Black Web Friday – 3/16/12

Welcome to week #9 of Black Web Friday, my once a week homage to websites owned by black companies, individuals, etc. If you want to know why I do this you can check out the very first Black Web Friday post.

Black Web Friday

This week I learned that one of the people I highlighted on my 2/24/12 post, Wayne Sutton, was the recipient of an award for being one of the top ten Blacks in Technology for 2011, awarded to him at the SXSW conference; way to go Wayne! It’s been a pretty good 12 months for Wayne as he was also featured last summer in a story by CNN on black people in technology and how they’re often overlooked. Seems my quest isn’t just my quest after all. 🙂

With that said let’s get on with the proceedings. The first person I want to highlight today is a lady named Abiola Abrams, whose website is called The Passionista Playbook. She talks about fashion, celebrities, relationships, and basically living your life passionately so that you can enjoy it more. And man, does she look like she’s enjoying life, and in a big way! It’s mainly geared towards women and yet some of what she puts out is interesting for men as well. It’s a Disqus blog, which means y’all will never see me commenting there, but it’s nice anyway.

Talk about another really cool blog, this one written by Thaddeus Howze, A Matter of Scale talks about blacks in science fiction, of all things, and science fiction in general. He’s also a big time fiction writer and an IT specialist and I’m surprised that my boys Mitch Allen and John Garrett haven’t found him yet. But I figure now that I’ve mentioned him they will and they’ll enjoy it a lot. I loved his article titled Is It Important To Show People Of Color In Science Fiction a bunch; of course my response would be “yes”. It’s a blog, which means I can comment, but if I forget to go back & look at it I’d never know if he responded to me or not.

The website Your Black World is another black news site that offers… well, let’s just say that it’s a little different from other news sites I’ve highlighted to this point. Most of the stories you’ll read here aren’t in regular news and the commentary doesn’t always support black people just because they’re black, which is spot on and definitely a fairer way to report and comment on the news. Frankly I think it’s very entertaining and thought provoking and I hope you check it out.

That’s it for today. If you visit any of these folks, don’t forget to tell them they got some love!

18 thoughts on “Black Web Friday – 3/16/12”

  1. What a round-up! I know that the daughter of a certain mutual friend of ours has a nice fashion/celebrity too. Sites that provide a non-PerezHiltonified and TMZ-free perspective are very refreshing!

    I’m glad you shared Mr. Howe’s site. Wow! A treasure trove! I’ll definitely check it out.

    You know I enjoy these highlights. Keep ’em coming!



    1. I found out about your kind words this morning from a post on a Matter of Scale. I appreciate you taking time and writing about my blog. If I have not gotten back to a comment of yours, please forgive, marketing my book has been so much harder than I expected it to be. Perhaps we could begin a correspondence outside of our blogs. I enthusiastically seek out other Brothers in the technology circuit. I will come back and check out your other articles when time permits. I do know Mr. Garrett from Hypertransitory and we also chat on Twitter. I enjoy his work as well. Thanks, again.

      1. Thaddeus, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to highlight you and your blog. Wonderful stuff, and of course I love seeing black folks in sci-fi since I enjoy it so much.

  2. brilliant…never heard of Thaddeus Howze,but will definately check out… A Matter of Scale anything to do with blacks in science fiction,and science fiction itself gets my attention everytime!

  3. Interesting selection as usual, Mitch. Time is passing so fast, I didn’t really felt that 9 weeks have already pass.

  4. Hey Mitch!
    Thanks for the link of Passionista Playbook. I love to read more about fashion and other related topics about fashion too. And I’m looking for more fashion links. Thanks for providing this.

    1. No problem Karyn. I think I’ve highlighted another fashion site in the past 9 weeks, so if you go through the category section at the bottom right you can look at all of the weeks to verify that.

  5. Nice roundup .. I liked the way you call these sort of posts- Black Web Friday. I have recenty taken up blogging seriously and in near-future I hope to get featured in one of Black web Friday post

    1. Samuel, unless you end up becoming black one of these days you won’t ever be featured on any of those posts. lol Of course, I do here and there honor people who show up here often to comment so if you become a regular contributor you never know.

  6. That is a really great thing that you’re doing. This is a good roundup for sure.

    But you seriously got me with the Sci-Fi 🙂

  7. Hi Mitch! Ebonstorm was added to the Black Social Media Heroes Twitter list from the start. It’s great to see you including him in this week’s Black Web Friday. Abiola is a powerhouse of energy and she’s absolutely gorgeous too. Thanks for shining the spotlight on her as well.

    1. Ileane, I do what I do. Some folks you’re going to know, some not. But I hope I’m helping to get the word out best I can, and also hope someone else will take it forward when I’m done.

  8. Oh, I’m glad you liked Thaddeus Howze’s blog, I kept meaning to come back and check out if you’d mentioned it in your Black Web series of posts, but my mind’s been on other things (like trying to find my mind, lol!) One day I’ll post a comment there, but I’ve not done so yet. He’s a very interesting writer.

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