Where Is Blogging Going?

This is interesting. I’ve done 2 interviews so far and was asked the question above in both of them. I decided to do a little video on it; let’s see what my powers of prognostication are:

Here’s the interview I did with Brian Hawkins of Hot Blog Tips. Now, I’m not sure if this is the second shortest post I’ve ever written but it’s close to it; enjoy!

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  1. Brian,
    Thanks for your take on this…I admit it is something I have not even thought about. But since you bring it up, I agree. In today world, everything seems to have sped up, and writing is a medium that takes time and effort, not only to write but also to read. I have even heard of some people that watch their video at triple speed just to save time!

  2. Hi Mitch, first of all, thank you for the mention and link. I sound great on your video. lol

    I think you do very well on video. Every time I try I forget what I’m talking about. Actually I forget how to talk.

    I completely agree that video is the way to go. I’ve heard a few times already that that YouTube is the second largest search engine. I just hope by the time we get there I can afford to pay someone to video blog for me because I don’t do well at all with it. I love Lynn Terry by the way, she’s great.

    1. Thanks Brian. I’d have to agree that Lynn’s great; heck I think I wrote about her once on this blog. I just started video this past year and I’m working on getting better; too bad the camera sits so close to me; guess it’s decided it’s putting my face out there no matter what I do. lol

  3. This is a good idea, Mitch. Actually and probably this is the future of blogging, however for about 3 days I am experiencing problems with my main internet connection and right now I am using my phone internet to watch the video and write the comment. Well, buffering is killing me. There are advantages and disadvantages, but lets say that every time I see spike in the traffic of websites that I am managing most likely this traffic is coming from video which is published on video sharing websites.

    1. Carl, I know you’re in another country, but is it your host that causes the problems or your IP? I have to admit I have problems getting around what goes on in other parts of the world where your bandwidth speed is normally superior to ours and yet so many folks will say that they ran out of “internet time” with a week to go in the month; very strange indeed from where I sit. And I bet accessing through the phone is expensive as well.

      1. In this particular case, my internet was down as there were some road fixings, so I connect my mobile internet to my PC, which made video buffering every few seconds. Generally with my normal Internet connection, I don’t have any problems watching HD videos online. Using mobile net isn’t expensive, when the package is prepaid, actually I am paying about $16 for unlimited access.

  4. Someday I got to try this video approach. You do a great job with it Brian, er I mean Mitch. Daphne does make a good point about the time factor. I like this shorter format better than a 10 minute video. It’s a matter of time. If a lot of bloggers started posting 10 minute videos I wouldn’t be able to watch many.

    Tossing It Out

    Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
    Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26

    1. I agree with you Arlee, which is a reason I don’t do it all the time here. But there are people who only do that, and in a weird way I think it becomes popular in the future because it might be the one way to slow us down for periods of the day. We tend to always be engaged and moving around way too fast and cramming in way too much stuff that maybe going back to “story time”, like what we had early in our school days, will be something people covet.

  5. Hi Mitch!

    Thanks for putting up the video. I go through so many blogs but need to steal time to read it. I heard the interviews while doing my data entry work, that I need to do everyday. I believe everyone must implement this idea. Sometimes videos are also good as they save time.

  6. Nice video post Mitch!

    I agree with you that both video and audio blogs will gain traction in the next 10 years.

    I’d like to add that a large number of us “read” quite a bit each day because our jobs require that. As a result, many of us are not willing to focus on more words during our spare time or outside of work.

    Personally, I’m always struggling to read more blogs that I follow, but my eyes are simply way too fatigued at the end of the day. Sure we can focus our energy on our favorite blogs, but we wouldn’t get much work done.

    So it seems like video/audio posts would be a simple solution to our word and eye fatigue.

    Honestly, I would rather watch interesting niche video blog posts than flicking through TV channels as a result of being to tired to read.

    1. Thanks Martin. Actually, one of the reasons I added the widget so people could listen to an article is because I know some people process sound better, even bad sound, than having to comprehend a long post. I didn’t mention it in the video, but it gives another way to communicate with others via voice, in a way.

  7. Very well said… I believe with It doesn’t matter how long or how short.. why? because what’s important is the thought with in. Thanks for this wonderful share..

  8. I enjoyed the video with Brian Hawkins! This is inspiring and I love the flow of conversation.

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