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Things are always changing in this world. One thing that really hasn’t changed all that much is the internet browser. Sure, there are many of them out here, and we all have our favorites for whatever reason they may be. But in general, a browser is a browser; right?

Well, maybe not. There’s a brand new browser, so new that it hasn’t really officially launched, although you can get it now if you so choose. It’s called RockMelt, and it’s pretty much been created to be a browser for folks whose lives are built around social media. It was brought to my attention by my friend Monica of Clarity Management Consulting.

There’s really no way I can explain it better than their own video explains it, so let me just share that with you so you can make up your own mind, and after watching the video, which is only about 2 1/2 minutes, let me know what your thoughts are.

And that’s not all. Flock, which called itself the original social media browser, has an update trying to compete with it; here’s that video:

New Flock from Flockstar on Vimeo.

Yup, a short post, but the videos are enough to keep you going. And in case you’re wondering, I’m sticking with Firefox for now, but if it keeps hanging on me from time to time… 🙂

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23 thoughts on “RockMelt Browser”

  1. Not being much into Facebook I haven’t really considered Rockmelt as an alternative for me.
    The point though, in my case, is that I stick to Safari for the bookmarks syncing I achieve with all my Apple devices through MobileMe. The hassle to make the sync works through other browsers (via Xmarks or whatnot) is just too much to be bothered, especially since Safari is very fast anyway.

    1. Gabriele, I think something like this is really for people who are participating in social media full time. I’m not saying I might not go that route some day, but not now.

  2. Hi Mitch

    You know me and apps, techie stuff etc lol. I saw on some tweets a few days ago people who I know that are techies say they wouldn’t touch it! I know nothing about these things and unless my techie friends say I need something and they sort it then my site stays as it is.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. Pat, it has nothing to do with websites; it has to do with which browser you decide to use to get online with. Right now, I’m thinking this browser wouldn’t be for you either, but you never know what the future might bring.

  3. I have seen a lot of buzz around Rockmelt, but I didn’t try it yet.
    I also seen some videos which described what it does and I didn’t find it suitable for my needs.

    By the way Flock says that it’s the only browser does this social media connection :)). I guess they didn’t find out of Rocketmelt.

    1. They certainly knew about it when the RockMelt video came out Alex. We’ll see if I at least give it a try one of these days.

  4. I can’t wait to give Flock a try, it’s been on my list since it was released earlier this week but time just isn’t allowing for the new browser feel right now.

    1. I’m feeling you, John. Time isn’t my friend all that much these days either. I hope you write about it when you do try it out.

  5. I have seen the Rockmelt tweets in my TL. I have been using Chrome lately but I prefer Firefox as it has more social network plugins that I use. When it boils down to it I really just use my browser for browsing, and use the actual websites for the social networking which I don’t do too much of lately with the exception of Twitter.

    1. Same with me, Karen, but lately I’ve been wondering if my allegiance to Firefox is deserved. There are some weird things going on, and I’m thinking about trying something else, just not sure what since I haven’t necessarily been a fan of Chrome in the past, and Opera is, well, hinky! lol

  6. That sounds interesting, I guess it will be useful, or it is just a good marketing trick about social media. However, I will download it, as I am testing my web designs with all possible browsers.

      1. The browser is not bad, I am not sure on which source code browser is build, but it doesn’t look like Mozilla, but more like Chrome. It is very fast on Facebook, but I decided to do something crazy which probably not many people will gonna try. I decided to make it default browser to one other software which I am using for my social marketing on Facebook, Myspace and Bebo. It have crash soon after that. The 2nd attempt on this heavy test was crash of Windows Net framework. The normal test was nothing impressive. In my case I will keep it for testing, but the only time I am going to use is will be just for test. Nice design, good speed, hopefully not many security holes. I just read one of the reviews before that it is based on Mozilla, but I think thats not a fact. It really have a nice design and I think project will have future if development continue.

      2. Thanks for that Carl. I read it was built on the Chrome platform, which would explain why you see it that way. Crashes are never good for anyone.

    1. I just kind of need to see all my real estate, if you know what I mean Dennis. Older eyes, I often expand my browser, and it would do me no good with all that other stuff cluttering things up.

  7. Hey Mitch, i really unknown about it, here in India IE and Mozilla Firefox is famous and i know some of the browser but unknown about this. Actually i also used that two browser. Thanks for sharing this and i am going to try it now.

    1. No problem Milind. I keep both those browsers and Opera alive on my computer because when I create websites I like to see how they look in multiple browsers. I hope that one works for you.

  8. RockMelt is indeed a WOWser…built on Chromium framework, this gives it all the properties that made Google Chrome the world’s favorite browser today and even more. RockMelt allows me to keep tabs on my friends activities while surfing the web. Thanks for this post….

    1. I’d almost forgotten that I wrote this. lol I didn’t go this direction but I was looking at it during a time when Firefox was starting to irk me. Then it came around and I’ve been relatively happen since. Glad you like it.

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