Innovation And Blogging

Why yes, we have video and I’ve still got something to say.

You hear it said all the time; everyone’s blogging about the same thing over and over. That may be true; after all, how many posts do I have on this blog about blogging?

Well, here’s a news flash; everyone has shoes as well, but not everyone has the same shoes. Even if the color and style is the same the size probably isn’t, and they were probably made by different designers.

The truth in life isn’t that maybe there are no totally new ideas of things no one else has seen (there are, but go with me here), but that even if that’s true there are always different ways of presenting something.

For instance, let’s take blogging. We can write; we can have pictures; we can have infographics; we can have audio or podcasts; we can have video. Even if the same message is delivered it can come at you in different ways. Both Marcie Hill & Brian Hawkins like the little thing above that says “read” so you can listen to what I’ve written if your eyes are too tired to read, especially if I’ve written a long post.

In any case, I’d love you to watch the video, which is just over 2 minutes; come on, you can’t give me 2 minutes of video love? 🙂 After watching it, let me know your thoughts on innovation, blogging or otherwise. What ideas can you come up with to separate yourself from the rest?


35 thoughts on “Innovation And Blogging”

  1. Thank you for another video podcast, I liked the way you explained the topic. Keep posting more videos sir.

  2. Mitch!

    Lol i love the toothbrush I haven’t seen one yet but now all I’ll think about in walmart is that stinkin’ spin brush.

    I like how you tie in innovation to blogging. I think people are always chasing what’s new, what’s hot and missing the boat on simple innovating what already works.

    So i’m with ya!

    1. Thanks for your comment Mys and for watching the video. Yup, nothing says we have to create something totally new, or even make something old all that great. Being different, innovating to a degree, can work wonders.

  3. I don’t get it what that toothbrush has to do with innovation. I admit it, innovation is really important if you want to be a fresh and up to date blogger, but I’d like to write about 3D printing or something like that instead of a lighting and vibrating toothbrush.

  4. Mitch!

    Great video and way of explaining things, keep up with the good work I will be checking you out.

  5. Wow that was awesome and informative. Mitch, you inspire me. I implore you to keep this up.

  6. I recently wrote an article on one of my small blogging projects, it was related to a new trend, actually it is still not a trend yet, but it will be in very near future. Many companies are looking to offer personalized experience to readers and customers and current technology can offer this partially. About other innovations in blogging, there are many ways to stand out of the crowd, but I recently had a conversation with developers that are offering different that WordPress platforms, it seems that new trends are not widely accepted and actually are avoided by most bloggers, I am willing to believe in this from my personal experience and actually these boys are one of the major web development company that offer blogging platform.

    1. Carl, that might be a bit more technical than what I was thinking and yet if you can figure it out and things work, you’ll look like a great innovator. Nothing wrong with that.

  7. Love the video Mitch, short and sweet and proved a wonderful point Mitch. Another one that makes me think. We should never run out of ideas after viewing that one.

  8. Thank you for the mention and video, Mitch, and I will be innovating more this year. I will be more creative with images and include more videos. I want to interview my Twitter followers and supporters via audio or video. Lastly, there will be more webinars.

    So, I’m looking forward to a very innovative and fun 2013.

  9. Excellent advice, Mitch. It’s so easy to fall into a routine, isn’t it? I also wonder how long those two minutes seemed the first time you used that brush.

    1. Charles, I have to admit that the first couple of times I was amazed at just how long two minutes seemed to be. Now, sometimes it feels like I’m barely getting done when the two minutes are up. Freaky. By the way, your blog is one of the most innovative people get to see; great work there.

  10. Great toothbrush, nicely said and straight to the point. Innovate. The only problem would be the innovation itself.
    Some people just don’t have that much of creative mind.
    So I think the first you should do when planning to be creative is involving your own personality and take it from there if that makes any sense.

  11. Mitch,

    I love the shoe analogy, and you’re absolutely spot. In this day and age, unless something new comes along to draw attention, it’s pretty hard to write about online monetization or blogging or social media without basically rehashing content that has already been written. The key to making it work is to find a different angle that makes you unique and allows you to stand out amongst the sea of voices online.

    Excellent point, today! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Good to see you on this blog Barry. Glad you liked the post & hopefully the short video as well. Innovation is there for all of us in some fashion, but around here I talk about it for blogging. By the way still using that little toothbrush every day; might have to stock up on them, just in case. 🙂

  12. Hi Mitchell,

    Thank you for using the toothbrush to illustrate this important point! Yes, we may all have similar ideas to share. What makes a marketer brilliant is to be innovative, making the posts forever attractive to others. Great content PLUS innovation always trumps great content alone.

    I have seen some great work about how the same blog post can be delivered in other interesting way (in video form). From the short video clip, those who are interested in our content can be linked back to our blog or FaceBook FanPage.

    Thanks, Mitchell, for sharing 🙂

    Viola The Business Mum

    1. Thanks for your comment Viola, and I appreciate your words. Yes, videos can be a big part of almost everything, as long as it’s not the only thing; at least on a blog, because I think people would get tired of it. But I’m sure there’s someone out there now figuring out how to become the next big thing in blogging through some type of unique innovation; I’m still working on it.

  13. The fact that you made a video about a toothbrush – without trying to sell us one – speaks volumes about the point you’re making.

    I’ve always been a believer of finding the right teacher. You never know whose words and images will resonate with you.

    Along with the point you made about there being different ways to present the same thing, we must never forget the “newbies”. Someone new to blogging just googled the word – will your site come up? 😉



    1. Mitch, there will always be information for newbies. Most of us have written those posts; I certainly have. If Googled, hopefully they’ll find me first, but if not they’ll find what they’re looking for. However, I can’t keep writing the same thing over and over, in the same words, because that tells people already connected that I don’t care about them, only new people; that just won’t get it done. That also stagnates me; if I’m not into growth, then what am I? I’m just using me as the example, but this should be true for everyone. At least that’s how I see it.

  14. My observation was more of an encouragement to those who might hesitate to post Yet Another Blog About Blogging…

    I agree whole-heartedly that you should continue to grow. And evolve.



  15. Okay, I liked what you shared too Mitch and by using the toothbrush. Now I did see some green in it at the top while watching you talk so you weren’t all wrong there.

    You make a valid point though. We just need to make sure that what we share isn’t always the same old thing. I mean if they can continue improving the darn tooth brush we can sure as heck continue to improve on what we write about pertaining to blogging. I’m all in!

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend Mitch.


    1. Thanks Adrienne, and I appreciate your watching the video. You’re a great example of someone who puts out stuff that’s different than what someone else is writing; innovation is always a great thing.

  16. It’s not innovation, but you have to be the first one on the planet to use a toothbrush as a timer on and for a video. lol

    Did you know I invented cheese sticks? True story. I also invented an adjustable pallet jack, but sat on my hands for years until liftrite made one. I have another invention, but I can’t share it yet in case it makes me rich.

    Did you know I invented blogging? Okay, that’s not true but I’m sure there are a bunch of people that consider me the king of blogging. lol

    You know what I thought you were going to do with the toothbrush? I thought you were going to challenge all of your readers to come up with a blog post scenario using the toothbrush. You could call it the “Blogger Challenge”. I hope someone’s writing this stuff down, it’s pure gold!

  17. This is a great video!! I enjoyed watching it to the core. The post is also full of great thoughts. Thanks for the share.

    1. Thanks Aayna. First, if I may ask, why use Selena Gomez’s picture instead of your own? Second, it’s my intention sometimes to get people thinking about things in different ways; I hope that worked for you.

  18. Anything presented in an innovative way can attract the attention of people, then be it a repeated piece of content or the same topic chosen by different bloggers to write on at the same time. Ideas just click sometimes and people come up with new methods to promote their stuff. All methods cannot be same as we all have different brains and ways to think.

  19. Love the video Mitch, short and sweet and proved a wonderful point Mitch. Another one that makes me think. We should never run out of ideas after viewing that one.Great job.

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