done prominently here so you can see how it works) and it’s totally in your control.

My final words… start blogging! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “9 Ways Blogging Can Help You And Your Business”

  1. Hi Mitch,

    You have crafted this blog post in a precise manner that reveals the helping hand of blogging in business.

    I love blogging and have been in the blogosphere since 2012.

    I totally agree with the benefits of blogging that you have explained here and yes, we will learn a lot of SEO strategies while blogging that would take our business to the next level.

    Yeah! I know the exact time of my creative juice flowing from the mind and hence I would prefer that exact time to craft my blog posts.

    Social media is just awesome to get the target audience. Besides, we can easily learn to find out the targeted visitors through keyword research.

    So, blogging has the ability to take the business to an upright level.

    Thanks for writing this good post, I’m really glad that I have landed on your blog and left my thoughts on blogging.

    Keep your great work.

    1. Thanks Mathew. I’ve always been a big supporter of both blogging and bloggers, which is why I spend a lot of time trying to encourage, teach and talk about blogging in many different ways and for many different reasons. When all is said and done, blogging is what we decide to make it, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Hi Mitch,

    A nice article on importance and uses of blog.

    Definitely by maintaining a good blog we can create more customers and readers.

    Nice one.

    And I like the pizza made by you.

    Have a great day.

  3. Hello Mitch
    Great post ! I definitely agree with When I blog alot of times it helps me get things off my mind. And as you wisely pointed out the price of blogging cost you only your time. Thanks for sharing some straight forward advice that was your usual,genuine perspective. Have a great day Mitch and take care.

  4. Hi Mitch Mitchell, great post, i’m a college student and just started a new blog, i wasn’t aware about some of tips mentioned above, ill give a try to SEO, lets see how it goes with my blog.


  5. I’m about ownership and control. If your social accounts were deleted, people would have no way of finding you or your content online.

    Another great thing about blogging is you can be found online 24/7. People say, “my store is on Facebook.” Well, what if I don’t have an account and don’t want one. That’s a potential missed opportunity.

    1. Absolutely. Not only that, but as popular as Facebook is, wasn’t Myspace that popular a few years before that? You just never know whether a social media site will stick around as long as your own space that you’re paying for.

  6. I always focus on giving my brand personality

    Personality goes beyond your choice of branding or colours. It’s the whole modus operandi behind your company. It’s how the individuals combine to create the living, breathing entity that is your business.

    People make purchase decisions based on emotion and buy off people. It’s not purely emotion of course, but emotion certainly plays a large role and when it comes to the crunch between you and a competitor, they’ll go with the company they like. Sometimes you need to show off a bit of personality in order to get people to like your company in the same way that they like a work colleague, or the guy they buy their lunches from.

    1. I’m with you on the personality thing, while also realizing that some people are jerks, in which case hiding their personality is probably a better thing to do. That’s why I have it on the list but way down the line; unfortunately not everyone can carry it off, but expertise and creativity might get them success, especially online.

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