Dream It And It Will Come

By now most everyone is familiar with the quote “Build it and they will come” from the movie Field of Dreams (which I’ve never seen; I’ll have to rectify that one of these days). Of course, most of us that blog know that’s not quite true. We spend our time writing posts and putting them out there for the masses, and unless we get into the blogosphere and find readers our dreams of blogging success just aren’t going to come true. So, the phrase is false.

Rasheed and Me

Or is it? Not according to someone I just met in person a couple of weeks ago, but who I’ve known for at least 8 years online. He’s the guy in the picture to the right along with myself; I’m the guy on the right in the picture, just to clarify things.

His name is Rasheed Hooda, and he’s on an interesting quest. He’s taking a 2-month trek across the country with the intention of visiting people in 40 states that he’s met over the years online. He might be visiting some people he already knows as well; I didn’t clarify that one with him. He started out from Houston, went west, north, then east and eventually will head south down to Florida before getting back to Texas.

Of course we had to talk about this venture, and I asked him why and how he was doing it. He said that his dream was to be able to travel around the country once he got to a certain age to meet people and to see the sights. His reality was that he wasn’t rich and thus had to figure out a way to fund his travels.

However, he said that in his opinion it was more important to have the dream, visualize the dream, and see the dream as a reality by setting a date for when it would begin. In his mind, the dream would create the way he could get it done.

Then he found his way. One of the talents he has it that he can make balloon animals. What he realized is that children love them, people will pay someone to make them for their kids, and all he had to do was find places that would allow him to do it everywhere he went. His belief was that he could fund his entire trip by working only on weekends, when he could also catch up on his rest by staying in one place.

And it’s worked. He finds restaurants or malls that allow him to set up a place for a number of hours and he does his thing. And he’s making pretty good money from it; seems weekend work really can be lucrative if you can find something you love to do that other people love to partake of, and who hasn’t seen a child being amazed at watching balloons become animals?

So the dream worked; all is good, and that’s all it took. No, not quite. Leading up to the date he started preparing for the trip. He bought lots of large blue tubs for his supplies and clothes. He converted the back of his Kia Sedona into a sleeping space (that’s the beauty of being shorter than me, as I’d never fit lol). He bought what he needed so he could cook some meals if he didn’t want to eat fast food. And of course he stays connected via his laptop and smartphone.

He put all of this together over many months once he had the dream secure in his mind and he’d figured out how he was going to fund his trip. He did admit that he wasn’t sure if his trip would last even 2 weeks, since once we all leave the areas where we live we’re not sure how others will react to us but it’s worked out well for him.

This means you not only dream, but you start working towards your dream. This is a great lesson for all of us. Then he asked me about my dream and I said… I don’t have one. Wow, when did that happen? So, I’ve started thinking about a dream for myself, something to concentrate on, and if I come up with it you know I’ll write about it here. It’s my belief that it’s going to have something to do with readers of this blog, other blogs, and social media. In its own way this is an interesting trek. Thanks Rasheed; you keep on trekking as well.

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  1. He’s talking about the Secret in a way, I’ve watched it about 6 times already and it’s all about visualization (dreams) and going after what you want in your life and finding a way to do that. And it comes from within and your dedication to yourself and what you put out into the world. At least that’s my interpretation of what you said here.

    Good for him! πŸ™‚

    1. That’s exactly it Miss Sue. You think of a dream, you find a way to wholly embrace it, and then you open your mind to all the possibilities that will help get you there. I’m getting close to defining a dream of mine I think; almost ready for it.

      1. Being ready for it is what it’s about, no doubts, no hesitation there’s enough for everyone and don’t give up. I summarized a 1.5 hour movie πŸ™‚

      2. It’s a hard concept to revolve your mind around, that’s for sure. It is all about how we think too and what we do. I’ve watched it 6 times at this point. Yup. 6.

  2. That was a very interesting positive story. I hope it works for him.

    I think as bloggers we share a similar dream which is to help others and make a difference in how people see the World.

    I just watched a news story on a guy who was wearing a life jacket laying down in shallow water asleep.

    He was so knocked out he was unaware of the people thinking he was dead.

    A dragon fly landed on his nose waking him up. The crowd of people was amazed to see him raise up.

    The man apologized for causing people concern but he wanted to live his life to the fullest.

    1. Good stuff Michael. I think you’re right, bloggers do want to make a difference in other people’s lives. At the same time, I tend to believe that we’re also looking to make significant differences in our own lives as well. Why do we share what we do? What’s the benefit to ourselves? I want to believe that blogging will help me attain my dreams and goals in some fashion; that’s one reason I blog. Another is because I just have stuff to say. And the third is because I love connecting and meeting people in a safe space; no place is as safe as your own place, right? πŸ™‚

    2. Yes, Michael,

      It is all about living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, sometimes, most of the times, the society sees people living a full life as selfish and inconsiderate because we don’t take into consideration their choice of NOT wanting to live life to the fullest. It makes them uncomfortable.

      1. I would agree. In addition to that people normally are too worried about how and what others are thinking of them. We need to define what and which opinion matter to us ; who matter to us. If we keep thinking about how everyone around us is viewing us then we get too busy trying to please them and we end up forgetting ourselves. It might sound selfish to some; but we have to stop worrying about what everyone thinks of us.

      2. Hajra,

        Very true. When I decided to leave ‘home’ and go nomadic, I was quiet concerned about what people would think. Not just people around me but total strangers whom I would meet along the way. I stopped blogging altogether for the same reasons. But I have ultimately come to terms with the fact that not only is this my life to live the way I choose, but I also have a responsibility to live life on my own terms, because doing so inspires and encourages others and, in a way, gives them permission to live their lives on their own terms.

        I have seen you around in social media. It is good to make your acquaintance here as well.

      3. Words of wisdom indeed! I think you set the perfect example of not bothering what others think and just do what you want to! πŸ™‚

  3. That is amazing that he is visiting people like that. I would love to do that.I have had dreams for years but until I made my dream board I think I buried some of them.I see them everyday and it reminds me of my WHYS!Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Beverly; great seeing you here, as someone I just learned of today. Yes, it’s an amazing thing he’s done and I’m glad that I was one of the people along the way on his quest so I could learn this lesson.

    2. Hi Beverly,

      If you want to do it, what’s stopping you? What steps are you taking to make it happen? Don’t get me wrong. It didn’t happen for me overnight either, but when I fulfilled my other obligations that I had committed to, it did happen overnight.

      Make a commitment to it and clear the slate so can live it.

      Thanks for taking time to express yourself.

  4. Rasheed’s story is a wonderful one.

    I’ve found in my life that if I dream hard enough something will happen. I does take some action on my behalf, but as long as I’m focusing on the dream I get closer. The fulfillment I reach is not always exactly the same as the original dream, but that’s okay. Part of dreaming is being surprised with the unexpected.

    1. Great share Arlee. Work and effort is always going to be a part of reaching one’s dreams, but it doesn’t have to hurt to put in that effort. We just have to be willing to open our minds I figure.

  5. Several years ago, I met a couple from Argentina. Their names are Herman and Candelaria Zapp.

    Their dream is to drive around the world. They’re doing just that in a 1928 Paige automobile with no money.

    http://ow.ly/cV5PO Check out their story.

    What you think about, you bring about.

    1. The story of Rasheed was great. It can inspire people. And wow Steve, I wanted see this awesome family who travels with their 1928 Paige automobile (take note: no money). That’s really unbelievable but they’re cool!

  6. I think this way thinks would work well for everybody, to find own way to do things and try to create something unique from a simple idea. I guess blogging also started this way, creating the medium between websites and forums.

    1. Actually Carl, I think blogging started out as a way for people to get their troubles off their chest & morphed into what it is now, which is actually better. As for dreams, I’m seeing this as something different than a goal, which I have as well.

      1. That’s also true, Mitch. I am preparing some series of articles related to history of blogging and this is the other angle that I am planning to mention.

  7. Mitch,
    I agree with MysteryCoach. It sounds so much like the principles of The Secret–which is based off of scripture in the Bible. I like the fact that Rasheed has created an Act II. The Word says we don’t have to know the final outcome–as long as we live according to His purpose.

    1. Hmmm… well, I’ll let you have Bible scripture. I’ll say that I’m going to dream for my own purpose, and it suits anyone else’s purpose as well then so be it. If not, it’s still going to be my dream, just like Rasheed’s is his dream. And I hope everyone else’s dream is strong enough to come true as well.

    2. Hi Beverly,

      Actually the inspiration for The Secret came from Wallace Wattle’s book The Science of Getting Rich. I know this because Rhonda Byrne was a member of the same forum that I belonged to where we discussed the ideas presented in SOGR and as she carried on with her dream of presenting The Secret to the world.

  8. What are we without a dream!!!

    Great story Mitch, just goes to show that we can do what we want, if we want it enough.

    You really need to watch Field of Dreams, one of the best movies I have ever seen.

    1. I forgot all about the movie Mitch mentions. I’ve watched that movie several times and to me the entire movie revolved around this guy doing the unthinkable when everyone else thought he was crazy. πŸ™‚ Do crazy πŸ™‚ LOL

    2. I’ll get around to it one of these days George, and I’m betting I’ll love it. Yes, we can reach our dreams if we feel them strongly enough, which is why I’m working on mine.

  9. Mitch Thanks for sharing this story It is great.
    I read from somewhere about “Law Of Attraction”. It really works,when we think about something which we want with some steps and work for that then it will be making some goods for that what we want.Means law of attraction works so dream with solid works against what you want it will come……

    1. Hi George,

      So right. When we want our dreams enough, then we’ll find ways and allow ways to show up that we hadn’t even thought of. I had never thought of being a balloon artist, even when I had used them in the restaurants I managed. But being open to the possibilities instead of locking down to a set plan is what made the reality come true.

  10. Hey Mitch,

    Thanks for the write up. I am glad my trip provided you with some food for thought and your blog post is helping me reach people I have never known and to help inspire them. This is AWESOME!

    I am currently in Kittyhawk, NC at a McD with no electrical outlet, and my laptop tells me that the battery is about to die, so I will come back and leave some more comments in response to what you said and what others are saying.

    Thanks for being available to meet up. I enjoyed our time together. Look forward to see you again soon.


    1. Rasheed, it was my pleasure and a boost I needed to get thinking about the proper things again. It was certainly an adventurous night as well, wasn’t it? lol

    2. Sometimes life is funny. After leaving Kitty Hawk, when I got to Savanah, GA and plugged in my computer, it had no display. A quick trip to the Geek Sqad revealed that the video card is shot and replacing the VC on my antique Gateway will cost more than it was worth. So I will be looking to get a new machine when I get back to Houston.

      But then my phone company decided for no apperant reason to give me an upgrade, and now I can access the web much faster on my phone, so here I am catching up on my responses. Life is good.

    3. And I hope you got any later responses to your original comments since I just had to go in and correct your email address on every other comment you wrote. Too many I’s in “gmail”. lol

  11. I am a relatively new online friend of Rasheed and love road trips in general. Very nice post. Where there is a will, there is a way!

    1. Charles,

      I actuually went pass your town on my way from WV to Richmond. I had never paid attention to where you lived and missed the opportunity to connect in person. Lesson learned. Next time around be more proactive with where I am heading and who I can meet.

      Thanks for the kind words

  12. That is a very inspiring story and I wish Rasheed all the very best in his future travels as well. If he ever decides to travel to India, he has me to contact now!

    1. Hello Rummuser,

      India is a BIG country. Where in India are you? I am originally from Hyd, AP.

      My BIG goal is to climb Mt Everest, so visit to india is definetely in the plans. When? I am not sure.

      Thanks for your hospitality

      1. It is indeed a very small world. My late wife was from Hyderabad and I started my working career there too. I went to St George’s Grammar School for a while, if that will cement my credentials further. My late wife Urmeela was also an artist and was a favourite student of Vidhya Bhushan who officiated at our wedding. Another Hyderabadi artist, currently in the USA Devraj Dakoji is a very dear friend too, as were his contemporaries Surya Prakash and Laxma Gouda.

        I currently live in Pune and am in the process of giving away my life! You can contact me through the contact page in my blog.

        I do hope that this synchronicity takes our chance encounter in the blogsphere further.

        Thank you Mitch for making this happen.

      2. I am from India too! I am basically from Bihar but have lived in the Middle East most of my life. But I have lived in India for over six years – Mumbai, Delhi, Aligarh. If you ever plan to come to India, do tell me before hand. We could make plans to meet up! πŸ™‚

        And yes, Hyderabad is one place I wish to visit. And climbing Mount Everest, maybe I will come to see you off before your climb! πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for posting this inspiring story. As someone aptly said,’Dare to Dream’ but also end up realising the dream. I’ve dreams of my own which I already started fulfulling. I prepare a plan always and proceed accordingly. There is no fun in daydreaming. One has to dream and realize them too.

    Sanjib Saha

    1. Actually Sanjib, there’s lots of fun in daydreaming; it’s just not all that productive. lol I’m working on a dream that’s going to be high that I can fully concentrate on reaching, whether I know how I’m going to get there or not.

  14. I definitely like these kind of stories, they just give me a huge amount of positive vibes! Really inspirational, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Elisabeth. It’s definitely inspiring, so let’s see how many of us will take up the challenge in finding something for ourselves to dream about.

  15. Too bad I haven’t connected with him online yet Mitch since he’s from my hometown. He could have met me on his way out.

    I think that’s really cool actually and I think it would be fun to meet all the people I’ve made connections with online. I applaud him for doing that and as they say, you just come up with your dream and everything will start to fall into place.

    That I do know for sure.

    Glad you two were able to meet and hope you enjoyed your time together.


    1. Thanks Adrienne. I wrote about it on my local blog and it’ll be coming out tomorrow over there. And he’ll be back in Houston within the month I believe so many there will be a way for the two of you to meet in person. That would be cool.

    2. Hi Adriene,

      What part of Houston do you live in? I would love to meet up and have some conversations with you. Maybe we can find a way to meet when I get back later this month or early next month.

      It’s a strange world we live in. While I was in Syracuse with Mitch, I went to work at a Texas Roadhouse and twisted balloons for the grandkids of the man who is the namesake for the High School my son graduated from. Now how bizzare is that?

      Feel free to contact me any time you like. 281 827 6480 or on FB/misterweirdo

      1. Hi Rasheed,

        I’m in the Galleria, where are you? I would enjoy connecting with you in some shape or form. Would love to hear about your travels and how your trip was meeting your online friends. I think that would be so cool to do.

        Wow, that is really neat and you are right. It’s a small world.

        Thank you Rasheed and you enjoy the rest of your trip. Be safe!


    3. I was thinking about Adrienne when I read this post. Adrienne, as many of you know is obviously the queen of networking. She does it so well that it amazes me! Rasheed’s journey is also about a whole new realm of networking – not just online but offline as well. Hats off to you! πŸ™‚

      1. Holly,

        That sounds like a great idea. I will be back by the end of the month. Actually, I have to be back before Aug 29 when I have a radio interview on Consciously Curious radio show online. I’ll post a link later on. So some time in early Sept would be great. What do say, Adrienne?

  16. Hi Mitch

    Sometimes our dreams can feel like so distant from what our life is at the moment we wonder how we can possibly get to fulfill it.
    But unless we live for those dreams we just stagnate. Never really going forward, therefore there is no real goal for better days, better future or even the reality of having a purpose for humanity. The older I get the more driven I am to eventually achieve the dream…time is running out and I don’t want to be ‘standing at the pearly gates’ saying “Well, I was just discouraged and gave up.” So everyday I get up and learn more and press on to what I am dreaming of. What I feel is my purpose…it is just taking a whole lot longer than I ever thought it would!


    1. Interesting point Mary. I think many people have dreams but they’re not focused, not envisioned properly. That’s what I’m working on, something that I can positively focus on, that I want to do, and adding a time frame to getting it done. And I’m going to believe I can do it as well. I think that’s what separates those who dream from those who just think about what they’d like. I’m going to work towards proving that statement as being correct.

    2. Hi Mary,

      If you see it as done, rather than thinking of eventually getting it done, you’ll find the time shrinking rather than taking longer. That has been my experience.

      1. Good point. Still trying to wrap my head around that concept and I know it has been said many a time. I have mastered it in some of the things I do, just got to transform it into everything.

  17. Do I have a dream?

    Kind of.

    My dream to build a vast business empire (and yes, I mean empire); a group of companies that focuses and nurtures innovation and the importance of customer satisfaction within its employees.

    Do I have a dream for blogging?

    Yeah, sure.

    To learn, to gain experience and to have fun (having fun should be one among the dreams or goals, right?)

    Great example, Mitch. We don’t need to worry about how we are going to accomplish our dream. Have a dream, think about it and plan (and care, instead of worrying) about how we are going to accomplish the dream.

    I have a plan now, to accomplish my dreams. And even if life throws curve balls at me, I will accomplish it. Because it is my dream.

    It is my purpose πŸ˜€

    1. That’s a nice dream Jeevan. Have you started plans towards how you’re going to get there? I’d love to be able to say one of these days “hey, I knew that guy; he commented on my blog.” lol

      1. My initial plan was to make some money through blogging and reinvest in some other field (like App development). So far, it is going great. Right now, I am working on a Kindle Book. I am pretty sure that I will be able to make some good sales.

        If everything works out fine, it will go according to plan (or I have my backup plan which involves my interest too). Right now, I am studying for biotechnology. So, after my studies, I will be able to work and make some money (and of course, save some to invest and start a business).

        It is a dream, I don’t have a super specific plan, but I know I will accomplish it πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Glad that you find it inspiring. I have found a new dimention to what I do during this trip that I didn’t realize before.

  18. The idea that the mere visualization of a dream make half of the dream to come true is not new. A few thinkers from the rise of 20th Century made it popular through writing and free speech to name here Napoleon Hill and James Allen.
    This statement is true as long as you are able to transmit to your subconscious the possibility of being true and to erase all the possibilities of being false. It is quite a long and hard process that come through inner faith and clearing the negative thoughts. But finally it worth.

    1. Saru, it’s those things and then opening one’s mind to multiple ways of getting there, or at least directed ways of getting there. It’s like playing the lottery; just dreaming of winning $300 million won’t get it done, but calculating how much in tickets you’d have to spend to give yourself a legitimate chance might, although anyone doing that either needs to be a math genius or already a billionaire. lol

      1. Mitch,

        If you only take action if the odds are favorable, you’ll never play the lottery and certainly never win it. The key to success lies in taking managable risks to beat the odds. Those who play have a better chance of winning than those who don’t. If yolu never take a chance, you’ll never win big. Yes the odds are astronomical, but the fact is that someone is winning it, someone who played it despite the odds.

        Take a chance now and then, you’ll never know what surprises lie in the wake unless you do.

  19. You must work hard to reach your dream.. Some people reach it with a lot sadness.. The key to reach that is not give up whatever happen.. πŸ™‚

    1. Hard work is a myth as a requirement for exceptional success. Yes effort is neccesary, but if it is hard, then it steals the joy and you arrive unhappy. Find joy in what you do, or do what you find joyful and you’ll never work hard and yet find success.

  20. It just goes to show that if you want something bad enough you can make it happen. You just have to find a way to make it come true. Just believing it and sitting on your hands waiting for it to happen ain’t going to do it.

  21. Super cool. This is a much more motivating story than a story about someone with real money “roughing it” in a similar way. The cool thing here is that all Rasheed really needs at any one time is enough money for gas to back to home base. And maybe to eat along the way. =)

    1. You’re right Dave, and I’m glad you liked the story. It does work because he’s not a rich guy who decided to go on a quest. And his next big dream is to climb a mountain, though he’s never done it before. That one will be really interesting to see how he pulls it off.

    2. Hi Dave,

      So glad you liked my story. Yes, that’s exactly right. All I need is gas money for my next destination. In most cases, the restaurants I work at feed me since they are not paying me in monetary terms, so food is not much of a concern. I do have to pay for my mobile phone, vehicle insurance and maintanance, but otherwise I don’t have any expenses.

  22. Great story Mitch, and thank you Rasheed for the inspiration.

    Mitch, you *must* see Field of Dreams. I loved it each of the couple of times I watched it and I know *nothing* of baseball.

    A big plus for me was the marvellous performance by James Earl Jones. I saw him perform live once in New Haven and love seeing him in the movies. I would go to hear him read the telephone book – that voice is transcendent!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the story here Des, and I’ll get around to seeing Field of Dreams one of these days. After all, I do love baseball and I like James Earl Jones a lot as well. I’ve been inspired by Rasheed’s quest and I’m working on something for myself.

    2. Des,

      Glad I can provide some inspiration. I must confess I have not seen. The movie either. As a matter of fact, I saw a clip from the movie on a TV in one of the stops. This clip featured Burt Lanchaster. I guess I am going to get it assoon as I get my laptop situation resolved.

  23. Hi Mitch-

    I linked to you from your post on LinkedIn. You have a real nice site here! Great personal approach, very warm and uplifting. This article is a fine example of exactly that.

    And if Des didn’t break your old record, this comment certanly should!

    All the best, Dan

  24. Hi Mitch, that was a cool story! It got me thinking about my dreams too. I’ve changed course in my life since I started blogging and I think it might be time to change some of my dreams or goals too. I have some goals posted on my wall from about 8 or 9 nine years ago and one of them is to become debt free. I accomplished that goal 4 or 5 years ago but I keep it hanging there just to remind me how far I have come. Maybe it’s time to take it down and just put up some new ones! Thanks for the encouragement and best wishes to Rahseed! Well done.

    1. Thanks Ileane; glad you enjoyed Rasheed’s tale. I also had goals years ago but somewhere along the line I got out of part of that business, or stopped doing it the right way. This has inspired me to take another look at things and start working on something tangible that will bring me lots of joy. Good for you in accomplishing your original goals!

    2. Thank you, Ileane, for thhe kind words and the well wishes.

      I have learned that most of my old dreamsand goals weren’t really my goals. They were what I thought my goals should be. Lol

  25. The “field of dreams” lives in the mind of individuals. What’s amazing is that when you take the time to share that field with other people the invisible field can become REAL. Want proof? Think Walt Disney World – a swamp becomes a magic kingdom. That only happens when people become believers in dreams and take action.

    Every week people are doing exactly that – sharing their dreams for enhanced business and prosperity at Business Connection Coffee Meetups all over South Florida. Soon what is happening in South Florida will be happening all across the nation. No dues. No fees. No mandatory meetings.

    1. Interesting statement Lamar. Where I live was actually built on a swamp as well, and we see reminders all the time of that fact around here when it rains hard & trees fall. It is amazing what individuals can do once they put their minds and intentions to it.

    2. Hi Lamar,

      I remember you from Ryze. Where in FL are you? I am currently in Tampa.

      1. I currently live in Coconut Creek, FL, which is outside Ft. Lauderdale. I plan to relocate to Margate, FL, which is nearby in November. Back when I was active on Ryze, I lived in Northern California. I haven’t forsaken Ryze so much as there seems to be so much more going on elsewhere – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Pinterest. It is really a challenge to keep up-to-speed with all the new innovations.

  26. Hi Mitch; Thanks for introducing us to Rasheed and truly one of the most motivating life stories. Often we go through life thinking and dreaming things will happen and they will come by but we forget to realize that we have to make the changes we want to see. And there really is no other route to success unless you are ready to work for it.

    This made me think about my dreams too. And yes, I am trying to move towards them and make them happen.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    And yes, it is wonderful how Rasheed has taken online networking to a whole new level. Amazing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hajra. It’s amazing how one post with someone can generate so many dreams from others, or at least get people thinking about their own dreams, as it’s done for me. Such a down to earth guy as well; course, where we met certainly made both of us down to earth for the night. lol

      1. It sure is. This is one think I love about blogging. It introduces us to so many wonderful people and there is just so much to take and learn from blogging than just “how to monetize your blog”! πŸ˜‰

      2. Mitch,

        A friend of mine, Yolanda Bynum, competed in a Toastmasters Speech Contest on Thu night. She talked about how she never told her mother everything she wanted to because she didn’t want to think about her mother dying one day, until it was too late. Her message was clear. “What are you waiting for?” she asked, “the alarm is ticking, and this is your wake up call.”

        On Fri night, she was walking back to her hotel when another woman joined her and they got to talking. “Oh I heard about that,” said the other woman. “My friend Amy was at one of those contests and there was this lady talking about how you never know how much time you have. So, I called my mother with whom I haven’t spoken to in two years because I was mad her, just to find out that she has a terminal illness.”

        Yolanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing. When the lady found out it was Yolanda who had delivered that speech, she gave her a big her and thanked her for saving the relationship between her and her mother.

        You just never know how a small gesture on your part can impact the people in this world. People whom you haven’t even met. We’ve got over a hundred comments, and who knows how many others we have touched that haven’t commented for whatever reason.

        Keep up the good work. I know this trip has opened my mind to the responsibility I have to live my life to the fullest and sharing it with others. We all have that responsibility.

      3. Rasheed, I can’t wait to read your blog about your experiences on your journey, the people you met, and the places you’ve worked. I loved the one picture you sent me with the kids; they sure do love balloons. πŸ™‚

  27. Great story! And it would really be great to finally meet in person our online friends. The way I read it, looks like Rasheed is enjoying himself while achieving his dream. A really inspiring story from real people.

    1. Thanks Roy. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some online friends here and there, but never as an intentional quest. It’s always fun seeing that person in real life, as it was here. To be inspired to do something was an added benefit. Glad you enjoyed the story.

    2. Hi Roy,

      Thanks for the kind words. I feel that I have just started living my dreams and if this is any indication of what is in store, I am ready for the time of life. Pun intended.

      1. I have a feeling that you would, either voluntarily or involuntarily, extend your 2-months tour because you are enjoying yourself πŸ˜‰

  28. Perhaps the “dream” started to take shape and form some 5-6 years ago, at a CiCi’s Pizza, eh, Rasheed? (Then again, that was a case of meeting someone in person, then LATER meeting them online…)

    I always laugh to hear people refer to THE SECRET. I finally watched it, and it was nothing more than the tips my mom shared with me decades earlier for how she won contests and sweepstakes (and I mean WON – lots of them – including a car and a ski boat and a guest appearance on an HBO series…) It’s fairly simple; the one we all struggle with, I think, is the visualization – getting our brains into the proper “pitch” (I think of it as “pitch”) to believe a thing is already a done deal that just hasn’t happened yet. Not that it might or will happen, but that it WILL happen because it’s already in the bag. We’ve been taught, as part of the growing-up process, to limit our imaginations and our ability to suspend disbelief long enough to accept the miraculous.

    But one of my favorite quotations serves as an excellent reminder:

    β€œUntil one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:
    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!?”

    ~ W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951

    Happy travels, Rasheed!

    1. Hi Holly,

      Yes, when we met at Cici’s some three years ago, I was working on my blog PresentDayNomads, and ‘dreaming’ of becoming one soon. I had to wait till my son graduated from high school and went off to college.

      Incidently, the W H Murrray quote was a turning point in my life some twenty years ago. But that is another story altogether.

      I kinda chuckled when I saw that the post before this one was your interview. A testament to the small world we live in.

      1. I could’ve SWORN that was more than 3 years ago, Rasheed – you sure? I thought I’d just launched Trockle… could’ve sworn it was in 2007 or 2008.

      2. I didn’t even start twisting until Feb. ’08 and by thhe time I got to Jones Rd, where we met, it was christmas time, so it would be late 08 at the earliest, but I remember we talked about my blog which I didn’t start until June of ’09

      3. Then 2009 it must’ve been! But that’s only three years ago – it seems so much longer than that. Of course, the last year and a half have seemed to draaaaaag by. Not that they haven’t been interesting, maybe TOO interesting, but time’s not been a good guide for any of it!

  29. Mitch~
    Great article!
    I need to inject a couple of things here (while agreeing with what has been written:)
    Rasheed hit the nail on the head when he said ‘You have to dream it first – THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!’ It doesn’t happen by simply dreaming it and this is something that people who dispute ‘The Secret’ miss.

    Like others, I have read ‘The Secret’ and seen the movie many times, but like a lot of publications, it was cut to fit into a certain space. By cutting the content to fit the space, some ‘secrets’ were omitted and the most important of these was the Secret of Being Receptive.

    Let me back track a little….
    In 1987, when I was at college (went back to college), it was mandatory for us to watch a movie: The Miracle Man, – the story of Morris Goodman. This story is the basis of The Secret and I encourage everyone to watch it. Morris Goodmans (true) story was so touching and so insprirational that it changed my life forever, causing me to live The Secret, without knowing that it was a secret!

    Then I stumbled across Abraham (Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and (the late) Jerry Hicks. Now THIS had a HUGE impact on my life, because Abraham gives ALL the secrets in one book (or audio – the audio is much better, because it makes more sense).

    I am not going to tell you the stories behind these characters, just that you should rush out and buy them.. **NOW**. Mitch, you said yourself: ‘Man, you always seem to make it’ and my comment to you was: ‘Yes, I am the master of reinvention’ and the reason is that I know ALL the secrets – not just the ones in the popular movie, that has left everyone wondering why it didn’t work for them.

    I also gave you the key in my message: ‘You must find a way to monetize your talent’ and that is exactly what Rasheed did when he took to the road, making balloon animals.

    What I am trying to say, Mitch, is that the answers are all around you – you just have to be RECEPTIVE enough to see them and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Oh, and one last thing….. as is evident from my story in Port St Lucie, of which you are aware, if the dream is not in alignment of the Universe, no matter how much you try to squeeze a square peg into a round hole, it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

    So, my friend… start watching the Miracle Man and listen to the audio of Ask and It Is Given, create your dream (be specific about what you want and what you intend to do about getting it) and watch the dream unfold, but don’t forget to play YOUR part ~ you gotta put it into action. Remember, you can’t dream yourself into winning the Lotto, unless you buy a ticket!

    Sending positive thoughts your way!
    (Sorry for any typos…. rushing out of the house!)

    1. Good stuff Althea, and thanks for sharing all of it. Of course you’re assuming we don’t have Ask & It Is Given, which we do, and that I haven’t listened to it (got it as a recorded book), which I have. I have to admit that it didn’t resonate all that much with me as it did with my wife, but that happens. It’s like I always say, some people are geared towards one person or philosophy more than another, which is why the world can support many people that in one way do and give the same type of thing, only in their own particular voice.

      I also know the Morris Goodman story well, moreso than just what was in The Secret. Seeing it in the video intrigued me enough to want to go learn more.

      Overall I think I’ve been action in many ways, but not all the correct ways. Things are changing; I’m riding the wave to see how it eventually takes me to what I want to achieve.

  30. Rasheed, what a wonderful adventure! I didn’t know about your trip. It was great of you to post about it, Mitch (it showed up in my Facebook feed). And yes, Mitch, please go rent “Field of Dreams.” You’ll be glad you did.

    Rasheed is familiar with my teachings, so the following information I would like to share won’t be news to him…

    When we refer to dreams, there are important laws we can apply that allow us to fulfill them. I call them prosperity laws or mental and spiritual laws. Here’s an important one to ponder…

    The subconscious mind will create for us and attract to us those circumstances that it accepts to be true in the present moment. Our job is to condition our subconscious mind to accept what we want as an EXISTING reality. In the realm of consciousness, there really is no “future.” Tomorrow never comes. It is always the present moment or NOW in consciousness. When what we call later or tomorrow arrives, it will actually still be the present moment. Ten minutes from now it will still be now. A week from now it will still be now, etc. And this is extremely important: what we are thinking and feeling right NOW is what determines our future experience.

    So if you accept this premise, then if we continually think of our dream as existing at some future time, guess what? It stays in the future and does not materialize, because the message we are giving to our mind is that “we don’t have what we want.” And we’ll continue to not have it.

    But if we instill the idea of our dream into our subconscious as if it’s a present reality, that new dominant thought in the mind then opens the pipeline to universal Intelligence, whatever you perceive it to be – God, Universe, Spirit, Quantum Field – and that Intelligence knows exactly how to make it happen. I’ve stated, “Accept the Wow and forget the How.” πŸ™‚

    The great Dr. Joseph Murphy said, “Feel the joy of the answered prayer.” The subconscious mind is compulsive so when your attention is consistently focused on the fulfillment of your dream or goal, there are two ways results will come: The mind will guide you to take “inspired” action that leads to results. Or sometimes you will take no physical action and the results will arrive sponstaneously “out of the blue.” (those are the seeming miracles, the really fun stuff!) That’s because the mental “action” is thousands of times more powerful than physical action – and the mental activity alone can set the creative forces in motion to fulfill your dream. I even wrote my entrepreneurial memoir about the synchronicity and guidance that I experienced over the decades as I learned and applied these laws.

    Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

    Rasheed, if I may, I would like to suggest a sub-dream for you…why not dream that you are currently being paid monetarily for your skill? It could come from the retail owners, it could from more lucrative tips, maybe performing at children’s birthday parties – or it could come from some unexpected channels. Remember “source vs. channels” – rely on the source to open up all the possible financial channels. You deserve it.

    1. Thanks for the great comment Marilyn and you actually gave me a tidbit in a way I hadn’t thought of before. The conscious thought of a dream for something you want in the future being a “now” belief; that’s interesting and mind changing. Yet the reality of such thoughts works well and has worked for me in the past. Feeling like it’s already happened and believing in it; that’s a good one, though admittedly a hard one. When things are tough it’s hard to convince yourself of your present success, but if it were easy then where would the challenge be, as well as the thrill of achievement? Something else to add to my thinking process.

      Rasheed, you getting all of this stuff that you started? πŸ™‚

    2. Marilyn,

      My entire trip was financed by the idea of source vs channel. I knew the source will provide, and the channels showed up as I traveled. Sometimes they were restaurants, other times it was a state fair and the riverfornt and so forth.

      I am at peace with this idea and it serves me well. I am now enlarging the container and building a reservoir of financial abundance.


      This is fun stuff. I am soaking it all in. I have started on my book “Freedom Tasted” (working title) based on the lessons I’ve learned over the years and how I applied them to make this trip happen and the lessons I learned along the way.

  31. Mitch, I am happy to know that you have the audio book and even happier that you’ve listened to it. You might say that it didn’t resonate with you, but I think you’d be surprised as to just how much, your sub-conscious took in and stored!

    I have watched many ‘Secret’ tryers take in the concept and then walk away because they believed that their ‘dream’ was dashed, when in fact what they saw as their dream, was in fact sinmply the vehicle TO their dream. The dream was still intact, but the vehicle had stalled.

    Let’s take Rasheed, as an example: I feel almost certain that Rasheed didn’t grown up telling people that all he ever wanted to be is a maker of balloon animals, but he is good at it and has been successful at that being the vehicle TO his dream.

    Very often, we look at the Tony Robbins of the world and what we see are them being successful on stage, the admiration, adoration, the fame and prosperity, but I don’t think that any of that is his (or their) dream/s – it’s the vehicle he uses TO his dream.

    One has to distinguish between the dream (the goal) and the vehicle (what makes it possible to reach the dream).

    Just as we change vehicles in real life (they get old, they start to break and they must be traded in for newer ones), so do the vehicles to our dreams. As you have seen with me, my vehicle changed from business networking, to real estate, and now to foreclosure processing and my magazine, and while some people might sit back and say: “She is not successful because she keeps changing jobs”… these jobs are simple the vehicle TO my dream.

    We seldom share our dreams – they are most often personal and private goals – but we do tend to share our vehicles. We attract people to our vehicles to pave the way to our dreams, just as Rasheed attracts children to his balloons, but he uses that as a vehicle to furnish his dream.

    Is any of this making sense?

    I believe that your already have your dream – it’s the vehicle that you must now find. Or could it be the other way around?

    1. When I wrote this article, I didn’t have a dream. I realized I hadn’t had a dream for years, and when I had a dream, it was unfocused because I couldn’t see it in my head. Of course, the first couple of dreams were easy to reach and then I found I didn’t really want them so that was unfulfilling. Then I stopped dreaming; I really couldn’t think of anything I wanted badly enough. I believe I have something now, which I’m not going to share, but I have something coming out here on September 1st that will talk about the process. That will be me sharing my vehicle, if you will; we’ll see how interesting it turns out to be. πŸ˜‰

    2. Althea,

      Not only does it makes sense, but you bring up something that most people don’t realize because the way our society is. We are taught to see our vehicles as our goals and dreams and our dreams as something secondary and not important. It is sad, but I think more and more people are waking up to the reality that our ways of earning income are just vehicles and reviving their dreams.

  32. hi Mitch ,
    some one said the greatest nation is Imagi Nation .if you can dream it then you can get it i think Rasheed has prooved it to us congrats Rasheed.

  33. Most people seem to be held back by financial issues, and the idea that they don’t have the time to pursue their dreams. Many are also afraid they’ll fall on their faces, opening themselves up to ridicule. Rasheed’s method of funding his journey is perfect. As I read your post, I heard a voice in my head say, “If that guy can get from here to there with balloon animals, what’s stopping you?” His story is proof that most obstacles are illusions. Thanks for this, Mitch.

    1. Thanks for your words Charles, and that’s exactly what I heard in my head as well. I went into business for myself all those years ago with no fears at all. Then suddenly over the last 3 years I’ve had nothing but fear, as the economy has gotten tougher to deal with. Now once again I have no fear, and it’s because of Rasheed; feels so much better.

  34. This is a great story of positivity. Goes to show that you really can achieve something if you put your mind to it. You have the power to shape your own destiny, and must learn to realize your own potential. Thank you for such an inspiring post!

  35. Thanks for sharing this, Mitch. I think it’s really important to put aside fear when you do anything in life. Can you imagine all the things we would have left undone if we allowed obstacles to continuously block our paths? This is a great reminder that if you persevere and find ways to fulfill your dreams, you will get there. I wish both you and Rasheed the best life can give you.

    1. Thanks Kristine. I’m working on my dream now and I’m betting Rasheed’s back home working on his next quest as well. And we both expect to reach it; that’s the fun part of it all. πŸ™‚

  36. Mitch, I love how you listen to others thoughts, goals, and duties in this life. You aren’t one who is completely right before any conversation. You keep your mind open until you find the truth in life from a soul you never expected. I went thru that in life as well… only I was very closed minded when something was shoved down my throat. Yet, with that, I still had wonders-and searched it all out. Some of us are open minded from start-others learn the long route.

    The way I had dreams come true, was not to rely only on oneself-but to give it all to my Creator who knew me, and plans when I was in my mother’s womb. We take our free will and challenge God on who’s road is right. After so many tragedies on “my” road… I heard Him louder than ever before after my ex beat 2 mod following my first brain surgery. I knew there was more to life than settling on the lame choices I made. But to look to Jesus for what He has planned for me-and being one to trust-pray-run forward to capture His plans that make my dreams alive. (and in amazing, never thought of ways) When I turn away from Him, and put all only into myself-I don’t reach the goals He has planned. I am grateful for every trip and fall that woke me up to the One and Only God that has only One way to get where we are going… thru Jesus. He allows trials for those He loves, and knows they are just fighting with the devil and the world today to think we are in control of everything. That the dreams we have that begin to come true are put on halt until we wake up to His love and purpose in life we will live out thru our dreams He blesses as we accept and trust Him to be in the drivers seat!! He has amazing places for us to go–that will change our lives. Never was a “Secret…” Just people turn to that propaganda book–written for cash–not for truth. To be able to sell it from all views, including all pieces of faith or cults–when there is only One. I will hang onto this–amazed all the amazing roads He has blessed for me-praying for those who are still at the fork, unsure of what to do. This man was blessed to touch lives… God has even more in store for Him to learn as He reaches goals of reality…not just day dreaming. Jesus grabs those running the race before they know what an amazing adventure will come out of it along the way, as they trust God, and believe in Him, His plans, and themselves to accomplish more than we ever imagined!!

    A soul I will always adore, is Mitch. He doesn’t knock it–but questions all. His heart is bigger than most imagine. And I know God is working thru His dear soul today, and every tomorrow we get. Bless you thru your life Mitch… seeking and reaching believing and accomplishing!!

    Heather (Hetty) Siebens

    1. Thank you for that Hetty. I’m not sure I deserve it all, but I appreciate the words. Our dreams and goals help keep us together and pushing forward, and I’ll always support people in those dreams.

  37. Hi Mitch,

    Awesome post on Rasheed, and good on him. I love that he got to live one of his dreams, through making it happen.

    all the best,

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