Welcome Visitors!

This is the very first post of my new blog, which is called I’m Just Sharing. This is a marketing and, well, personal, sharing blog. I am an affiliate marketer, of sorts, but I hate spam, so, instead, I’m going to post the occasional product or affiliate link, and I might even say something about them every once in awhile. Sometimes the affiliate link, or advertising, will be at the end of a post; sometimes it may be right in the middle of a post. Sometimes it won’t be there at all; my discretion, or mood, as you will.

So, what can stuff look like? Well, it could look like this:

Battlestar Galactica Complete Series

Battlestar Galactica Complete Series

The complete series presented uncut in its original broadcast order.

Or it could be a link, or a small tag. We’ll see later on; not now. Anyway, welcome again, and thanks for coming by. Now, buy something! 🙂

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