Holiday Links And Stuff

In my last post I said I was going to only have links to affiliates that are offering monthly online specials in some fashion today. Deals are what they are, and I’m not going to say which ones are great or not. However, I do participate with a lot of affiliates, which means there’s possibly something for everyone. And if not, skip this one and wait for the next post. Let’s see if this one time this blog makes any money off these things.

By the way, all of these links should be good through at least Christmas day, but if they’re not I’ll mention it. And I’m only putting ads that have holiday specials; all other specials need not apply. 😉 This means the list will be relatively short; trust me on that one.

HOLIDAY '10 COUPON- Save 10% with PREHOL10
Through 1/10/10

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Save on Gevalia

Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal



5 thoughts on “Holiday Links And Stuff”

    1. Carolee, can we ever really enjoy the snow when it’s coming down as heavy as it is? As for the affiliates, I just put them out there and see where it goes; at least for now I do. lol

    1. I pretty much figure it’s a long shot, Ben, but hey, I got all these things lately and figured I’d pony them up and see what happened.

  1. Actually Allan, they don’t make any money for me on this blog either. I have made money with them in other ways, but it takes almost no time to pop them up here. Still, it’s something I’m going to be thinking about because I’ve been adding a product for about 3 years and I’m wondering if there’s another way to get all of this done that will work better.

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