Black Web Friday – 5/4/12

Welcome to the 16th edition of Black Web Friday. On this day in history, in 1961, the famous Freedom Riders began their journey through the South to try to integrate bus stations and help bring an end to segregation. Those folks, 13 of them, both black and white, had to deal with a lot of violence against them, even by law enforcement, but by September segregation at bus stations had been outlawed. Based on what they went through it’s an honor to keep writing these posts and highlighting black people online for awhile longer. So let’s get right into it.

Black Web Friday

Are you looking for ways to save money? If so you might want to visit the blog called Frugalista written by Natalie P. McNeal. She’s a journalist who did an experiment, saw how great it worked out, and turned it into a quality blog of ideas that she shares with everyone. There are a lot of articles geared towards women but many that are open for everyone, so take a look to see if there’s anything there that might address an issue of yours. Standard blog commenting system.

Marcie Hill’s blog Marcie Writes might make you think it’s a new blog, but in actuality she moved to self hosting in January, leaving behind her blog; good for you! 🙂 Her blog talks about writing, publishing and business, and she has a lot of interviews with other writers on her site. This is a very accomplished person and you could learn a lot by checking out what she has to say if this is an industry you’d like to break into. Standard blog commenting system.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox is known as The Money Coach, so of course her blog Ask The Money talks about finance issues. Truthfully, her blog covers a lot of topics my finance blog covers, only she’s writing all the articles herself, and they’re really good; I’m jealous! Anyway, it’s geared towards American audiences, though there are some articles which are universal as it pertains to things like using credit cards. She also wrote a book called Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating, which proves she knows her stuff. Standard blog commenting system.

Finally, we needed some male perspective here besides just mine, so I introduce you to Andre Blackman, who writes Pulse + Signal, which is about public health issues. I’ll admit that this one isn’t for everyone, though for someone like me who also works in health care it’s great seeing someone tackles these topics from a social perspective. And there are general articles such as when he wrote about Food Day 2012, which happens to be October 24th every year and highlights hunger and other food issues. And yes, you guessed it, standard blog commenting system once more.

That’s it; some good stuff here, and I hope you go take a look at all of them. Be sure to tell them that Mitch sent you. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 5/4/12”

  1. Mitch, these roundups are becoming quite useful. Marcie is the second writer you’ve profiled and I appreciate learning about her and Thaddeus Howze (EbonStorm).

    Thanks for sharing!



  2. Mitch, Thank you for the spotlight! This is truly an honor. And thanks for sharing information about the other bloggers. I’ll be checking them out soon. You are appreciated!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I quite like the consistency of this blog section, always very interesting blogs from different categories and the best part is I rarely have seen any of those. Have a great weekend, Mitch.

      1. Thanks, Mitch! Things are going sweet after the stress from previous weekend, everything is back to normal. I will send you an email later, there are few things I need to ask you.

    1. I am happy for you Natalie. You totally deserved it, and thanks to Mitch too.

  4. Hey Mitch! Thanks for mentioning the Pulse + Signal article. It’s not that clear, but *I* wrote that Food Day article, and Andre has been so wonderful giving me a voice there. Are you planning to do any organizing around Food Day this year? I’d love to hear about it if you are! ~ Bridgette 🙂

    1. Thanks for the clarification Bridgette, and I’m glad you saw the post and the link. Actually, I’ve done my bit for Blog Day and some other events but I didn’t know about Food Day until I read your post, so unless I’m notified I’d probably miss it.

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