When Lack Of Time Gets In The Way

Some of you have probably noticed that I’ve been off my normal schedule the last couple of weeks. This is proof that even with one of the better imaginations and with having lots of things to write about at a moment’s notice that things aren’t always under your control.

I don’t offer these things as excuses, but I figure I might as well mention what’s been going on, some of which you may already know.

1. My grandmother is still in the hospital. There’s the possibility that she’s going to be moved to a nursing home tomorrow, but I’m holding my breath on this one. That’s because we’ve already had two false alarms, which has distressed my mother and which caused me to, in my own way, castigate the social worker who allowed it to occur, in my opinion. There have also been many other issues that have shown me how the medical field is either really lacking or that they just treated my grandmother with less than proper care; believe it or not I don’t see them as just picking on her, which means things are worse than I can imagine.

2. I’ve been on the road. I’ve got a consulting gig, which has had me out of town here and there, including the last couple of days; actually, I was out of town today as well, but I just got home about an hour ago and wanted to get something out. Most of the project I’ll be working on will be at home, which means I should be able to keep to my normal schedule most of the time. I had expected that I’d be able to write from Connecticut, where I was, but it seems that the higher you are in a hotel, the worse the internet connection is. I was on the 16th floor, which offered a great view but my connection was so slow, whether I was wireless or not, but I lost interest in being on the computer at all. How funny things are; less than 20 years ago I’d have killed for the speed I was getting in the hotel, but these days with 15 MBPS as my standard, a slow connection is irritating as sin.

3. Because of this consulting gig, I’ve been inundated with paper. You wouldn’t believe how much paper, or electronic file information, I’ve been receiving. All of this is just prep work, believe it or not. I have tons more coming, which could be somewhat overwhelming. And yet, I believe the information I’ll be getting will be much easier to digest than all the information I’ve been getting. Because I’ve been traveling for work and traveling for my grandmother I’ve had to try to catch up with all that reading when I got home; that’s been tough. And that’s not all.

4. Because of the other two things, I’d fallen way behind on my other work. I do have some regular clients, and normally I get all my work done for the month within the first week of each month, so I can concentrate on other things. This time around, it just didn’t happen. So, I’ve been filling some of my other time with work, time I normally put to blogging.

All that and I get home to learn that there’s a bear running around town that no one seems to know how to find, but someone got a picture of it; sheesh! lol Anyway, I hope that I’ll be able to get back on a normal schedule tomorrow; man, so I have a lot to say!

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  1. Well I sure hope you’re able to figure it all out, and get back to your normal schedule shortly! I sure hope things get figured out with your Grandmother, and can return to normal shortly.

    1. Thanks Christian. The money part is a good thing, but all the other things falling out aren’t, and it seems like we might be closer to getting it taken care of.

  2. I can definitely sympathize with you. I’ve been battling with my sinuses ever since the pollen went haywire here in Atlanta. I’m just now getting back to “normal”. How did a bear get loose in Syracuse? You are going to make me have to Google that one.

    1. DeAnna, I have no idea where the bear came from since we’re nowhere close to the Adirondacks. And the bear was spotted about 5 to 10 minutes from where I live. I’d say I doubt it could make it down this far but not knowing how it made it as far as it did I’m not taking any chances. I hope you get past that pollen deal; that has to stink.

  3. Hope your Grandmom is ok and well now as of this writing of mine. About your other gigs, you are still doing good in terms of blogging once in a while. Still a well manage time for you Mitch.

  4. As English people say “When it rains, it pours” and one thing lead to another. However in your case, more work is something good. I am going to the airport and sending my father back home, he saw his first grandson for first time. In the last month, I reduce the work on about 50%.

  5. As you can tell, I’m way off my blogging schedule, too!

    I’ve been so busy with my new bloggers social network and personal stuff…..

    I saw someone had a pic on FB of a bear in their neighborhood- that’s scary…I’m only a few miles from there!

  6. BTW- I hope your Grandmother is ok.

    Ron is in Florida right now as his mom is in the hospital…he hasn’t seen her in a few years, she’s in her 80’s and this is quite serious!

    It’s tough with so much going on…

  7. I have been struggling with insufficient time for approximately two months now. I have my list of the
    things that are important to me that I try working on; however, this funny thing called life gets in the way with
    one urgency after another. This after managing theβ€œfalse” urgencies that once regularly knocked me off track: urgencies that can either be avoided, deferred or flat out refused. I am consciously aware that when I do one thing, I am creating a commitment of time, money, energy and focus that costs me the opportunity to do something else. So now I am working on deferring/delegating new commitments to help me to stay in control of my day–if something new lands on my plate, I am scheduling it or another day or assign it to someone else. This helps; however, I am still struggling.

    I pray that your grandmother has a speedy recovery and that all of the related issues are resolved with ease.

  8. I knew something was up Mitch when you weren’t posting as often and I just assumed you were having issues with your Grandmother, speaking of which I hope she’s getting better.

    It good to see there are other things to keep you occupied. I hat to think you were just sitting around the house twiddling your thumbs ;D

    1. Sire, if I could make money sitting around the house twiddling my thumbs I’d be a happy guy, as long as I still got time out to eat. lol

  9. It’s a helpless feeling, Mitch, when you have to entrust the care of a loved one to a staff of overworked strangers. I hope things improve soon.

    1. Thanks Charles. She got moved to a nursing home yesterday and it’s a nice one. And today I went to not only visit her, but visited the hospital to complain, in my own way of course, about some of the care she got, or didn’t get.

  10. I can relate with you are talking about here Mitch, and I sympathize with you concerning your grandmother. Hope she feels alright soon.

    Time is all we got here as our primary resource as humans, the funny thing most times is that it doesn’t seem enough. I recently fell ill and my blogging suffered as a result. It also gets this bad when I am working on any project with clients.

    In the end, I realize there’s just so much one is able to do as an individual.

    Thanks for your honest feedback on my last blog post.

    1. No problem, Tito; you’ll always get honest from me. I also appreciate your comment here, and you’ve come to that big conclusion that for some of us that see ourselves as driven we have to eventually come to; there really is only so much one can do as an individual. But it doesn’t mean we can’t try when we can. πŸ™‚

  11. Usually, there are some instances that takes place which you can’t avoid. That’s why, it is really important to have an assistant so that someone will take care of the work while you’re busy with the other things you need to do. Have you thought about that?

    1. No Adie, I don’t have any assistants, and don’t see anything like that in the near future. I may employ the services of a VA one of these days, but that’s about the extent I see myself going in.

  12. I hope your grandmother is doing better now, Mitch. I know it is very hard for the family when something like this happens.

    As to your schedule, I believe you are doing way better than me. Look at the posts you have put forward. So, in my own opinion, you are doing more than fine. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Wes. I hope my grandmother starts doing way better as well; one can only hope. As to my posting, though, I’m fitting it in because I’m committed to the content as much as I can.

  13. Hi Mitch,

    Glad to know your grandmother was moved to a nice facility; hope you giving the hospital down-in-the-country gets a few things changed for the better.

    Congrats on the consulting gig. Even with so much going on, I know you’re giving it your best.

    1. Thanks Vernessa; I strive to be all that I can be when I’m not so tired. πŸ˜‰

  14. The problem is that people are blaming the fact they don’t have enough time when really it is not the lack of time that should be blamed. These people need to take a closer look in the mirror to see that the problem lies with them. A lack of time is really a lack of priorities. When people don’t have any priorities they bounce around from task to task wasting a lot of time.

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    1. I’m not going to go quite that far Jenny. Overall most people do waste time, but there truly are some folks that just don’t have the time for whatever reason, like my lost time because my grandmother was sick.

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