Post #1,100; What’s Next?

Wow, I’ve reached post #1,100; I guess I have shown that I can continue writing stuff after all. 🙂 And since I changed up how I talk about these milestones last time, I’ll continue with some changes, but no video this time around.

Let’s talk about the past almost 5 months. This is the longest it’s taken me to get through 100 posts. I have to admit that I did it on purpose after thinking a little bit.

In the days just before that 1,000th post I had written my pillar post on Better Blogging, which I turned into 2 posts, and decided to give it a little bit of space since each of them was pretty long. I started thinking that I often write some fairly long posts, and that it might take people a day or two to get through them, if they read them at all. Then I started thinking that it wouldn’t hurt every once in awhile to put some space between posts as compared to writing something every single day.

So I started doing that, and initially my visit numbers dropped. But eventually those numbers started to increase as folks realized they now had time to comment on more than one post because they weren’t being bombarded by too many posts at once. Still, since it didn’t take me 180 days to write 100 posts, it means that I still had enough posts that came daily. But the mix is better and truthfully, the pressure’s off in having to have a daily post here.

And there were some outside things as well. My finance blog has started generating income, and that’s not a bad thing. But it takes management time, and though I accept guest posts on that blog, I have my own personal rule that says I won’t have 2 guest posts in a row. I’ve also worked on upping the frequency of my business blog, which I felt was important because I write a lot of posts on leadership topics and one can’t be a leader if one isn’t visible.

Overall I’ve stayed true to my supposed mission here. I wrote 23 posts within the category of blogging, 23, and social media, 13. The rest were a nice mixture of topics, and that’s what I have always hoped to do. With some of those social media posts moving to the new blog, that might decline, but you never know. My main goal for this blog has always been about entertaining and educating folks whenever I can.

It’s never really been about making money here, even though I have my books that I’m promoting and a couple of banners here and there. I’ve removed most of them, though, but I’m not promising I won’t have advertisements on this page, as I was contacted by someone recently that wanted to advertise here; I just didn’t think what they wanted to advertise really fit this blog. However, I’m not above making money; y’all know that. 🙂

A couple more things about the last 100 posts. It was gratifying to see that my post highlighting 21 Top Black Social Media Influencers was in the top 5 of my posts for visitors during this period. It was the only post written during the period that made the top 10, and only 3 posts during the period made the top 20, with the other two being Why’s It Hard To Trust People and Finish Line Steals My Money Then Cancels My Account; yeah, I busted on some affiliates this past period and it’s left me wondering about the state of affiliate marketing.

What’s my expectation in the next 100 posts? I’ll probably continue writing the same types of things I’ve been writing about for the most part. I will be trying to drive more traffic to my other websites, though, and I will be trying to generate more income. I will probably talk more about the concepts of blogging and money, but this won’t become a “make money” blog because I don’t believe anyone can really write about that subject unless they’re making money at it, and I mean more than the little bit I’m making now. I will continue calling things as I see them and motivating folks to be the best they can be. And I will add more videos, since some of you asked for them and I realized I only had one in the last 100 posts; shame on me.

I hope you continue visiting this blog, I hope you visit my other blogs,and I hope we all make it to the top together. Thanks for reading.

17 thoughts on “Post #1,100; What’s Next?”

  1. Congratulations. What next? 2200, 3300, 4400, 5500 and so on. You keep writing and I will keep reading and commenting when the whim takes me.

    1. Rummuser, I just keep writing and writing and we’ll see how long it goes. At least I help everyone else keep count. lol

  2. Congratulations, Mitch! Because of this achievement, I decided to share your blog with my friends on Google+ today. I hope this will bring some more people to your amazing blogs. Also congratulations for the new blog at SEO Xcellence.

  3. Well.. Hi Mitch. Congratulations! What I see is that you will soon enough reach your 1,500 posts, and then 2,000,and so on. 🙂

  4. Hey Mitch,

    Well done! It’s a great milestone achieved. So far in all the blogs I read, yours has the most posts. Hmmm, I wonder how long I’ll take to equal your feat, probably forever. Oh BTW, the link on “business blog” got messed up.


    1. Thanks Peter; I’m trying to kill ’em with content. 🙂 And thanks for picking up on that link; I kept looking at it when I typed it and something didn’t look right, and I just figured it out.

  5. 1100 – that’s impressive! I see you are an active person, the truth is that i wouldn’t see you any other way. I wish you plenty of inspiration and imagination to write interesting posts for all your blogs!

    1. hanks Mia. Now let’s see if I can figure out how to turn all this activity into income. 🙂

  6. Not meaning to put it bluntly, but the answer to your question would be “Next is #1,101”.

    Congratulations on the accomplishment, though! Now please stop minding the numbers and keep focusing on the writing, since that is most obviously your strong suit 🙂

    1. Pedro, that’s not bluntly; that’s literally. And I always mind numbers; I’m a numbers guy from way back. Without numbers, one can’t measure progress or regress; I need to know. lol

  7. Hi there, Mitch!

    Thank you for sharing the expectations you have regarding your blogs.
    I think you are right when you are noticing that only those who actually make serious money from blogging should be having “money making” posts. However, it is a subject that most visitors are always interested in (everyone wants to know how to make money), so it might work if you add a few posts on such topic.

    The main reason why I like reading your posts is that they are very direct and straight to the point, and a lot of times even funny. You don’t have those “7 best tips, 3 things I like etc” – those are becoming so worn out, as everyone seems to have them.

    Congrats for the success so far, and keep on being unique!

    1. Actually Kristina, I do write some of those types of articles, but the way I do them is kind of different than the norm. And I’m not the kind of guy that writes anything just because someone might be interested in it if it doesn’t fit with what I know or can write about. So, those money making articles won’t be from me unless I’ve actually tested something. By the way, I have written a bunch of those articles, which can be found in my 2008 and 2009 archive.

      Thanks for the rest; I do try to be funny when I’m not so sarcastic. lol

  8. Great job on keeping it going and finding the motivation to write stuff that people enjoy reading

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