A Networking Meme

I’m giving up my normal Sunday Question once again to be a small, outside of something that I think could end up being kind of cool; or not, as my wife sometimes thinks my sense of cool is skewed.

Meme by Michael Boston

Back in late November, our friend Kissie wrote a post talking about having what she was calling a Community Networking Meme. She wanted to set something up that was kind of formal for bloggers to answer some questions about themselves, ask other people to participate as well, and visit the blogs of those people who were participating in the process and comment on those blogs.

I love the idea; but I’m not someone big on formality, as you know. Still, I wanted to play in my own way, so I’ve decided that I’m going to play with answering the 10 questions and inviting other people to write about the same thing on their blog, and if you’d like to link back to this blog and Kissie’s blog so we can come visit you to see what you’ve written. Or not; you can comment on what I write here and leave it at that, or you can answer your questions here, or you can just read and leave; that’s what freedom of expression is all about.

She did have one rule that I might end up breaking. She said that one should answer the questions with something that’s different than an answer you might have already given if you’ve addressed these questions in some fashion previously. Well, I have about 900 posts on this blog, and I have no idea what I’ve responded to before or how, so I’m not making any promises along those lines. That plus I’m writing this post two weeks in advance, so who knows where my mind will be by the time this is posted.

Okay, enough of that; let’s get to the questions, and please don’t forget to “like” this one and of course retweet!

1. If you could interview anyone on your blog (alive or dead) who would you choose and why?

Sure, let’s start off with the hardest question. I was going to cheat and list my top 5, but I’m going to play fair. But how does one do it? Do you pick a hero, someone important to history, or a family member who you’d love to glean information from? I decided to go with history and I’d pick Thomas Jefferson, the writer of the Declaration of Independence, the 3rd president of the United States, the guy who really could have abolished slavery and didn’t, the guy who pushed through the Louisiana Purchase, and probably one of the smartest guys to ever be president of this country.

2. What do you feel is your strength as a blogger?

I have a vivid imagination, and the only thing that stops me from writing more is time.

3. Can you share a little bit about yourself that you have not already mentioned on your blog?

I’m trying to think of what I’ve never revealed about myself on this blog that I’d even think of sharing with someone else, and it’s a hard one. I guess I’ll just say that I have a very finite set of principles that I believe many people would equate with what they believed those who believed in any religious principle might want to live by, yet I don’t have a religion, don’t believe in an entity of that sort, and I’m hoping I can figure out a way through all the science books I also read to stay alive forever. I think that’s going to be a losing proposition, however.

4. If you were forced to change the name of your blog, what would you change it to? Why?

Silly as this sounds, I’d change the name of the blog to I’m Just Saying, since that’s actually the expression I use all the time. lol

5. What do you think is the most fulfilling part of being a blogger?

The people who stop by for a brief chat and meeting new people by visiting their blogs as well.

6. What would you do with your last day if you found you had only one more day to live?

I’m gonna get a fly girl, gonna get some spank and drive off in a def OJ for a quick stop at a Chinese restaurant, then to a chocolate shop where I’m only going to eat chocolate and chocolate covered stuff while listening to Jackson Five and Michael Jackson music and writing that final blog post until it’s time to go.

7. You’ve been doing medical research for decades and have finally found a cure. What was it that you found a cure for and why did you choose this particular ailment?

I chose cancer. Yes, there are a host of things out there that can get you, but cancer is the only one that can strike everyone no matter whether they’ve lived a healthy life or not. No one is really sure where some of the cancers come from nor how they get them, and my dad had lung cancer as well, so it’s the one that gets my initial attention.

8. What is your most guilty pleasure?

Are you kidding me? Chocolate, and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit! lol

9. Answer only one. What is your favorite book, movie or TV show?

Star Trek, all of them.

10. What do you think is the very best smell in the world? The one smell that can take you back to a time and place of a very vivid memory in your past?

Chocolate; hmmm, seems I said that already. 🙂

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Winter Wonderland
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33 thoughts on “A Networking Meme”

  1. Hi Mitch

    Melinda and Mitch are joining in this too. I just visited their blogs and they had some interesting answers. You and chocolate eh lol

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Well Pat, I’ve never hidden my love for chocolate, and every once in awhile I get some for free because I have people thinking about it. Heck, that might end up being its own post. 🙂

    1. Barb, there’s very little that can stay with Star Trek. I’ve read one or two Star Wars books, and the problem with them is they introduce all these other characters that I have no clue who they are or what their part in the stream of it all is. I had that same problem with some of the movies as well, but at least you could see those.

      Yes, participate; it would be neat!

  2. That’s a very good idea, I am gonna try to squeeze a similar post in my blog as well, even though, since it’s not a “personal blog”, that might not really suite the mood, I guess I’ll think about it.
    Now I have one more question for you: milk chocolate or dark chocolate? And if the latter, cocoa % ? 😀

    1. Milk chocolate is always my preference Gabriele, although every once in awhile I’ll accept a little bit of Swiss chocolate. Dark chocolate; almost never. And I hope you can participate, although I know what you mean about personal vs. business blog.

  3. Mitch, isn’t there another story about Thomas Jefferson and some Black woman? I’m not trying to turn your interview into a TMZ parody but I just wondered.

    Time prevents you from writing MORE?! Wow, what passion. What imagination!

    Your choice for a changed blog name doesn’t sound silly.

    What’s a “fly girl” and talking about taking advantage of 24 hours, you will be EXHAUSTED on your last day and ready to go. 😉

    You’re the second blogger I read today who chose Star Trek. I commented on their site that I’ve never seen one episode of the show.

    Hey Mitch, I think that was awesome to include me. You wowed me today and I LIKEY! 😀

    1. Kissie, it was a pleasure participating in something like this.

      Thomas Jefferson’s mistress was Sarah Hemmings, one of his slaves and thus black, although at a later time people would have said she could “pass”. That’s one of the things I’d ask him because he was against slavery yet he had slaves, and he could have been instrumental in trying to end slavery really early yet he passed, and he freed his slaves upon his living this earth. That’s why he’d have been an intriguing choice; he was the guy who first wrote “all men are created equal”, had slaves, and I heard that during his entire presidency he almost always had migraines and they ended the day he left office. Doesn’t all that sound intriguing?

      A fly girl in later terms might have been called an “around the way girl”, but in essence it was just a way of saying a very attractive lady, only a bit grittier.

      And you’re the second person in 3 days who’s said she’s never seen a single episode of any Star Trek show. Trust me, without Star Trek, I would probably be a much different person today, and I don’t think I’d have liked that guy.

  4. Hey, Mitch, I’m glad you participated! These answers are great and I’m with you on #3. You have just made the most elegant validation to a deep spiritual existence. For, if I understand you correctly, that’s what you’re saying. Some people call it Agnostic, but I don’t think that’s going to define the sense of it.

    I’m curious about the chocolate, too! Milk or dark. I love dark chocolate. I did a website for a local chocolatier and the free samples were awesome!



    1. Mitchell, you got free samples? Man, I’m never living in the right place at the right time! lol As I told Gabriele, milk chocolate is at the top of my list.

      As for the other, I don’t know that I’d say I was spiritual at all. What I am is hopeful, hopeful for the betterment of man, hopeful that there’s something that allows some sort of us to continue living beyond our bodies yet not have to be beholden to someone we have to pray to, and hopeful that I’ll be around long enough to see more miracles in my life that I’m not expecting to see.

      1. Mitch, I got free samples until the site was completed. Then I had to pony up like everyone else. For a while, she was making this awesome treat called Choco-pop. It was pop-corn drizzled with dark chocolate. The process came out WAY better than Cracker Jack 🙂

        re: spirituality, understood. This is one of the reasons, I prefer these types of discussions face to face.



      2. Mmmmmm, choco-pop….. now I’m going to have to look for that, although I did start a love affair about 3 weeks ago with chocolate covered potato chips.

  5. Oh my #6 made me laugh so hard but you know that’s probably what everyone would really do. You even got MJ in there! Love it! I agree on the chocolate for sure. I’m so glad you joined in.

    1. I’m telling you Melinda, I visited lots of blogs and looked at their meme’s and all of them were saying all this stuff about family and prayers and doing something for someone else. Me, if I’m healthy I want to go out having fun and enjoying myself, and I’m making sure it’s all about me! lol

  6. I loved almost every Star Trek…EXCEPT Voyager. That one was awful!

    Even Enterprise with all its faults was still better than Voyager. Those last episodes before they got canceled were bad-ass. It’s like they knew they were getting the axe so they took the gloves off.

    1. Now see, you’re going to go and make me defend Voyager. lol For the most part I loved Voyager, although I kept wondering how they kept getting beaten up by some of these cultures, only to overcome them later on. That never happened to Enterprise, although, well, come on, it was the Enterprise after all! But I loved Janeway and Chakotay and I liked Harry Kim a lot as well. Lots of Borg shows; man, that made it for me. 🙂

  7. I am with you on almost all of the answers, I am also big Star Trek Fan and I think this have helped with a lot for my imagination. Really most of the answers are overlapping.

  8. Hey Mitch, great answers to the meme. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m a huge Trek fan (except Enterprise). Like Melinda, I found your lyrics in #6 funny. My sister was just singing that a few weeks ago.

    I like that you didn’t capitalize cancer. Our ailments don’t define us and don’t deserve the capital letter. I correct people all the time who say my son is autistic. No, he has autism. It’s just one small aspect of who he is.

    I was nice meeting you.

    1. Thanks Carl. I’d only capitalize diseases if they were the first word in a sentence, so I fully agree with you. I liked Enterprise as well, I must admit. I guess I’m one of those “all or nothing” kind of guys. 🙂

      And I was wondering how many people would actually recognize the first part of #6; at least I know there’s 2 of you for sure.

  9. Very nice to visit you network meme and read the answers, interesting, you have a way with words! Thank you very much for visiting Scent of my heart!

    1. Thank you Blaga, and it was fun participating in this past meme. And it was a pleasure visiting your blog.

  10. Hi there, Mitch! It’s nice to see someone who really loves Chocolates! 😀 Me, I love Stephen King books! Hope you will drop by my site to see my answers to this meme… Posted kinda late, but still… Thanks! 😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy; I will be dropping by your site. And yes, chocolate is my life. 😉

  11. Here’s one for me to do (sometime, when the smelly mouse in our office stops ‘honking’ – see my previous post for an explanation of that and why I’ve been online so little lately) and you’ve just given me ‘permission’ to do it in my own way as I’m also not one for rules…

    I’m with you on milk chocolate. And… because I try to avoid eating too much chocolate (once I start, I can’t stop) I recently got myself some chocolate soap and it’s… indescribably wonderful!! (organic soap and no nasty addictives either)

    1. Oh no, not chocolate soap! Val, I gave up this hand lotion I purchased that smelled like mint because it made me think of Mint Oreo’s and I kept craving them. You’re a stronger person than I am. 🙂 And yes, do it and break the rules.

      1. Say it aint so! Chocolate soap.

        Hey Mitch, did you not Oreos are vegan? Yes, they are and I wish I hadn’t learned it! 🙂

      2. Yes, I knew most cookies are vegan; same goes for potato chips. I told my wife I’d go vegan if I could just eat potato chips all the time; for some reason she wasn’t going for it.

      3. Yep, chocolate soap!

        D’you know, I don’t think there’s actually such a thing as vegan. Because… think on this: bugs live on the crops/vegies/beanly-things. Birds poo on the crops/veggies/beanly-things (they’re not proud. Well, actually they are proud, but mostly of their feathers, beaks and claws).

        Er… don’t mind me.

      4. Curiously it doesn’t make me want to eat chocolate. I think the smell of it somehow satisfies my need for chocolate. Maybe, in me, smell and taste are somehow confused? (Urgh… Don’t think I want to look into that idea more!)

      5. LOL! That’s funny Val. My triggers are much different than yours. My mind won’t believe it until I can see it, touch it, then consume it.

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