No-Self Pings

As y’all know, I’m pretty good with my internal linking. One of the problems with internal linking, though, is that I’m always pinging myself, so to speak, and getting all these messages that turn out to be from me on those older posts.

Not only is it somewhat irritating, but lately a bunch of those things show up in the spam filter, which is freaky. That didn’t used to happen, but a couple of months ago I was testing another WordPress plugin on my business blog. I don’t even remember what it was, or what I hoped it would do. What it did overall, though, was start sending my self pings into spam on all my blogs; ugh. I think that’s one of the problems with having everything on the same hosting service.

Anyway, I was going through Kristi’s last Fetching Friday post, and one of them was a link to a guy talking about WordPress plugins you might not know about. I went to the link, and in that guy’s post he had a separate link to another blog. Followed that one, and came across a plugin called No-Self Ping.

Now, if this thing works, it’s perfect, and just what I wanted. I had to write this post so I would have something to link back to so I could test it. This means I don’t yet know if it works, but as soon as I post this, with the couple of internal links I have above, we’ll know for sure. Here’s hoping for great things.

Leaves Fall Leaves Iron On Heat Transfers

Price – $11.99

3 thoughts on “No-Self Pings”

    1. So far so good, Ching Ya. I didn’t get any pings from this post, which is good. Odd, though, that it automatically knows, since I couldn’t see anywhere to go for settings.

  1. First, the comments went down because of the little thing I added before the area where people can make comments. I need to remove that, then remove this plugin I wanted to get rid of, then put it back, so it seems.

    Second, I remove my own pings because, well, to me it just looks junky pinging myself. After all, the pings came because I was already internal linking to myself.

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