Affiliate Programs I’m Connected With – Part Four

The best part of writing a series like this is that you have built in links to previous posts that you can take advantage of, and that others can go back to see what they might have missed. So, here’s part one, part two and part three, and now we push on to part four.

by Debbie Kerr via Imagekind

Share-a-Sale is a program like Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network and Linkshare in that they have multiple online programs you can advertise for. The main reason I joined was because I wanted to be able to highlight images like the one on this blog through the Imagekind site.

I thought I might make some money from it, but it just hasn’t ever happened. I’ve only ever signed up with a couple other programs there, but I have to admit that other than the images I haven’t really worked hard to market any of the others. So, no dollars, and just a few clicks over the years.

Chitika is a pay-per-click program like Adsense that offers ads that kind of look like Adsense. Something else they offer you is the opportunity to have them set up to only show to people who come to your site via search engines, where if people click on those ads you earn more money, but you supposedly won’t upset your normal visitors by seeing those ads.

I have made $6.16 through 3 years with the program. I finally discontinued using it because it just seemed like it wasn’t going to get the job done. I had it on 3 different websites over the years, and that’s all I’ve made; not impressive is it? I still have it on one of my websites, and in the last 30 days I made a penny; sigh…

Bidvertiser is also a pay per click program with ads that look like Adsense. As you’re noticing, there are programs that mimic the look of Adsense if you’re ever banned, and it’s possible that you might be able to make some money from it if you set it up that way. If I thought those ads would work on this blog, where I did run it once, I’d have it up since Google banned Adsense from it. However, over the years I’ve only made 85 cents total, and I’m presently running it on my finance blog.

The final program I’m going to talk about today is much different than the others. Voxant Newsroom is basically a video of whatever type of news stories you want to show on your blog or website. If someone clicks on it to watch the video, you earn money. I had thought this would be a great addition to my finance blog so I ran it there for about 6 months. I made 3 cents, and that was that. However, I want you to see what it looks like, so I created a news feed below, which is local Syracuse NY news from one of our local stations.

It’s possible that if it’s put in the right place you might be able to make some money from it. Though I haven’t used this in a very long time, it’s possible that I might add it to one of my other sites, even this one, one day.

15 thoughts on “Affiliate Programs I’m Connected With – Part Four”

  1. This is insightful and powerful. I have been looking for ways to make more money on my blog excluding adsense and this works. I have just learnt new techniques. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I just joined the Google affiliate network.

    Funny thing. One of the items they sell is a black baseball cap with SEO written across the front of it.

    How ironic is that???


  3. Imagekind looks interesting, I have a photography blog, probably it will have better success if it is niche based traffic. About other that AdSense PPC, I’ve never been successful, I think I’ve made $8 for 2 years from Bidvertiser and I discontinued promotion.

    1. Carl, promotion seems to be the key initially, but then people have to be interested in even thinking about clicking on stuff. Bidvertiser’s rotating stuff seems cool, but it’s also possible someone sees what they like but wants to come back to it, then when they do it’s gone.

      1. Bitvertiser have never really worked well for me in both ways as publisher or advertiser. I think their rates are very low compared to others.

  4. Mitch, are you using any kind of tracking software – whether on the front end to manage your offers to readers or on the back end to measure ROI and cloak links?

    I got caught up in the technology of it all when i was in WealthyAffiliateUniversity. It’s rather cool, but you would expect me to say that.



    1. No, I don’t do anything like that Mitch, other than Analytics. I know the numbers of my own site, but I don’t measure the clicks going anywhere else. You know how we are, we start getting caught up in the numbers and suddenly that’s the only thing we’re getting done every day. lol

  5. Well, I like news stuff so I clicked on your video – so if you don’t get paid from it, you can have a whinge at them from me! 😉 However, my broadband connection speed is pitiful and it wouldn’t play very well and as the player has no pause button, I was unable to get it to buffer… so I wonder if that might be the problem for other people?

    It is an interesting sounding program, though – I’d never heard of it before.

    1. Thanks for trying it Val. I think I originally saw it on Sire’s site a couple of years ago and it worked for me and I thought it would be really interesting.

  6. I got to say, you use a lot of affiliate programs! I don’t understand some of them, the way they work and produce income for you but I’ve noted most of them and hopefully will check them out in time.

    1. Cristian, what I’ve done is tested a lot of them to see how they’d work. I didn’t continue long term with some of them, but I could at any time.

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