Random Thoughts Three

In March 2009 I wrote a post that I called Some Random Thoughts. It was basically a quick hitter of commentary on some current topics and basically rants I had that I just needed to get off my chest. Then last November I had a political rant on health care in America. I’m feeling the need for my third random rants post, thus that’s what this one is. I hope you read and comment; I’m having my say anyway.

In the United States, the political season is upon us. This year it seemed to start earlier, as we started getting hammered with political ads back in July. That’s because then it was the beginning of primary season. I hate political ads, and have never been swayed by any of them. To me, most of the process is fake, and most of what you hear in an ad is a lie. One thing that’s really odd these days is that, unless it’s an ad attacking someone, they never say what party they’re with. If they’re attacking Obama, you know the person is Republican; if you’re not, you’re a Democrat. Frankly, I hate attack ads, and surveys have shown that an overwhelming majority of people say they hate them. Yet they work, and the nastier one can make their ad, the more likely they’re going to be elected. It’s the fault of the people; if more people did their own research into someone instead of deciding based on political ads, these things would go away, or at least temper themselves. We are our own worst enemies; it’s a shame.

It seems that everyone I know says they hate bullying. Yet bullying still continues, and frankly it’s starting to get out of hand. We had bullies back in our day as well, but I don’t know of a single kid who ever committed suicide because of a bully. The thing is, almost no one seems to ever help a kid being bullied. Parents say they don’t know; schools say they’re not allowed to do anything; the police say it’s not their jurisdiction. I’ve always said if I were a parent and my kid was being bullied that I’d have gone to the other parent’s house and threatened to beat that parent up, or gone directly after the kid. Sure, that’s when everyone else gets involved. Even other parents are bullying some kids, and then don’t want to take any responsibility when a kid kills themselves; y’all remember that story, right? Everyone needs to be watching their kids, but the parents of kids being bullied and the parents of potential bullies. The latest girl to kill herself was only 12 years old; neither she nor the kids bullying them were legally old enough to even be on those sites. Hillary Clinton was right; it takes a village to raise a kid. And on this topic, y’all need to go read this post by Holly.

Next, there seems to be too many kids being killed in some fashion by parents these days; what’s all this about? The latest was a pastor down south who “forgot” his 14-month old daughter was in the van and she died of overheating. There has been a rash of these all over the place; what’s wrong with people? In my very first rant I mentioned fathers who were killing their kids to spite the mother; now it seems there’s a lot more mothers killing their kids, and it’s usually because they just decide they don’t want to deal with them anymore or are doing it because they want to be with some man who doesn’t want to have kids. There really needs to be more education and more oversight on young mothers, otherwise this epidemic is going to keep happening, and it has to stop.

And finally, a word about “isms”. I put a question out on my FB business page asking people if they’d ever step in to help someone who they saw was a victim of some kind of “ism”. The only response I got was one guy who said he didn’t understand the question. That tells me that he, and others, have absolutely no understanding of what to do when they see someone being treated badly because of racism, sexism, gayism, etc. There are just too many of us deciding to “mind our own business” instead of stepping forward to help someone when they can. Are there times when you should err on the side of caution? Sure; that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up the phone and call 911 or something, does it? Bad things are going to continue happening to people until someone decides to step forward and offer some kind of support. When Rodney King was beaten, the only support he got was some guy who filmed the whole thing, and the local populace acquitted the police, not believing their own eyes. When it takes the federal government to protect someone’s rights, it shows that the entire system of common sense and decency if flawed. Remember this part of the old axiom; if you don’t stand up for someone else’s rights, when it’s your turn there won’t be anyone to stand up for you.

I think that’s enough. I have more but now I have to go drink something cold and cool down. Just some things to think about; what are your thoughts?


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  1. Wow plenty to think about here Mitch. There are lots of reasons I think that society is going down the plughole. One reason is parents not teaching their children moral absolutes that there is right and wrong not “if it feels okay do it”. My Gen Y niece and nephew have never known a world where you didn’t lock everything up and then lock yourself securely in your home; like my brother and I did. Houses weren’t locked cos someone might come visit while you were out and they could put the kettle on and have a cuppa while they waited. Our cars were unlocked inside an unlocked garage! They also haven’t known a world where violence was the exception and made headlines; rather than it being a daily occurence. It’s sad but true. And as for the political ads!!! We have just had our elections and everyone was so fed up. New govt just been sworn in and already going back on election promises. Why would anyone believe the politicians??!!
    Still, I can do my bit; be nice to people and do kindness to others. I can’t change the world, only change me 🙂
    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Great stuff, Pat, and it’s good to see we’re in agreement on some of the stupid and sad things of the world.

    1. Isn’t it a shame Ron? We know what we went through as kids, yet the stuff not only perpetuates, it escalates.

  2. I don’t think we hear enough about the people who are doing good in the world and we’re inundated on a daily basis with all the garbage. That’s my first thought.

    The other thing is that I also believe that a lot of these things have been going on for years and they’re now coming into view because things are not as hush, hush as they used to be.

    The stupidity of the things going on in the world today, that we hear about, read about see on TV… maybe it’ll be everyone’s wake up call to… (sure okay) grow up, learn how to get their needs met, learn what’s right and wrong. How messed up are these young women who allow some guy to dictate to them that they aren’t happy with the child and this idiot listens to them? To the extremes we’ve all heard?

    It’s despicable what goes on … makes you want to move far away and stay there. Matter of fact, my daughter just asked me this week, “Mom, why can’t you be like other parents and just let me do x,y,z without needing to talk to them or meet them first? Just let me go and do certain things”.

    I told her very plainly that, because I love her and care about her well being I’m going to be up her behind for the rest of her life. Other parents aren’t paying attention aren’t my problem and if they’re not paying attention to what’s going on in their own home or they are so naive as to not pay attention, that’s their problem.

    1. That’s definitely valid, Sue. When you hear of the things that happen to kids when they’re not being watched by their parents it’s got to be scary. True, stuff happened years ago as well, and it probably needed to get out, and thus it’s not really worse, just better known, and the perps are better at it.

  3. The schools around here implemented a “Hands Off Policy” several years ago. All that did was make sure the kids who were being bullied didn’t dare fight back. People who break the rules aren’t intimidated by more rules. It reminds me of all the law-abiding citizens who have to jump through hoops to get on an airplane now, while the criminals continue to do what they want. And what about street gangs? How does any city tolerate that? We’re all too afraid — we don’t want to get sued or hurt or even inconvenienced. Everyone needs to watch the movie “Network,” then stick our heads out the window and scream, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Wouldn’t that be great?

    1. I remember that movie back in the day, Charles, and parts of it were hard to watch, but I loved that part I must admit. Schools are definitely going in the wrong direction. They have these no tolerance policies on things that make no sense, then they do stuff like what you mentioned; idiocy.

  4. My daughter has instruction… she may not start it, but she can finish it. I’ll deal with the school later.

    If she has to whoop some tail, she’s got my permission. BUT only when it’s self defense. I’m not going to subject her to some kid being abusive to her or hitting her and big as she is… which is probably stronger than I am right now at 5’6″… oh no, that’s not happening. I’m a fan of self defense. Hmmmmph.

    1. You know, the thing about self defense is that sometimes we can go overboard when defending ourselves. I had two rules of thumb when I got to that point: humiliate or crush. It wasn’t good enough to just beat someone up; I had to embarrass them or whip them into total submission. Lucky for me, I never had to get to the point of total submission; it wouldn’t have been pretty. As Charles said, sometimes the victim takes the heavier punishment for protecting themselves. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it, I’m just saying it could be problematic at times.

  5. It’s like the kid who hit back, they always catch the second one and they get into trouble.

    Well, protecting herself is important and I think I should tell her, till they stop or say “uncle” then.

  6. This is pretty deep Mitch but it’s the ugly reality some refuse to acknowledge is there. I remember being with a boyfriend(now an ex) and his friend had his girlfriend laid out and I was screaming stop and telling my bf to do something and he said “that’s his old lady, he has a right” I was floored. I just don’t get how someone can see an act such as that and have an excuse for it as to why it’s happening and to not get involved. I cannot stand to see any violence towards anyone nor verbal assault. Breaking down others to feel better about your own existence is an atrocity.

    1. That’s just amazing, Karen. That’s a horrible story; I’m assuming he was an ex pretty soon after that, because I’d have lost all respect for him that very night. I hope you never had to deal with that sort of thing.

      1. Oh yeah we did not last long and I saw him as a complete stranger after that. You just never see a persons true reactions to a situations until you are in it.

  7. Wow, is this how you randomly think always? Sounds like a very thoughtful woman to me ;-). “They” say we think like that because we’re so used to talking too much we have to (talk to ourselves when no one else is around) hence the very RANDOM and MANY thoughts.

    Some years ago I started asking myself if this politician voted to protect child rapists, what was the reason … if you’re voting against something that has to mean you’re for something else. I wouldn’t necessary agree that the ads are lies …. well, yes I would because a partial truth is indeed a whole lie.

    I pray for our young people and future generations because this bullying nonsense has gotten way out of hand and we live in a different day since Jerry Beaver or My Three Sons or The Courtship of Eddie’s Father … or Julia. You get the picture ;-). I know you’re around my age!

    I missed the story of the pastor forgetting his daughter. My heart grieves for anyone affected by those tragedies and I’m grateful with all that I’ve endured, lost, and forgotten that my children were never harmed in the processes.

    I never heard the word “gayism” did you make it up? I don’t know if I’ve ever stood for anyone or spoke up or in their behalf but I do know that I’m very passionate about the mistreatment of people because of their or our isms.

    Go Eagles! :-)(Hey, it’s Sunday … what can I say!)

    1. Kissie, of course gayism is a word. No need to make up words; I’m not Sarah Palin after all. Oh yeah, my thoughts go to many places during the day; if I’d written it on another day, some of the topics might have changed. Nah; these were on my mind and were big and I just had to get them out of there. Someone’s got to speak up, right?

  8. At my day job, I’ve had to shut a woman up who was a bully. She would target the weakest links there. All I had to do was give her a “look” and a few times I had to take her out. Not physically but verbally… I had to defend one of the young girls there against her and while I was the only one who stood up and said something, I truly stood alone. Everyone was saying to me… “Oh Sue, you shouldn’t do that, just stay quiet”… Hell no. I’m not having that nonsense under my nose like that and doing NOTHING!

    Was I afraid of losing my job? Yes. Was it massively uncomfortable to feel that everyone would rather “be quiet” and tip toe around this horses patutty when it wasn’t necessary? Yup…

    However, I had to do what I felt was the right thing. After that blow out fight, my rule was that everyone in my office had to be treated with respect. Period amen. I will have that in my environment. Period. I mean, how dare one human being take their nonsense out on someone weaker than them or less assertive just because they think they can while others sit idly by doing absolutely nothing.

    I’m not having that. I’m not capable of it and had I been fired over that blast (huge argument, very large confrontation and nonsense that went on thereafter) it would have been worth it.

    I’m that person, you don’t want at your job or you house. Because I can’t tolerate certain things.

    1. And there you go; love that! Need to have you comment on my query on my FB business page; seems a lot fewer people are willing to stand up for what’s right.

  9. This world is rotting, however there is always light in the tunnel. I guess the next few years will be the same, we will be spectators of world insanity and chaos, hopefully everything will improve.

    1. Carl, the world will improve when all of us take our shot at improving something, whether we immediately succeed or not.

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