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From Kristi’s most recent Fetching Friday post came an article from Search Engine Journal on a Firefox plugin called SEO Doctor. In essence, it gives you a heck of a lot of information on how your SEO efforts are working on your website, and if you know how to dig deeper, might give you some indications of what you can do better.

After checkout out the article, I went to the page, downloaded the plugin, and of course added it to my browser, where it’s sitting at the lower left as I type. The biggies, as it pertains to what you want to know, are: the percentage, out of 100%, of effectiveness your page is in its SEO efforts; the number of external links and links overall on that page; and the number of visits that page has received.

When I go to my main business site, it’s ranked at 96% out of 100%; I like that. Some of my other pages on that site are perfect, and I like that even better. The worst page on that site comes in at 90%. It shows me I have 3 external links and 43 links overall; I had to go counting to find those links overall, but they’re there. It shows me… well, it shows me nothing as it pertains to visits. That’s because you have to belong to Compete, and you have to have an API key to pop in, and of course I’m not signing up for that. I wish I could change it to something else, but I’m stuck with that; oh well…

There are two other things on the toolbar as well. One is something called Flow, which measures the percentage of page rank you’re retaining on your site. Since y’all know I don’t particularly follow page rank all that much, I’m not worried about it, which is why it’s not in my top 3. However, on my business page it says I’m retaining 88% of my page rank. The last thing is this little green tab to the far right, which allows me to track nofollow links if I so choose; I don’t at this juncture, but it’s neat enough to take a quick look at.

Finally, you can right click on any of the information listed and get even more information, which you can download if you prefer in a .csv format. Of course, if you have nothing in Compete, that one won’t work.

Anyway, it’s a neat little tool you might want to check out, but of course you have to be on Firefox to use it.

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    1. Good luck, Sire, although I can already tell you that your site seems to do pretty well.

  1. That plugin has made a good replacement for one I was having trouble with. It gives quite a lot of useful information!
    .-= Kristi@Blogging TipsĀ“s last blog ..My Favorite 2010 Search & Social Awards Nominees =-.

    1. What did it replace?
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  2. I count this as the top 2 plugins that I must have in my Firefox, the other being SEOquake.

    1. It’s pretty good, Eaun. However, I can think of some other add-ons I have that I actually like better.

      1. Which do you like better?
        .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..What are YOUR Top 3 Social Sharing Recommendations =-.

  3. Downloading now, thanks man. I’ll be back.
    .-= Dennis Edell | Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog ..What are YOUR Top 3 Social Sharing Recommendations =-.

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