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Black Web Friday – 03/02/12

Yup, time for another episode of Black Web Friday, and I’m starting off today with an interesting history fact. On this day in 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points against the New York Knicks while playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, the only person in professional basketball history to score triple digits in one game, and my favorite basketball player of all time. Wilt was the man!

Black Web Friday

With no controversy going on that’s enough to cause a riot let’s get right into it today. I’m starting with one of my longest online friends, DeAnna Troupe of Learn Small Business. I met her on Ryze back in 2004 and she’s been a loyal commenter on this blog for many years. She’s done a lot of things concerning small business, affiliate marketing, and writing, and if you’re looking for the antithesis of some of my long posts visit DeAnna’s blog and you’ll find shorter posts that get to the point and then move on. Of course I’m working on her to write longer posts and to get rid of her captcha, but I’m like that. 😉

Kris Cain writes the blog Little Tech Girl, and it’s a wealth of information about technology, blogging, social media and every once in awhile some off-topic stuff; actually, a lot like this blog. It’s a Disqus blog so I’ve never commented on it, but I laughed when I read one of her recent posts, which was short but I felt it, on breaking one’s glasses, something I’ve done a few times in my life but also something I fret about often. There are some sales posts as well, including the glasses post, but come on, some of us should be allowed to try to make money right?

Terrance Gaines writes the blog Brotha Tech, which of course means he talks a lot about technology. Let me say this; he has the coolest header I’ve ever seen and I wish I could find someone to make something like this for me. One of the things I like is that he talks about Android phones and apps, since that’s what I have and haven’t quite been one of those people that searches apps on my own. Traditional blog commenting system with one of those captcha systems that’s at least easier to read, even if I still hate captcha. lol

Finally, let’s meet Arie Rich, whose blog KMP Blog (keep me posted) is about media, fashion, and pretty much what’s going on now. It was on her blog where I learned that the latest Muppet Movie will be coming out on DVD on March 20th, a movie I reviewed back in December. It’s definitely got a younger person’s spin on it, which helps make it fresh and entertaining, and there’s a wide range of topics she covers. It’s an Intense Debate blog, so I’ve never commented on it, but I like how it reads just the same.

There you are, 4 blogs this time around. I’m thinking that I might have to start seeing if I can find Twitter accounts on these sites and if so including them when I post the link on Twitter at least once so people can find themselves here; what do you think? Enjoy your weekend.