What Would Make You Really Love Your Blog?

This is a much different question than what you think it is. I was thinking about it last night as I was reviewing some information on goal setting and dreams and the like, and it hit me; what would really make me love my blogs.

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Yes, for me it’s blogs obviously, since I have 5 of them. I write in this one the most, and I love that I can pretty much write about anything I want to, breaking down the norms of those who say that it takes a specific niche blog to actually generate traffic and get people to stop by on a consistent basis. Of course, it helps to write about something that people are looking for on the internet because it helps drive traffic, but the love of writing a blog and sharing thoughts… is that what I really love about my blog?

The question isn’t what you love about your blog, or about the process of blogging. The question is what would make you really love it. I can easily answer that one; if they made money.

Yes, money is the big deal for me, even if I don’t necessarily go out of my way to do it. As I’ve said before, I make money off only one blog, and it’s not outstanding money. My finance blog makes the most money out of all my blogs. I get that money from multiple sources; people paying me to write for them, people paying me to post an article they’ve written, and people paying me to advertise on it. The advertising part has dried up as companies have gotten scared because of Penguin and Panda and misunderstanding how proper linking and advertising works, but so be it.

Now, I wouldn’t even have to make the money directly, as I do on that blog. Whereas I love writing about the topic of leadership on my business blog, I would love if it generated speaking engagements or requests for training of some type. It has in the past, but not lately. I still love writing it, but if it only made money I’d really love it.

Thus, I put the same question out to you; what would it take to make you really, and I mean REALLY, love your blog? And for those of you who complain about long posts, this short one’s for you; don’t get used to it. lol

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  1. I think that it always depends on how passionate you are about the topic you are writing about. Fortunately, I blog about my hobby and job, digital architecture and digital fabrication (like 3D printing), so I never feel tired and weary because of some research of writing articles or capturing and editing my own stop-motion videos. I just cannot picture myself that I could write something about a topic which I am not interested in. While reading your post everyone can see that you are passionate about sharing your useful tips and advices, that’s the reason why it is always a pleasure to read them;)

    1. Thanks Peter. As I said, I love writing and sharing and talking in general, but I’d really love, and that’s the highlighted word, if some of the things I put on my blogs generated interest enough for people to want to pay me for services. Maybe not this blog but definitely for some of my other blogs.

  2. Money is a side effect of value like a fit body is a side effect of working out.

    People want a fit body but they don’t want to work out.

    People want money but they don’t want to create value.

    To love blogging you would have to love to create meaningful value.

    Example the Oatmeal with that Tesla Museum.

    1. Jacko, I’m thinking I’m creating meaningful value on my two business sites at least. I don’t honestly think it’s that easy an answer though. I think it’s more about figuring out ways of enhancing a reputation outside of blogging that helps people get paid for what they write, or what they can do.

      Still, you didn’t answer the question; what would it take for you to really, really love blogging?

  3. Interesting question, Mitch. Your response, though – I never woulda guessed! 😉

    As for me, I already love my blog. I also love my commenters and the comments they post (most of them, there are always exceptions as we know).

    For me, money isn’t an issue in blogging. And in fact if it were, I would probably stop because needing money makes me feel pressured to achieve and I achieve best when I’m not under any pressure.

    1. I find that interesting Val. I achieve the best when I am under pressure, most of the time self imposed. Some people equate pressure to stress but not me; I love proving I can get things done. I just have to set those standards and then hit them, which isn’t so easy when it’s not totally up to me.

  4. I think it is different when you do blogging just for pleasure or a hobby. Professional bloggers are forced to crete valuable content, because they need their followers and readers to get connected to the site. Hobby-bloggers can write anything they want, in worst case, only their closer friends will read them…

  5. Interesting post! As I was reading your post, I was able to reflect on what’s in a blog that people love. I think people love a blog when the writer is really that passionate. I mean, to extent that the reader could sense what the writer is trying to say on his post. I truly admire bloggers who occasionally writes article yet they have their hearts on it. Thank you for this post!

  6. Though I am not aware of all your blogs, but I love visiting this blog of yours just because you share all random and informative stuff here which makes me think for my next posts. Moreover, I truly admire your writing skills- “simple yet enlightening”. Some of your articles have helped me out in my personal improvements too. Coming to the question, I love my blogs because my readers love it and comment on them. Though I don’t earn a lot of money out of it, but I like blogging because my readers like it. As this is my side business, I don’t really focus on getting money. Thank you Mitch for giving an opportunity to express myself in regard with blogging!

  7. Hi Mitch,
    Great point! Who would hate a blog that puts money in the bank?

    We would love it and be dedicated at it even if it were about corrective surgery.

    Trust me, I should know.

    1. Thanks for your point Yeremi, that being that we’d all pay a lot more attention and work harder on our blogs if they made money. Some folks end up going overboard in trying to make money, but at least they’re working it.

  8. Heck, I would really, really love my blog if it would do it’s own SEO, and that’s only because I know they will e=never develop a plugin that will do BJ’s.;)

    Like you, out of all my blogs I have a favourite and that is WassupBlog and that’s because it’s the one that brings me the most enjoyment. If I had to give up all my blogs bar one Wassups the one I would keep.

    1. I’m with you there Sire; keep the one you really enjoy. But I think you’d also love it if Wassup generated enough income so you didn’t have to do anything else if you didn’t want to. That would make life perfect for me.

  9. Helping kind of goes hand in hand with blogging. I love my blog just because I know somewhere round some people must be finding it helpful for their personal and professional life. My goal is to help other by providing valuable information & resources for making money on the internet. I love making things easier for others & when I help others I feel like I am helping myself too.

    1. Good sharing Peter; thanks for that. I must ask you a question though. Is Procept your company or are you the writer for someone else? Just wondering who gets email responses since the email address says “info”, which I normally don’t like.

  10. I always feel really proud when one of my websites or blogs starts to make money. So this is the main factor, no love from me if 6 months passes and it hasn’t made a dime and I invested time, effort and probably money. I’ll sell the bugger right off.

    Most of the times I don’t really enjoy writing, and when I do its usually about stuff I never had success with, like fresh water aquaria articles or other animal/pets related info and tutorials.

    1. Christian, I always enjoy the process of writing, but every once in awhile I wish I was making my living through all the writing I do. I know I’m missing something, and one day I’ll figure it out.

  11. Nice question! What would make me really love my blog? Hmm.. You made me think man, Mitch! 😛 I think it would be the excitement of sharing my knowledge and opinions to others who are reading my blog. Because I believe in spreading word be it on any topic. People crave for more information, detail data on certain subject which I think I can efficiently deal with. My mom used to say “Sharing is Caring”, and so here I am sharing some of my life experiences and things with my readers. Thanks man! I never thought on such kind of intellectual question before. Keep up the good work, chap!

    1. Terry, I saw that your site has a blog; are you the writer for it? I share all the time, and I love my blog because I can pretty much writer whatever hits me; at least this one. But I’d REALLY love it if it was generating income that matched the number of articles that are on here. Course, I need to think about monetizing it, but I want it to make money by osmosis. lol

  12. I love my blog very much, we all do because we have taken a lot of pains and put in efforts to bring up such intellectual and informative blogs. However, I would love my blog more when I start using relevant videos for particular posts that actually require them.

    1. Just asking Thomas, but the site you highlighted above isn’t yours, is it? I notice it’s not a blog, and your name isn’t in the email address. So I figure you’re probably blogging in a different space, thus that’s when your efforts will really shine. Good luck.

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