Trolls And Mean People

I hate bullies, and I hate trolls. I hate self righteous people that don’t have a true leg to stand on, yet believe their self importance is so prominent that they have to put others down to make themselves look good.

Kate Upton,
Sports Illustrated

Who thinks the young lady in the picture to the left isn’t attractive? She’s a 19-year old model named Kate Upton that’s just landed the cover model spot on the 2012 Sports IllustratedSwimsuit issue. She’s been ranked as the #2 favorite lady for Maxim magazine. And yet you’d think by some people’s standards that she’s not only one of the ugliest woman in the world, but that she’s a tramp, slutty, and almost anything else you can think of to demean her. Remember me saying how it takes courage to be on social media?

Who’s saying these things? At the bottom of this article I’m going to post a video of her at a basketball game doing her version of some little dance called The Dougie. I’ll admit this, I don’t fully get it but it seems popular with the younger set, and she’s absolutely adorable in it. The video has been seen almost 4 million times on YouTube, and it’s what helped launch her into the position she’s in today.

However, if you look at many of the comments on the website, you’d think she slept with Osama bin Laden. Just horrible stuff being said about her and the young lady with her in the video. What the heck is this stuff? Come on now, is this the best the world has to offer for a young lady at a basketball game doing a little dance? I took a look at a few other videos of her doing some of the Sports Illustrated layout and the same types of comments keep coming up; wow. Is this the best America has to offer someone who basically seems like a nice young lady just having a lot of fun?

Then there’s this broad (yeah, I’m going there) to the left, Sophia Neophitou, the editor of something I’ve never heard of called bible 10, and the woman who supposedly helps put together Victoria Secret live model shows. She had this to say, which I felt was unnecessary:

“We would never use Ms. Upton for a Victoria’s Secret show. Her look is ‘too obvious’ to be featured in what has become the most widely viewed runway show in the world. She’s like a Page 3 girl. She’s like a footballer’s wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

Let’s see, Upton is good looking enough to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated but isn’t good looking enough to be on the catwalk of a Victoria Secret modeling show? This bag (yeah, I said it) has the audacity to say this woman wouldn’t look good in Victoria Secret gear? Is she blind? Did she just demean most of the women in the world with this elitist miasma of perfidy? Obviously she’s not that smart, since these pictures here are of Miss Kate in a Victoria Secret’s catalog, wearing said lingerie. Too good for Kate, eh?

What’s happened in our culture when we can’t acknowledge that someone is good or good looking or even just cute? When did our culture get to the point where we have to go out of our way to be this mean?

I’ve been trying to think of whether I’ve been this kind of mean to anyone or about anything in the 4 years of this blog based on what someone looks like. No, I don’t think so. Have I been this mean in general? Yes, I have called out stupidity when it applies to racism, and I’m calling it out in this blog as it pertains to this Neophitou woman, but she in essence started it.

In the last week both CNN and the New York Times have decided to try to dismiss her as not being “model pretty”. Uhhh, anyone remember Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Williams and a host of other very pretty women whom someone determined weren’t “model pretty”? What the heck?

To her credit Upton seems to be handling it all pretty well. In one of the news stories she said that even Giselle, the multi-millionaire Brazilian model was once told she wasn’t pretty enough to be a model either. Morons; they’re everywhere (almost as bad as stupid clowns!

What’s your thought on this topic and this model? And yes, I promised you a video, so here’s the video; someone contact Sire because he might not want to miss this one lol:


36 thoughts on “Trolls And Mean People”

  1. I remember seeing this video before. I wasn’t really aware of who she was but I did think she was cute and the video was entertaining.

    I will say that since I learned who she was sometimes I see these dudes go a little bit overboard on how good looking she is, lol. She’s definitely good looking but come on.

    You’ll see comments like “i would drag myself over broken glass for a shot with her” or “I’d give up my left foot for one night with her.” aw, come on! LOL.

    That said -I think Sophia Neophitou was way off base in trashing Kate Upton. Seemed kind of personal, to me. If she’s so awful then simply don’t hire her, no need to publicly trash her. Especially since all they’re selling is UNDERWEAR. Sheesh. They act like it’s Michaelangelo and DaVinci com back to life or something.

    re: YouTube comments -well, they are usually pretty awful, so I’m not surprised they went that far. To me, glorification of these celebrities has gone way too far, but we don’t have to trash and vilify them with such hostility either.

    Now, off to watch that video again!

    1. John, I think she’s the cutest thing. For some she would be gorgeous, for others she’s cute, but this woman trashing her like that was unneeded, unacceptable and illogical since, as you see, Kate did model for them. That and, well, who’s she to talk? Watching the video again, eh? I won’t say anything. lol

      You’re right about YouTube comments though; that’s why early on I didn’t want to put my videos up for public consumption. Then again, I haven’t had even one video reach 100 views so I don’t think I’m in any danger of being overexposed.

  2. I think she’s pretty hot Mitch and everyone knows I am a pretty good judge of women 😉

    Seriously though she’s just a young girl having fun with her mates and those people writing those stupid comments are just a bunch of jealous morons, just like the women from Victoria secrets who didn’t do her companies brand any good with her stupid comment.

    Thanks for the post mate, it does this old ticker a lot of good seeing the young of today having some good clean fun with their friends who are obviously enjoying themselves.

    1. I knew you’d like it Sire, and I’m glad your point of view on the subject is the same as mine. The woman looks petty and stupid for not doing her research. And what some of those other people are saying… sheesh!

  3. Well, trolls are part of the psychological ecosystem – without them, some people would never be elevated to stardom.

    I’m kidding. I will say this: forums like YouTube have the worst trolls on the planet. I mean, you could be watching a butterfly flitting from flower to flower and a troll will pop up and call the butterfly retarded. Then the nature-lovers get offended and insult the troll. Unfortunately, the troll doesn’t realize it, because the nature lovers use two-syllable words. LOL



    1. Good point about trolls Mitch, and it’s a shame. I checked in on a Twitter chat today and trolls was the topic; amazing stuff. I just don’t understand it, but it does happen.

  4. Mitch,

    The fact that YOU are blogging about this is a MAJOR plus for Kate’s media buzz. Without knowing whats really going on behind the scenes, Kate (or her handlers) may, indeed, be the one pulling the puppet strings so a woman like Sophia would come out in opposition. But my guess is Sophia might be in on it too and you may very well see Kate walking down that VS runway. The POWER of branding!

    1. Now Bev, that sounds like conspiracy theory stuff! lol Almost like when most of us believed New Coke was a plot to drive up sales of original Coke, which turned out not to be true but we still believed it. Even if this woman was in on it, none of it excuses the types of things the trolls have said on YouTube about her.

  5. She’s cute! If she was my daughter i’d be pretty pleased that she felt comfortable to dag around at a sporting event and be videoed. Not that I’d want her to get into modelling – it seems to be a nasty business, and not for the faint hearted.

    The nastiness you mention seems to say more about the writer than the person it’s directed at. It’s rarely based on fact and seems to be some kind of envy or reflecting their own emptiness and lack of ability. I’m reminded of the saying “If you can’t say something positive, don’t say anything at all”. OUr cultures seem so keen to drag people down, I find it sad, particularly when it’s someone in a position of influence who could be gracious and encouraging.

    1. I’m with you Sue, although if I had to say something positive all the time I wouldn’t have been able to write this post. lol Sometimes you just have to call out bullying and other bad things and hope to show the world what “ugly” really looks like so that the rest of us won’t do such things. I always wonder how these people who say this stuff can live with themselves, having to try to bring someone else down so they can feel superior. I also keep hoping this woman gets hers in some fashion.

  6. In my opinion, she is pretty smart and judging negatively is not a good personality of a man. We can’t avoid that we humans have this prejudging attitude. Hope before we speak negatively to a person we must think and analyze the situation first. I do agree on the statement of “SIRE” I think there are just jealous. Thanks for sharing this one.

    1. Thanks Farrel. I think it’s jealousy for the one woman and just sheer idiocy for everyone else. Being hateful just because you can be never makes any sense.

  7. Well Mitch, that Kate Upton is really an eye-catching woman. She’s really good. And yes, I think she still pretty smart. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Beauty is not exact science, but when you see it, you definitely know. If somebody say that she isn’t, probably have to see a doctor. Well, some some people glass is always half empty, that’s why negative comments are always there.

  9. wow!!! she`s gorgeous, about the nastiness you mentioned, i think the writer of it is showing himself up more that the person hes directing it at.

  10. I understand what you’re saying Mitch. I went to look at the comments on the video in youtube and, well, thera are lots of disgusting comments. In our modern world physical beauty is so important, she is pretty, she attracts magazines and she gets insulted. Jealousy of people because she is cute, famous and now rich. Life is easy for her and many people may think it’s unfair. Anyway, about the video she is gorgeous dancing like that 🙂

  11. This is probably the one reason I would never want to be famous – cos you are always going to get jealous trolls saying things about you that they would perhaps not say to your face.

    Kate i going to have to get used to this because it is part of the double edged sword of social media and celeb land, whatever we think I dont think this issue is going away soon.

    Must say liked the vid and the pics…. How does that make me sound?

    1. Makes you sound like a guy with taste. lol And you know, I think if I added “rich” to that famous part I could handle it. Probably wouldn’t even notice, as I’m sure she’s not noticing either since she got that SI cover. I just didn’t like that kind of behavior.

  12. I find her extremely beautiful and cute. Shes pretty perfect so I don’t see any reason to call her names. Thing is I see this more and more all over the internet, people joining efforts to bring someone else down. I don’t understand how it all works, if they are all hateful o just a few and the others just agree like robots, either way is disappointing and I feel sick every time people act this way…

    1. I’m with you Cristian; it’s unnecessary and yet I’m seeing the same type of thing as well. It’s amazing how people have their different standards of beauty. Someone griped because Kate has a waist size of 25; I mean really, that’s fat? Come on!

  13. Nice post Mitch. I agree with you that she is hot and beautiful however having a negative thinking regarding her looks stupidest. we have to think positively.
    great mind changing post. you will surely make different readers to change their mind after reading that post and even after comments.

    1. Thanks Reeha, but I doubt if someone had a different point of view that I’d change their minds about any of this. Still, I always feel abuse needs to be called out whenever possible.

  14. She’s very pretty but I see her just as a girl, not anyone who needs bitching about or slagging-off by anyone. But then I feel that way about most people (I’d say all, but I’m only human, lol!)

    On the other hand, I’m sure if I were a guy, I’d have a different angle on this. 😉

    1. Actually Val, male or female, you’re right in saying she didn’t need people being mean in the way they were. I hate that kind of thing unless a person’s does an act where they deserve it, but all she did was have fun and make the cover of a magazine.

  15. Bullies come in all forms, sizes & shapes. Basically they are cowards. They hide behind a brand name or company e.g., Victoria Secret’s & think that this gives them a license to talk down to others.

    1. Good point Nelson. And this woman, who’d never make anyone top model list, took her shot because she felt she had a sense of power to do so. And even more than a week later, no apology. Graceless.

  16. Kate Upton was really beautiful. I like the way she dance. She’s very jolly and sexy of course!!

    1. I fully agree Charlesetta. Thing is, the controversy made me actually look at the magazine this year because it’s been, well, many years since I even cared. Man, I must be getting old! lol

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