Black Web Friday – 5/18/12

Greetings, and welcome to the next to last installment of Black Web Friday. It’s been an interesting ride and it’s almost over. I hope some folks have gotten out of it what I hoped for. But when it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on. With that said let’s get right into it.

Black Web Friday

Evelyn Bourne writes The Productive Pen, and she writes about writing, marketing and personal development. She’s been writing about these things for 3 1/2 years now and she’s got a lot of great information there. It’s a standard WordPress commenting system blog.

Denene Miller writes the blog My Brown Baby, and she’s, in a much different way, a mommy blogger if you will, but only in the sense that she’s a mother that writes a blog. She writes about parenting, entertainment and politics from a black woman’s perspective, and it’s really entertaining, even if I skip the parenting stuff, not having kids. She also has a few other contributors that bring a different feel to the blog, each person having their own unique voice. It’s a standard WordPress commenting system blog.

Ponying off the last one, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler both write Black and Married With Kids, and most of what they write concerns raising black children in this world and looking for positive role models, as well as all the things that parents go through anyway. A post that really caught my attention in the last couple of days was their decrying the show Basketball Wives, something I’d never seen until I was changing channels the other day and stopped on for a brief moment, and thought exactly the same type of thing they’re talking about. It was a horrible example of what many people think black people are, and they captured their frustration well. It’s a Typepad style commenting system, which means your gravatar might not show up.

Walethia Aquil writes the blog Grace and Charm, and this isn’t a blog about etiquette, but about marketing, organization, business and working together in positive ways with others. In essence it’s a business blog and that’s what’s impressive about it. She’s an entrepreneur helping others grow, and that’s kind of what I try to be about as well. There’s a lot of great information here if you’re looking to grow your business either online or offline, so if you’re looking for different types of business tips, you should check it out. It’s a standard WordPress commenting system blog.

That’s it for this week; one more to go!

6 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 5/18/12”

  1. Mitch, this has been a fun series. Thanks for pointing out so many cool blogs! See you next week!



  2. Mitch,
    Glad to see Walethia on this list. She’s one of my Boomer Diva Nation members. I remember when she first came online not that long ago and now she’s all over the place.

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