How To Focus Better – A Review

I get free stuff all the time, both through regular mail and email. I received this manual titled “How To Focus Better” by Hulbert Lee and debated where the best place might be to post a review on it. I also debated how to review it. In the end, I’m going to play it straight forward, which usually is what I do anyway.

Hulbert Lee Focus

It’s a very short manual, which is why I’m calling it that instead of a book. At 44 pages, which includes the cover page and table of contents, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting, but it looked good. And when I read the first part of it, which was talking about what focus was and talking about the brain, I started to believe I wasn’t going to like anything about it.

Then it started getting better. The overall truth about the manual is that if you’ve ever spent any time reading books on how to live a better life, then you’ll have seen a lot of this, with some variations on the theme. Within chapter titles like Energy, Clarity and Accuracy, Lee gives short and peppy advice on what you can do to move towards these things. Taking energy as an example, advice like get more sleep and exercise more is something you’ve heard before, and he gives you ideas on how to try to achieve these things.

The last part of the manual has more to do with changing your mind to try to achieve some of the things you want in life, things that might help you focus on your goals. Something that I found interesting is when he talked about identifying your values and the possibility of having to shift your values if you’re concentrating on the wrong thing. For instance, instead of dreaming about buying a new car change your value to something like wanting to achieve success, being more patient, or even focusing on what you need to do to move in a positive direction.

My overall impression is that some of you might have read this stuff before, but it’s a good manual to have because it’s short and punchy. Once you get past the very early part of the book everything else is kind of uplifting and will get you going if you need a boost.

It’s easy to refer back to if you ever need to do such a thing, which you probably will. I say this because I actually read this back in February after he sent it to me and I’m just getting around to writing the review, which might make it seem like my focus wasn’t that good. However, as I think about where I am right now, I can honestly say that I put a few of these things into practice and many things in my life have improved since then. So, maybe in its own way it got through to me without knowing it.

Check out the link above, which will take you to his site where you can get this manual. I think it’s worth your time to check it out.

23 thoughts on “How To Focus Better – A Review”

  1. Great review, this one could be really useful for me, because I’ve got some problems with focusing and scheduling. Since I’ve been working from home I’ve always in trouble when I need to manage my time efficiently.

    1. Take a look at it Anna. It won’t help you learn how to schedule things, but if you learn a bit about focusing that might help you decide how to schedule your time better.

  2. Hey Mitch, I really appreciate the review, and I’m glad you could finally get around to it. Thanks so much for your time and I hope it helps your readers out in some way!

  3. I know how hard it is to focus on one thing especially when a lot is getting into our heads. I am really interested with this book. Are there any more guide books written by Hulbert Lee? Thank you very much for sharing this very informative post.

  4. This is what i needed to help me focus on my goal. Everything you wrote here sounds inviting for us to get the copy of book. Sometime we need a push to help us to focus.
    thanks for the share.

  5. I have read several similar books and I can say that it really helps. Honestly I would highly recommend that kind of book to anybody that have troubles focusing, which means to everybody! I just checked the website and there are few bonuses which also looks very interesting.

      1. Especially when there are 3 bonuses and the value of main item is just under 20 bucks.

  6. Thanks for sharing the post. Will be sure to look out for the book on Amazon and follow another couple of reviews. But so far it sound interesting and like worthy a read.

  7. I bet you get sent a lot of free stuff! I ran a leadership website and received one book per month I was with it – meaning I built up a library of about 30 leadership books. Best thing to do is to then have a competition and send soem of the books to subscribers as a prize. Win Win!

  8. Learning to control our ability of focusing should be a very effective skill on the playground of the online marketing scene, that book must contain a couple of really useful tips. I really would like to look at it, thanks for the review.

  9. Personally I don’t feel that getting or maintaining focus is that hard, it’s finding the right balance between focus on a business level, and then relaxation at a personal level… I tend to over focus when I am in the :zone: and forget about other tasks and activities that I may beed to do.

  10. Hi Mitch,
    Nice article. We’ve always got something going on behind of whatever we’re doing. We’ve always got multiple jobs on our to-do list. On top of this, we’ve got a handful of projects that we try and finish simultaneously.

    When you’ve got a mountain of paperwork, the best thing to do is clear it all off. Do anything required to get rid of ti. After this, kick your feet up and daydream. Yes, I’m serious. Daydream and ask yourself the following question: “What’s the most important thing I can do right now?” Once you’ve identified the item that will actually make a difference, do it.

    Try and make it a goal to do just one critical thing per day. This habit proves much more effective than living the routine everyone else lives. They live on fooling themselves into thinking they’ve added value.

    1. Good stuff John. I have moments of great clarity and I get a lot done, all in order, and that’s always a good feeling. Then I have that moment where I’ve walked into the kitchen, have no idea why, and have to try to start all over again. Still, I work on the process all the time, and I figure as long as I keep doing that I’m on the right track. I hope you check out that link.

  11. This sounds like a very interesting book. I have read Leo Babauta’s book called Focus, and I learned a lot from it. The same with David Allen’s Getting Things Done. But I never get enough of things that helps me be productive 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Jens. I don’t get to read as many of these types of things as I have in the past, but I still enjoy seeing them. I hope you’ve visited his site to see what else he might have to offer.

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