WP Smush.It Issues With WordPress Version 3.3.2

This one will indeed be a very short post, so short I’m not even putting a picture in it.

If you’ve been having problems uploading images since the last WordPress update to 3.3.2 it’s most probably the WP Smush-It plugin, if you’re using it. It’s a great plugin for reducing the size of the images you upload but for some reason, it’s gone wonky with the latest update.

I did my research, of course, and the two recommendations were to delete your uploads file off your server and let it be created all over again and to inactivate all of your plugins and try to upload an image, and if it worked then you knew it was one of those. I actually did delete all my files first because I just can’t do the easy thing (I copied all images to my computer first) and the first image I loaded afterwards worked, but none of the others did.

I pretty much knew then that it was going to be one of two plugins on my computer, either the one dealing with caching or the one dealing directly with images. I chose that one and I’ve had nothing but success since.

Now, if you’re still having problems and don’t use that plugin at all, the other suggestion is still out there for you to try. And now I’m done… oh heck, okay, an image at the bottom. 🙂


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  1. It is possible to be plugin it happen often after new release of the main core and I just checked the main page, it seems that there is no update for this plugin which support 3.2.2. I am also using it, but haven’t run on this problem, just a guess problem may be related to Apache handlers and version of PHP. I am sure that developer will put updated version in a day or two.

      1. The easiest way to find out where is the problem is to check error log file. Usually this file is located at logs/php-errors.log, if it is configured in wp-config.php.

  2. that’s some really useful info here Mitch, i;ve been going crazy with trying to upload a normal image and this plug in can totally be it, i’ll check it out. thanks

  3. WordPress is a great platform, but it’s drive me crazy from time to time, as it has all sort of bugs. When you think you get rid of all the issues, there are more in the queue.

  4. Well this is all I need! lol!

    Ever since they moved to the new multi-uploader I was having trouble with my older Safari browser (I’m still using Mac OS X Leopard – time to upgrade!). The uploads just wouldn’t complete.

    Switching to Firefox fixed that problem. But I did notice that suddenly even in Firefox I was getting “spotty” uploads. It would take 2 or 3 times to upload one image. It’s gotta be the Smush.it.

    I’m gonna disable it and see if it alleviates the problem. Good looking out, Mitch!

  5. Thank you – I was thinking I was going crazy! Now I just have to figure out why one of my blogs times out when I update or write a new post.

  6. It’s unfortunate that WP-Smush.It plugin is having difficulty but from what the plugin author has said in the forums, the issue is supposedly with the actual Yahoo Smush.it service.

    He’s also said he’s going to code in some time-out indicator.

    Little help if Yahoo are the ones with the problem.

    anyway, I check the service and have just left the plugin disabled until the time the plugin is updated as well as Smush.it fixes itself.

    It’s a great addition to any WP site (when it works again) 🙂

    1. I’m with you here Martin. I’ve always thought it was great for reducing the size of images on blogs and helping speed, so I’m hoping they get it rectified.

  7. Thanks Mitch. This was a huge help, I was going crazy with this too. Such an easy fix to deactivate the smush-it plugin. Not easy if you don’t know though, so thanks again!

  8. yes, I also experienced this error too. I was trying to figure out the cause for couple weeks ago. And recently I noticed that this was caused by WP-smush.it plugin. it seem it is not compatible with recent wordpress version. So, for temporary I disable this plugin along with waiting the plugin update. Since it was disabled, the problem was disappear.

  9. Hi, I disabled and deleted smush.it on wordpress, but I still have problem on upload photos.
    Anyone can help?
    Thank you

  10. I’m sorry, I’ll try to explain it better. I installed smush.it and it didn’t work. So I deactivated and deleted it.
    After that, I wrote a post and tried to upload a photo. The uploading process is working but I can’t see the photo (look at the first post here http://www.ricettecrepes.com/).
    Before installing smush.it everything was working right.

    This problem is been created by smush.it? What can I do to fix it?

    1. Are you doing the same process you were doing before? I ask that because when I looked at the code in your post there’s no “img src” associated with your particular image showing. That’s not a smush.it issue, that’s more of an issue with WordPress.

      My thought, since I don’t have access to your system, is that it’s possible your image is too large on its own and thus WordPress didn’t pull it in, which happens sometimes. That’s what smush.it was doing, reducing the size of images so you could go on your way, but you have some fairly rich files there. As a matter of fact, I took a look at your information and it’s showing that the image was uploaded but at a 0x0 size, which means it was too big.

      So, this is what you have to do. Click on the image icon, then click on gallery, which you’ll see at the top. It will probably show one image in there, and that’ll be the picture you uploaded. When you select it, you’ll see that the size will still show at 0x0, but what it will instead to is bring the image in super large. Once you’ve brought the image into your post, look for the “img src”, and after the image code (your image will end with .jpg”), do a space then type (with the quotation marks) “width=”480”, with a space after the second quotation mark. Then test it by hitting preview. Your image will show, and that may be the width you want, since most of your images fit the size of your content column. If not, you can adjust the 480 up or down.

      That may seem complicated but unfortunately it’s the only way to go with images that are oversized. It may look complicated initially but if you follow these instructions you should have no problems but fear.

      1. Thanks so much for your reply. I’m doing exactly the same process that I was doing before and my photo is only 115KB.
        Anyway I have tried to reduce the photo to 480, with wordpress and also with photoshop, but it still doesn’t work.

        When I go to the Media and click on the photo, the dimensions indicated is 480 × 322, but I can’t see the photo.
        When I click on Modify image, I can see the photo but not the thumbnail. So I guess the problem is thumbnails but I don’t know what I can do..

      2. Elis, I know it has to be something simple, but at this point I can only recommend that you have someone with knowledge take a quick look at that post from the admin panel to see what the issue might be. If you want me to do it send me an email via the Contact link there on the left (my email address is in there) along with a username and password and I’ll look at it for you. Otherwise, find a friend with some knowledge and have them show you. The information shows that an image file was uploaded, so it has to be there in some form, whether you can see it or not.

      3. i have install this plugin to my site, and magic fields 2
        then i create post with custom field “image media” – i have no button “insert into field”
        i remove smush.it – but i have no button “insert into field” too

        what can i do ?

        sorry for bad english.

      4. PIT, you must be using a plugin so you can insert custom fields, and I’m unfamiliar with that plugin. I can say though that Wp.Smush only works with images you upload using the WordPress uploader at the top of your post, so if you add images in any other way, it won’t bother those at all. It sounds like your problem isn’t related to WP.Smush at all unfortunately.

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