Always Like The First Time – A Book Review

I don’t do a lot of book reviews on this site, though I’ve done a couple. I’m going to start sharing more of them because I’ve read a lot of books, and I know some of them will help folks that come to this blog. Some are just enjoyable as well. This book I’m highlighting today is a bit of both.

Always Like The First Time

A disclaimer up front. The author of this book, Kathryn Pape, is one of my web clients. I also helped edit this book before she sent it to the publishers. I mentioned her in February when I wrote a post about some new blogs I wanted to share that I’d helped to create. Still, this is an unbiased opinion of the book; that’s just how I roll.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what I was going to be reading when I started out. Kathryn talks mainly about color therapy, something I’ve learned more about since I manage her site and actually created the page, but something I didn’t really know as much about when I started helping with the book; it’s not a brand new book by the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book as I was going through it, even though it was also sad. Kathryn tells the story about going through both the treatments and eventual passing of her 3-year old son from cancer, and how she came up with her beliefs in color and how they could make people feel better both mentally and physically.

She talks about how we all have the choice of feeling better and being positive or negative in our lives based on how we view the word “like” and when we decide to “like”; no, this has nothing to do with Facebook. lol In general, she talks about these 5 principles, in order in the book as:

No one tapes/thinks in your mind but you;

Your thoughts drive and direct your energy;

You feel your thoughts;

Positive thoughts create patience and time;

Influence is an opportunity; you are your cause

This isn’t a long book to read, and after she sent the book to the publishers I got a regular copy of it as well. I think a few people could benefit from this book as it’s a feel good book handling a tough issue. You can visit her site, see what she’s about, and buy it from her products page.

13 thoughts on “Always Like The First Time – A Book Review”

  1. Honestly I think many people can benefit reading the book, brain have amazing ability to be trained, for example negative thoughts can be replaced with positive, sadness with happiness. The thing is that just need to use the “right software” and tell the brain what to think about.

    1. First, Carl, you finally added an avatar; congrats! lol Second, it’s a pretty good book and can definitely help some people channel their thoughts in a much different way.

      1. Thanks Mitch, yeah finally added one, probably of the reasons that I didn’t use one is that I am spreading my comments for many websites, nearly 20 which are mine and another 60 for customers, but I finally decided to make the step and open my website which is in alpha testing stage now.

        After I read more about the book and the following comments I see some of the main reasons for writing the book and I think that it will be useful for many people that try to deal with loss too.

  2. After reading that the author had lost her three-year-old son to cancer, I went in a completely different direction with the title of her book. I assumed it meant that the initial trauma never leaves, and that dealing with the pain never gets easier. How amazing that she could recover enough to write what sounds like a very positive book.

    Thank you for this review, Mitch.

    1. Thanks Charles. I think going through the process initially helped her and her son cope with things, and I’m sure writing the book was cathartic in its own way.

    2. Carl, Thank you for the comments. The real purpose of writing the book is to share my discovery that one’s inside water, 70%+, and all one’s inside coloring are in motion continuously. They MAKE a person’s feeling world. David, my son, needed to be drawn to this discovery to control his pain. There is a marvelous world to discover and experience- it lies in OPPOSITES- liking what is usually feared or unknown. I wrote about the Law of Attraction and the color connection. Find out about this and more and then comment more. Thanks again, “River Kate”

  3. Charles, the miracle of studying inner water and inner coloring of humans is finding out they move continuously and MAKE all our physical sensations (feelings).I describe how I discovered this and how many ways I used this with my son,David to help him begin to control his own pain and cancer adventure. Yes, train the brain with OPPOSITES. Thank you for your comments. I welcome feed-back to my website and blog. Thank you, Mitch for this opportunity to share. “River Kate”

    1. No problem Kate, and I’m glad to have been able to share my thoughts about your book with the visitors here.

  4. Hi, Mitch.

    My sister died of cancer (leukemia) and towards the end she was talking about heading towards a field of flowers and butterflies. So, I understand where Kathryn is coming from and how she came up with the concept of looking at the world in terms of colors.

    I would love to get a copy of Kathryn’s book as soon as I get the extra resources. I am very much interested in what she has to say.

    Thanks for this review, Mitch.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Kim. Kate’s pretty cool, and you’ll enjoy the book.

  5. I forever read reviews and snippets on books like this and think I really need to pick them up, I then do that and leave them gathering dust. I need to take action on this one, I love anything about how the mind works and how to make my own work better, although part of me does think that this is just me making an excuse to not do things I need to get done!

    1. That could be true, Danika; I think my mind makes up excuses not to do stuff as well. lol

  6. Hi Mitch. Thanks for sharing this review. I’ve been looking for some good books to read during my free time.

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