September 11, 2001 – I’m Still Mad

Today is the 8th anniversary of the planes hitting the Twin Towers in New York City, and I’m still mad and upset about it. The last time I wrote about it was in 2007 on my business blog because this one didn’t exist yet. Last year, I just avoided the day pretty much, but decided I wanted to write on it again this year.

Though I’ve been advertising some 9/11/01 things over the past couple of days (not yesterday, though), I have to admit something. I’ve not watched a single 9/11/01 related program in all these years. I tried watching one in 2007 and 2008, but I just still am not ready.

I have to explain something here. I’ve only watched Roots once in my entire life. I was mad the entire week that movie was on back in the 70’s. Of all things, it was the one week when even school bullies decided I wasn’t the person to mess with. I didn’t talk to anyone during the entire week; I was mad every single day. I saw Amistad on a fluke, and I was mad at white people the entire next day. I take this kind of thing to heart; that’s why I refuse to even entertain the idea of watching Ghosts Of Mississippi or Rosewood; it’s also a good reason I don’t have any weapons.

I’ve also only watched one movie that would be considered a war movie in my entire life. That would be Pearl Harbor. My dad was in both the Korean War and Vietnam. Some military kids will watch these movies because they want to know what their parents might have gone through. For me, if Dad wouldn’t talk about it, I don’t want to know. I did try to watch Saving Private Ryan once, and only made it 4 minutes into the movie before I realized I just couldn’t deal with it. Sometimes, the sensibilities run deep.

Yeah, I’m still mad about what happened on that day. And I’m mad about what’s happening now. I’m mad that so many people think 9/11 was the result of something President Bush did. He wasn’t my favorite president, I’d have to say, but that’s just ridiculous. There’s no way I would ever believe the President or Vice President of the United States, or any senator or congressman or woman or military officer would have allowed that kind of thing to occur. I’m not even entertaining that thought. It was horrific, and I guess being only 5 hours away and wanting to go, but knowing they’d never let me into the city, had always bothered me. What would I have done anyway?

I’m also mad that we’ve never gotten either Osama Bin Laden or Omar Mullah. I’m mad that Al Queda, no matter how it’s spelled, has gotten away with what they continue to get away with. I’m mad that we went to Iraq when we should have fixed Afghanistan instead, even though I’m not upset that Saddam Hussein or his sons are gone; the first President Bush should have taken him out back in ’91. We didn’t need to be in Iraq; now we’re working hard to get out, but think about how much money we’ve spent in Iraq that we could certainly use now. With the extra troops, we could have cleaned up Afghanistan and already had those troops back here also.

I’m also mad that both Egypt and Saudi Arabia basically got a pass on all of this, but Pakistan was roughhoused. Yeah, we all know that many of the Afghan criminals escaped into Pakistan, and some of them may still be there, but every person on those flights were either from Egypt or Saudi Arabia. And I’m still mad because those people cheered, as did the Palestinians. It’s the only three days I ever hated those people and wished we had sent the planes over and wiped them out; now I’m just still mad. And the price of oil isn’t helping my mood any.

So, we head into another 9/11/01 ceremony day, none of which I’ve ever attended. I was lucky; I don’t know a single person who was killed on that day. But the scary thing is that I’d bee on top of the Towers 2 or 3 times, and always wanted to go back. In a random moment, I, and many other people I know, could have been up there on that day. Now we have terror alerts of all sorts of colors, and we still can’t protect our borders, and Iran and North Korea almost have nukes. That’s all a result of 9/11/01 also.

I’m not ready to let it go. But, in a few days, I will let it abate, and then deal with it again next year.

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  1. Yeah, 9/11 was pretty horrific. It’s because of what happened there that I am so against illegal immigrants/ asylum seekers landing on our shores. All the do gooders say we should let them in, but how can you when you don’t know if they are legit or if they are sleepers wanting to infiltrate our country and then biding their time waiting for their version of 9/33. A bit harsh perhaps, but that’s the way I feel.

    Roots, now their is a series I will never forget. I never missed an episode, and I reckon it wasn’t until then that I realized how poorly the African Americans were treated.
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    1. Sire, I’m against illegal immigration because it proves that America can’t protect its borders from anyone. If uneducated people looking for menial work can easily get in, how the heck can we keep out these specially trained terrorists who are trying to kill us?

      For me, it was a pretty horrific 3 days back then, so I’m glad to have gotten past that at least. But I don’t think I’ll ever feel better about this day until they either catch some of these guys, confirm they’re deceased, then take out the Taliban and Al Queda indefinitely.

      1. We are in the same boat, especially considering that we are surrounded by water. The old government made it a point that we would not be accepting refugees willy nilly, and that any ones caught trying to sneak in would be held captive until we could process them. It cut down the amount trying to get in dramatically.

        The present dodo has relaxed those measures and opened up the floodgates again, and it’s all because of the bleeding hearts that feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for them too, but I want feel the security of the country and it’s residents should come first.
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      2. Exactly Sire. Then again, we have that goofy motto of ours about accepting “your tired, your poor, and your hungry” that keeps getting in the way. 🙂

      3. Well, I’d have to agree that would be offensive, from a minority perspective. You know all the grief our government took with holding folks from Afghanistan at Guantanamo Bay.

      4. Yeah, but that was a detention center. These guys weren’t mistreated at all. They had all the amenities they could want, they simply were not allowed to leave until they were processed. Of course this could take awhile especially when they made sure they threw all the paperwork away that would identify them. That alone would sound alarm bells.
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      5. In the U.S., when Cuba let all those people go back in the 80’s, the U.S. kept them in detention centers because they knew a lot of them had been let out of Cuban prisons. In the end, they couldn’t confirm who was who, so it didn’t matter. It’s a tough issue overall, but I don’t have much problem with those folks because at least you see them coming. It’s the ones sneaking in that you never see that are scary.

      6. Yeah, but technically we only saw them coming because we’re patrolling the borders. Who knows how many slip through?
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    1. Exactly Meg; I think that’s my issue. I don’t like this part of myself, but I just feel like someone really didn’t get theirs in the end.

  2. I agree with a lot of what you said, I do take issue with Bush over his connection between Iraq and 9-11 which now 8 years clearly wasn’t accurate.

    Still hard to believe OBL is walking around somewhere, even if it is in a cave.

    1. I agree with that assessment, Mark; he’s got to be somewhere, or gone. And how are they still getting the money to do what they’re doing?

  3. In India, you cannot be far away in time or space from Islamic, I use the word advisedly, terror. Our neighbor and your ally against terror, sponsors terror within our territory with impunity and spends your tax money to ferment terror in our country. We have our own 26/11, we cannot however get on with our lives and think about it next year or the next time around. We have 130 plus Muslims living in India, more than in Pakistan, but the Indian Muslims suffer as much from the terror as do the non Muslims. If you are interested, I shall let you have more details in a separate communication which you can post if you wish.
    .-= Rummuser´s last blog ..India’s National Anthem =-.

    1. Hi Rummuser,

      Thanks for your thoughtful contribution. I keep up on what’s going on in both India and Pakistan and all the other places where terrorists seem to be embedded. I hate the act of terrorism wherever it occurs. I know that those who feel wronged want to get back at someone, but why they go after people who have nothing to do with their issues instead of the government, which is usually their real target, is troubling.

      Of course we both know why. Because the government people have guns and will shoot back, so it’s easier for them to cause discontent by going after the innocent. And it has to be discerning having to look over your shoulders on a constant basis, or think about whether you saw something that just didn’t seem right and that maybe you need to worry if you’re safe or not.

      Still, if you’d like, please share more information. I’m sure our news probably filters out a lot of it. After all, the news of each country usually reports on things that affects its own citizens more than how it impacts the citizens of other countries. I’d be proud to help illuminate anything you’d care to share.

  4. hope it is OK a lady joins the conversation 🙂
    the whole event was a shock and of course the media used to create controversy. A good way to take the people’ s mind off of what is going on and let the government do its work.I too and sadden of the facts so many criminals were not caught.

    I also have a problem that I heard Canadian Border control had caught men with weapons trying to come across the border in Vermont. That died down and I have not been able to find an article on it. There was another situation at the same time but in the Western part of the country. I think Washington.

    I can tell you this being mad about this is good. You have saved your self from the heavy emotional feeling interfering with facts. You are entitled to handle it the way you see fit.With a clear mind.

    I wasn’t a fan of Bush, either. I think he was a perfect decoy for blame. Again media. But the government and media work hand in hand.

    It still terrify’ s me today that our country was vulnerable when we are the leader of freedom and justice for all.

    Do we allow immigrants in, yes. We are the melting pot of the world and means we welcome people who wish to live here with the intention of freedom and opportunity. We cant change what this country has been built on, now.

    I will bring up a poor example is when Cuba wanted to get rid of their convicts back in the 70’s. We sent our Coast Guard to pick people Cuba wanted to get rid of. To me that was an insult but still a humanitarian way to better relations between countries.

    Look at what we have asked Germany to do with the remaining prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay. It is ironic it happens in an election year as Merkal is up for re-election September 27.
    .-= Bunnygotblog´s last blog ..I Remember 911 =-.

    1. Hi Bunny, and thanks for joining in the conversation; ladies are always welcome. 🙂

      We are the melting pot, or the salad as the new age likes to call it, and I don’t have a problem with that. People from all around the world like to come to America to take their shot at a better life. But some of those folks want to take a shot at the citizens, and that’s just scary.

      Though I haven’t watched any shows regarding 9/11 for all these years, I was consumed by it for at least three months after the event. There were just so many signs that people ignored; I think that’s a problem with most Americans. We see things, but don’t let them register, or figure they’re not our concern and move on with our lives. In this instance, all the people who learned how to fly didn’t want to learn how to land; how do you miss that? We’re a society that often says “okay,…” to a strange request by someone else.

      No, we can’t stop someone who’s willing to give up their life to take someone out. But we can keep our eyes and ears open, and hopefully help prevent things like this from harming so many other people. We’ve obviously been lucky since that date; read the comment from our friend Rummuser and you’ll see just how lucky Americans have been. I for one hope our luck continues, but I’m also waiting for the next time, because we all know it’s coming.

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